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The Meltdown I - You Don't Know What I Know, Dude: Tom DeLonge on the Joe Rogan Podcast

It's finally time to Meltdown! I'm joined by [Spencer Wirth-Davis](https://twitter.com/BigCatsBeats) and [Ryan Kopperud](https://twitter.com/ryankopperud) of [the What If? Podcast](https://twitter.com/WhatIfPod) to tackle the arduous task of unpacking Tom DeLonge's appearance on the Joe Rogan Experience. We talk about the nature of To the Stars Academy of Arts and Sciences, what roles Luis Elizondo and Robert Bigelow play in this whole ordeal, as well as running through our favorite quotes...


Episode Two - What The Hell Really Happened Here?: The Battle of Los Angeles with Toby from the Secret Transmission Podcast

In 1942 southern California was a fearful place. On the coast, they were susceptible to attack from the Japanese. On February 23, 1942, the Japanese submarines would hit the oil fields north of Santa Barbara. on the 25th, the city of Los Angeles would experience something else entirely, and something that remains mysterious to this day. Get ready to distrust the government and join Rob & Toby from the [Secret Transmission](https://twitter.com/secrettranspod?lang=en) podcast as we dive deep...



Big Thanks to [Brian](https://twitter.com/BrianHastie) from the [Double Density Podcast](https://twitter.com/double_density) for editing this together [Desdymona](https://twitter.com/desdymona) for creating the art and for helping to come up with symptoms and really for pushing me to make this. [Angelo](https://twitter.com/angelofioren) from the [Double Density Podcast](https://twitter.com/double_density), [Adam](https://twitter.com/adamzero13) from [Graveyard...


March Weirdness!: A Conversation with John E.L. Tenney

What's up, ufonauts? This week I talk to [John E.L. Tenney](https://twitter.com/JohnELTenney) about what weird is, the state of paranormal reality shows, the state of ufology, personal UFO stories, the time he asked George W. Bush about UFOs and more! * * * _Links_ [Weird Lectures - John Tenney's website for all things weird and amazing!](http://weirdlectures.com/) [Ghost Stalkers Outtakes](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yMPEgjeD7Go) [Simonton: Knobby Tires on Wet...


The UFO Book Club - For the Love of Hynek: 'The Close Encounters Man' by Mark O'Connell

Welcome to the inaugural UFO Book Club, where Brian Hastie and Angelo Fiorentino of the [Double Density Podcast](http://www.doubledensity.net/), Sam Fredrickson of the [Not Alone Podcast](http://www.notalonepodcast.com/), and Rob discuss [_The Close Encounters Man: How One Man Made the World Believe in UFOs _by Mark O'Connell](https://www.amazon.com/Close-Encounters-Man-World-Believe/dp/0062484176/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1518383151&sr=8-1&keywords=the+close+encounters+man). Diving deep, the...


Minisode Two - Encounter in Alabama: The Apartment Complex in the Sky

Sometimes, when researching the UFO phenomena, you stumble across a UFO sighting that is so wonderful, you have to tell people about it. Minisode Two tells the story of Mrs. Pat Norris, and her encounter with one of the most incredible UFOs I've ever seen. Check the show notes for images! _Sources_ [Encounter in Alabama, Open Minds Reprint](http://www.openminds.tv/ufo-encounter-in-alabama/41314) [Original APRO Bulletin](http://www.openminds.tv/wp-content/uploads/APRO32-2.pdf) [Ed Walters...


You Were Gone, But You Never Really Left: An Interview with Brad Abrahams, Director of Love and Saucers

What's up, ufonauts?! On this episode, I have a special interview with Brad Abrahams, the director of _Love and Saucers_, a documentary about David Huggins, an impressionist painter who has had life long experiences with extraterrestrials. We delve into Brad's time with David, and many of the claims that David has put forth. ______________________________________________________________________________ _Links_ [](https://twitter.com/LoveAndSaucers) [](https://twitter.com/LoveAndSaucers)...


Episode One - Old Time UFOs: Take Those Old Disks Off the Shelf...

On this episode of the Our Strange Skies podcast, we go into the past to find some early UFO sightings, pre-Roswell era stuff. We touch on Ezekiel's Biblical UFOs, the woodcut depiction of celestial phenomena over Nuremberg, Germany, and Basel, Switzerland. Then we dive into some of America's early sightings, including a potential failed alien abduction and one of America's first cattle mutilations. All this and more! _Stray Thoughts_ - I will never read this many accounts from other...


Minisode One - The Eagle River Incident: Water for (Extra)terrestrial Pancakes

The Eagle River Incident may be the most fun close encounter of the third kind case in existence. Meet Joe Simonton, a sixty year old chicken farmer, who traded water for intergalactic pancakes. _Random Remarks_ * As crazy as this story sounds, I believe Joe. He's a really down to earth guy. * I mention Jacques Vallee. He is, what I would consider, part of the Mount Rushmore of UFO research, along with J Allen Hynek, John Keel, and Budd Hopkins. * JOIN MUFON! USE THE PROMO CODE AT THE END...