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E10: You should toad-ally listen to this episode

Amphibians throughout the world are in dire straights. That includes Utah's boreal toad — an animal that has adapted to some extreme environments. The Out Standing in a Field crew joins two biologists with the Utah Division of Wildlife in the Monte Cristo Mountains, where they learn about what makes these toads unique and what humans can do to help them.

Duration: 00:46:05

Episode 9: Out Standing ... in SPACE!

We learn about how scientists and engineers in Utah are playing an important role in taking humans beyond Earth orbit. First, we chat with former astronaut Kent Rominger about his journeys on the NASA space shuttles and what it's like to visit space. Next, we visit Orbital ATK Engineer Erica Sandoval to learn about how local engineers are helping to build a shuttle to Mars that will keep astronauts safe. We also chat with fellow science nerds tailgating at a rocket test in Promontory, Utah.

Duration: 00:38:50

Episode 8: Snow Survey Says ...

Spring is here, runoff is upon us and Utah's water situation looks bright — for now. Benjamin Zack and Leia Larsen head to the top of Logan Canyon to meet with researchers at a small snow survey site who are trying to understand the big picture of the state's water future.

Duration: 00:34:38

Episode 7: Peli-can we visit Gunnison Island?

Hosts Benjamin Zack and Leia Larsen join John Luft of the Great Salt Lake Ecosystem Program and Jaimi Butler of the Great Salt Lake Institute on a rare visit to a remote Utah refuge. Scientists install a PELIcam so the public can get a glimpse of its guarded birds.

Duration: 00:35:02

Inversion Excursion

Hosts Benjamin Zack and Leia Larsen meet with some local, state and federal scientists conducting a massive study of Utah's winter pollution problem.

Duration: 00:27:12

Episode 5: Beauty and the Breach

Hosts Ben Zack and Leia Larsen join the Great Salt Lake Ecosystem Program on a boat ride out to the lake's railroad causeway breach. The causeway has prevented any fresh water from reaching the lake's northern reaches while the lake elevation also approaches record lows. What does this mean for the Great Salt Lake's future, and what does it mean for the people and wildlife surrounding it? Read more about the shrinking Great Salt Lake at www.standard.net/Great-Salt-Lake

Duration: 00:34:04

Episode 4: On the prowl for wolverines

Hosts Benjamin Zack and Leia Larsen join state biologist Adam Brewerton in the Uinta Mountains to help track one of Utah's most elusive mammals.

Duration: 00:22:49

Episode 1: Cougars — fierce or fascinating?

Wildlife Biologist David Stoner debunks the myths and shares some interesting facts about the big cats living throughout Utah and the West.

Duration: 00:23:49