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Your hosts Brett, Emily and David are trained remote viewers who apply their skills and experience to crack ancient mysteries, unravel high strangeness and shine a new light on anomalous phenomena. Remote viewing is a controlled psychic technique that evolved from experiments conducted at the Standford Research Institute (SRI). The US military continued to develop these techniques, which were eventually declassified and taught to civilians. The idea for The PSIPHR Podcast grew from our desire to share our data and our thinking on esoteric topics with the wider world. You'll hear the sort of discussions which we were having in private anyway, but time and again we'd hear "this is so interesting, you guys should start a podcast" - so we did, and here it is! Join us on our exciting adventures, where we examine what’s hiding beneath the surface of the strange, find the truth behind the hype, and share our remote viewing work with you in an open-minded and reflexive manner. We present our data with nuance and discernment through our combined experience in technology, psychology, spiritual practices, archaeology, cryptozoology, and magick. New episodes are released weekly, with plenty of remote viewing mysteries projects, special guests, Q&As, and practical psi tips. We hold occasional round table discussions on topics such as epistemology, psychology, spiritual development, consciousness, psi, and meditation. Topics include forbidden archeology, lost history, cryptids, cosmic mysteries, strange disappearances, and unsolved true crimes. Are you looking for UFOs, UAPs, alien abductions, and disclosure? We cover that too!