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In Papa’s Basement was originally built as a dumping ground for the mp3s of my radio show Papa’s Basement (which I’ve purposefully kept on a public access channel because I loved Wayne’s World as a kid. Not because radio is in the toilet and I’m busting my hump to break into a dying industry. Cough.) After a friend of mine said that the site looked like crap, was impossible to navigate and that I’d die broke and alone, I decided to add blogs and pictures to spite her.




The Juggalos March On Washington — Papa’s Basement 543

Fans of the clown-rap (Christ, that's a genre) group the Insane Clown Posse are known as "Juggalos." In 2011, the Juggalos were somehow branded a gang by the FBI, despite being nothing more than a white trash version of Deadheads. To protest the decision, the clown-garbed listeners of this unapologetically crap music descended on our hometown of DC over the weekend to march on Washington. Despite every fiber of my being wishing for it to be a complete shit-show that culminated in an orgy of...

Duration: 00:58:09

Paw Paw Fruit In Paw Paw’s Basement — Papa’s Basement 542

There isn't a lot of food in this country you can't go out and eat on a whim. Give me 15 minutes, I'll give you a gyro stuffed inside a lobster served on a bed of basmati rice. So imagine the piquing my interest received when I learned of the "paw paw fruit," a delicious treat that supposedly cannot be sold commercially because it spoils too quickly. There are apparently groves of this crap all over the country, including near me. The rub? That the locations of these groves are zealously...

Duration: 01:13:41

13 Reasons Why — Papa’s Basement 541

Much like 80% of the adult population, if Netflix has given me a show with which to escape the drudgery of my life via a binge-watch, I will hop on that faster that a cat on a laser pointer (hello, Narcos season three). So imagine my surprise when studio guest Travis Dorward told me about 13 Reasons Why, a Netflix show released in March (March!) that somehow got past me. And the plot he described had me riveted: A beautiful high school girl (sold right there), Hannah Baker, kills herself,...

Duration: 01:21:25

Top Comedy Podcast — Papa’s Basement 540

We recorded this so long ago that I don't remember its actual content. So, instead, as an SEO experiment, I'm titling the episode "Top Comedy Podcast." So if someone looks for the "top comedy podcast," they might find "Top Comedy Podcast." And now you know that I have neither brains nor looks. Looks like I might need to include a second paragraph to make Google think that "Top Comedy Podcast" is actually a "top comedy podcast." Hey, Google, does this count? Maybe it needs a bit more. Like...

Duration: 00:56:48

Papa’s Basement’s Three Weeks Off — Papa’s Basement 539

I'll keep this short and sweet: Despite it being the 10th anniversary of the show (yay, me), a lot of bad breaks occurred that kept us off the air. I discuss everything that has happened with the show in these past few months with friend and consummate radio professional Othman Bouchareb (follow him on Twitter - @OthelloBT) and, hopefully, we make an entertaining episode of it. If you've listened to the show as of late and want to know what the hell has gone on, you won't want to miss this...

Duration: 01:31:41

RIP Jim Vance — Papa’s Basement 538

Over the weekend, Jim Vance, a DC-area legend, passed away. Vance was the anchor of the local NBC affiliate's nightly news for nearly 50 years, an unheard of run. I could go on about his accolades, his pedigree and what he meant to everyone in this city, but his former network did a better job of that than I ever could. After 20 or so minutes of our usual harassment of each other to start the show, the Papa's Basement crew (Pete, Chris & Othman) talk Vance's passing, as well as my very...

Duration: 01:41:35

Opie Fired — Papa’s Basement 537

Look at this, I'm going to type an episode summary that actually reflects the contents of the episode. Miracles do happen! We start the episode with me disclosing the results of an ancestry test that, when you look at my face, aren't exactly shocking. The show then spends a (possibly painfully) long time going over the firing of Gregg "Opie" Hughes from Sirius-XM, scouring from the airwaves the last remnants of the former Opie & Anthony show from the airwaves. For you people into radio...

Duration: 02:03:31

Goodbye, Springfield’s Rose — Papa’s Basement 536

The Wizard of Wad, the Godfather of Grindr, Brian Bolte, is leaving DC. For those of you that don't know Brian, he is friend to countless performers in the DC comedy scene and, most importantly as far as I'm concerned, co-host of Papa's Football Podcast. A genuinely good person (believe me, I live to badmouth, and the worst thing I can say about Brian is he has a head of hair like a Puerto Rican teen's armpit), Pete and I helped send him off in style with the help of a ton of other DC...

Duration: 01:06:30

Ocean City Antics (ft. Jesse Robinson) — Papa’s Basement 535

I might (or might not) come up with a witty, extended description for this episode after the sixteen burgers I ate this July 4th make their way lower in my digestive system so they're no longer pressing on my lungs, causing my to breathe like a smoker on his deathbed. It's a good one, though: I took my mom (or did she take me?) to Ocean City, MD for a few, magical summer days at the beach. Things went surprisingly well, actually. But there was more than enough that didn't to keep things...

Duration: 01:24:08

Netflix’s GLOW Ate My Weekend — Papa’s Basement 534

I am one of the few people that actually remembers the original "Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling" (or GLOW) from their brief, late-80s cable tv reign. You see, I wanted to watch the WWF. My dad, a Greek immigrant who thought watching men in tights grope each other was "gay" (prove him wrong, science!), would have none of that. And one of the few perks of this country over his sunny homeland was that he could see women semi-dressed on a hundred cable channels. Unwilling to surrender that...

Duration: 01:05:56

Shawn Westfall, Improv King — Papa’s Basement 533

In a certain sense, Shawn Westfall is the creative father of the Papa's Basement Show cast. Pete Maybe, Chris Lingebach and I have all studied improv at his Unified Scene Theater in DC. True, we have only studied and performed there for the previous year, so maybe he's more like the "creative guy who is now with your mom because she was waiting to leave your dad once you got to college and he'd just settle for you calling him by his first name and not 'asshole,'" but he still deserves some...

Duration: 01:22:48

Mother Of All Bombs — Papa’s Basement 532

After a few weeks of semi-organized chaos, the Papa's Basement show is back to form with one of those episodes where I barely remember what we discussed, just that it was funny as hell. The episode's name is drawn from a great conversation about a certain behavior women need to avoid in the workplace if they ever want to get ahead in their careers, though. So please give the mother of all bombs a listen. Please give a Twitter follow to everyone in today's episode: Pete Maybe, Chris...

Duration: 01:29:23

Chris Lingebach Channels Serene Branson — Papa’s Basement 531

I had never heard the story of Serene Branson, a CBS reporter who, apparently, had a mild stroke on-air. Co-host Chris Lingebach introduces me to the clip at the top of the show, then channels Serene's spirit flawlessly for the rest of the episode. Is he drunk? On cold pills? Full of narcotic suppositories? Just determined to spite me? You need to listen and find out! Click here to listen to the latest episode of Papa's Basement in your browser or here to open and listen in iTunes (you can...

Duration: 00:51:11

Sh–ty Beans — Papa’s Basement 530

Most episodes of a show feature a strong central theme, a foundation, if you will, upon which the rest of the show is built, every piece intricately falling into place. Other times, Chris Lingebach shows up and screams the words "shitty beans" into the microphone 100 times and you call it a day. Oh, and Chris also thought it would be funnier if each and every instance of "shitty beans" were bleeped. Which I then had to do. And it took four hours. So you better like the hell out of this...

Duration: 01:02:46

…All Of Your Wildest Dreams Will Come True — Papa’s Basement 529

Co-host Pete and I have been studying improv comedy for the better part of a year now. And, in the world of improv, the most famed theater out there is the Upright Citizens Brigade Theater in NYC, which has produced countless famous alumni (Aziz Ansari, Amy Poehler and Donald Glover, to name a few). So, a month ago, we decided to take the plunge and make the weekly death march up from DC to jam our wieners into the improv fame fleshlight that was rightfully ours for the fucking. This...

Duration: 00:50:38

Aaron “Smoocher” Hernandez — Papa’s Basement 528

Disgraced former New England Patriot and convicted murderer Aaron Hernandez hanged himself in his cell last week, the timing of which was odd for a variety of reasons. Despite serving time for one murder, he had actually just beaten a double murder wrap, and was poised to fight his previous conviction. All of that came to an abrupt end when he did. Still, there are some theories as to why Aaron did it. What theories? Well, you'll have to listen to the episode. But they're good, and the...

Duration: 01:03:28

In Memory Of Chris Lingebach — Papa’s Basement 527

Chris Lingebach (1987-2017) was an immense comedic talent cut down far before his time. He was also, more importantly, a good friend. A friend who happened to suffer from high anxiety. You see, Chris Lingebach is taking a vacation to Mexico this Wednesday. And, while he isn't certain how he's going to die on said vacation, he's sure that he will. Is that the anxiety talking? Maybe. But don't leap to that conclusion. I mean, that would be vintage Chris, lulling us into a false sense of...

Duration: 01:13:04

Clone-A-Willy — Papa’s Basement 526

It’s always a great day in the Papa’s Basement studios (which, ironically, is not located in a basement) when companies send us innovate and fun products to give away to the listeners (or keep, if my fingers are feeling especially sticky). This week we have not one, not four, but three items to give away from the good people at Clone-A-Willy. ( USE CODE: PAPAS FOR 20% OFF!!!!)No, they don’t make a kit that literally clones a disembodied penis (that would be off-putting and probably...

Duration: 01:02:50

The Sexy Hobo — Papa’s Basement 525

Have you ever seen a really attractive homeless person? I mean exceptionally beautiful, to the point your jaw dropped? Well, on the way in to record this episode, I did. The woman in question looked like a young Jessica Simpson (and couldn't be any dumber, so bonus) and it left me thinking: How did it happen? Because, let's be honest: Smart people fail in America. As do nice people, moral people and kind people. But attractive people? Shit, that's just freakish. I debate just went wrong in...

Duration: 01:08:51

Gentlemen Broncos — Papa’s Basement 524

I watch a lot of movies. That's what happens when you have HBO GO, Netflix and Amazon Prime coupled with no wife and kids and a job that lets you make your own hours. And, after having churned through so many movies since the inception of film streaming, I can safely say Gentlemen Broncos is maybe the weirdest, worst (but also best) offering I have come upon in that search. Made my Jared Hess, the creator of Napoleon Dynamite, it was such a big flop that it effectively ended his career....

Duration: 01:03:16

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