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Paranormal Insider Radio is part of the famed Paranormal Research Society, as chronicled in the A&E series, "Paranormal State." Each week we bring you new topics of the paranormal with special guests, discussions, debates and more, hosted by Alex Matsuo.

Paranormal Insider Radio is part of the famed Paranormal Research Society, as chronicled in the A&E series, "Paranormal State." Each week we bring you new topics of the paranormal with special guests, discussions, debates and more, hosted by Alex Matsuo.
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State College, PA




Paranormal Insider Radio is part of the famed Paranormal Research Society, as chronicled in the A&E series, "Paranormal State." Each week we bring you new topics of the paranormal with special guests, discussions, debates and more, hosted by Alex Matsuo.






PO Box 403 State College, PA 16801


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Duration: 00:00:02

When the Smoke Clears: A Tribute to Our Military - Nov 13,2012

On the heels of Remembrance Day in Canada and Veterans Day in the United States, PRS Radio wanted to pay tribute to those who have served our countries and continue to do so now. This show is in honour of all of our brothers and sisters who have put their lives on the line, and occasionally sacrificed them, for their countries. Join your host, Tiffany, as she speaks with several historical experts on famous haunted battlefields and landmarks. We will be talking about stories of these...

Duration: 01:40:27

"The Cleansing" - A Special Halloween PRS Radio Show - Nov 01,2012

A staged radio drama set in the mountains of California, the paranormal team, "Seekers of the Unknown" set out to do a live Halloween investigation as part of a contest they won for a radio station. What will they find? Will this be a decision they regret? "The Cleansing" - A Special Halloween PRS Radio Show Written by Alex Matsuo in collaboration with Sergey Poberezhny, Eilfie Music, and Tiffany Hnatiuk Cast Adam - David Andrews Gabriel - Dan Gurian Daniela - Leslie Miller Sean - Tim...

Duration: 01:30:47

Are You Afraid of the Dark: Halloween Movie Countdown 2012 - Oct 23,2012

The leaves are turning colours, the air is getting crisper and the malls are starting to take on a black and orange colour scheme...that must mean that Halloween is right around the corner! Although there are many traditions when it comes to Halloween, for many people one thing seems to unite us all; our favorite Halloween movies! Join PRS Radio Host, Tiffany, and PRS Radio Producer, Alex, as they countdown their top ten Halloween movie picks! Honorable mentions will be added, as well as a...

Duration: 01:57:40

The Way of the Shaman: An Introduction to Shamanism - Sep 18,2012

Anthropologists describe a shaman as the great master of ecstasy. Even though literature dates shamanism as far back as the 1600s, shamanism has been around for tens of thousands of years. And yet, his religion is generally unfamiliar in society of Western religion. Why cant anthropologists agree on a clear definition of shamanism? Are shamans more than just healers? Join your host, Tiffany Hnatiuk, as she talks to Kevin Urbanczyk and Caroline Rankin about Shamanism. Join in on the...

Duration: 01:59:47

The Dibbuk Box: From Personal Hell to the Big Screen - Sep 11,2012

Join PRS Radio Producer Alex Matsuo as she talks to former Dibbuk Box owner, Kevin Mannis, and current Dibbuk Box owner Jason Haxton . Listen in as Alex picks their brains about their experiences with the Dibbuk box, and how it changed his life forever. They will also discuss the journey of the box and how the story was finally told on the big screen. With the recent release of Sam Raimis The Possession, starring Kyra Sedgwick and Jeffrey Dean Morgan, the spotlight is shining on an antique...

Duration: 01:59:30

Stories of the Unknown: Campfire Ghost Stories - Aug 21,2012

Join PRS Radio producer, Alex Matsuo, on Tuesday August 21st at 12AM EST, for the sequel of the highly anticipated evening of listener-submitted ghost stories! Stories will be read and dramatized with music and sound effects; sure to send shivers up your spine and touch your heart. All stories were submitted from the PRS community...find out which ones made the cut! Did yours? This is a show that is not to be missed! Background Music and Sound Provided By: Third Uncle Violet at...

Duration: 01:53:08

There and Back Again: Near-Death Experiences - Aug 14,2012

Near-death experiences have become a common occurrence in our lives. We either know someone who has had a near-death experience...or we had one of our own. Sayings such as "my whole life flashed before my eyes" is no stranger to our everyday language. But what exactly are near-death experiences? Are they hallucinations? Are they proof of life after death? Can they be scientifically explained? Join your host, PRS Radio producer Alex Matsuo, as she explores near-death experiences with her...

Duration: 01:59:36

A Look at Reincarnation: Part Two - Aug 07,2012

Join your host, TIff, and her guests Nellie Kampmann and Jessica Jones as they revisit the topic of reincarnation. Come with us as we dive a little deeper into the topic, including a look at the difference between Eastern and Western views on reincarnation. Reincarnation | Past | East | Paranormal | West

Duration: 01:54:00

Discovering and Developing your Psychic Abilities - Jul 31,2012

Join PRS Radio host, Tiff, as she talks to several people from the community about how they first discovered that they may have some abilities, how they have worked towards developing them, and what they hope to do with them in the future. Whether you have known you had abilities your whole life, or are just discovering them now, join us to hear stories that you might relate to or call in and tell us about your journey!Psychic | Medium | Paranormal | Abilities | Mentor

Duration: 02:01:01

The Paranormal on Trial - Jul 24,2012

When the words "court case" are spoken, the paranormal is rarely thought of. Yet, over the years, there have been a few examples of judicial proceedings and judgements made in a case that contained a paranormal component. Join your host, Tiffany, and her guests as they discuss some well known cases, including The Amityville Murders, that made headlines and brought the paranormal into the court room.Court | Case | Judgement | Amityville | Paranormal

Duration: 01:36:36

Formal Debate: Do Paranormal Shows Help or Hinder? - Jul 17,2012

Join your host, Tiffany, as she moderates a formal debate about whether paranormal-themed television shows are a good thing or a bad thing for the field of paranormal research and investigation.Paranormal | Television | Good | Bad | Debate

Duration: 01:26:43

The Paranormal in the Military - Jul 10,2012

Join PRS Radio host, Tiffany, as she turns the microphone inward, and interviews Producer Alex Matsuo and members of her investigative team, who are currently on active duty, about the unique challenges and possible connections between the military and the paranormal. A resounding thank you to all of the current and former service members for your brave and nobel sacrifice for your country, both at home and overseas.Paranormal | Military | Activity | Marines | Service

Duration: 01:24:27

Hail to the Chief Day! - Jul 09,2012

Come wish our fearless leader, Ryan Buell, a Happy Birthday as he turns the Dirty 30!Test | Nothing | Look Away | Practise | What

Duration: 01:34:01

Skeptics and the Paranormal: Friends or Foes? - Jul 03,2012

Join your PRS Radio host, Tiff, as she explores what makes a person a skeptic, and what kind of role the skeptic plays in the world of the paranormal.Paranormal | Skeptic | Investigation | Discussion | Debate

Duration: 01:35:50

I've Been Here Before: A Look at Reincarnation - Jun 26,2012

Why do some things that are new seem so familiar? Have you been here before? How can you be sure? Join your host, Tiffany, and her guests Jessica Jones and Nellie Kampmann, as they discuss past lives and reincarnation. We will dive into and explore the possibility that a persons soul may be older than once thought.Reincarnation | Past Lives | PRS | Old Soul | Dejavu

Duration: 01:59:33

Stories of the Unknown: PRS Radio Theater - Jun 22,2012

Join PRS Radio producer, Alex, for the highly anticipated evening of listener-submitted ghost stories! Stories will be read and dramatized with background music; sure to send shivers up your spine and touch your heart. Stories were submitted from the PRS community as well as the runner ups and winner for the scholarship to Ryans creative writing webinar. Listen to stories from how the paranormal can affect our dreams, spirits preventing tragedy, dead loved ones returning, creatures lurking,...

Duration: 01:22:59

Paranormal Inspiration Spotlight: Steam Powered Giraffe - Jun 19,2012

Artist Spotlight: Join PRS radio producer Alex on Monday as she interviews Rabbit aka Bunny Bennett from Steam Powered Giraffe, as well as The Spine aka David Bennett and The Jon aka Jon Sprague, the providers of our music on PRS Radio. Steam Powered Giraffe is a San Diego-based musical pantomime troupe featuring robot imitation with song. The robots of Steam Powered Giraffe are like nothing youve ever seen. The malfunctioning joke-spewing metal men play a collection of original Vaudeville...

Duration: 01:45:22

Zombie Apocalypse Preparedness Guide - Jun 12,2012

With the events of the past few weeks forefront in the news these days, have you wondered how prepared you might be for the impeding zombie uprising? Will you be one of the fighting survivours or are you doomed to walk amongst the undead? Join Tiffany and her guest, Cyder, of Nialls Zombie Control Service as they discuss everything from what is a zombie, how to prepare, what weapons are best suited for you, what makes a good safe house and so much more! Check out their website and find them...

Duration: 01:47:36

Spiritual Photography: Part Two - Jun 05,2012

Join your host, Tiffany, and Sergey Poberezhny of PRS as they take a look at fan submitted spirit photographs to try and determine if there may be a little more to them than meets the eye! Check out the photos as we discuss them! Spirit | Photography | Sergey Poberezhny | Analysis | Anomoly

Duration: 01:53:15

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