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Episode 051: Practical Ways to Teach Your Child Patience

This month's topics have been a ton of fun and this week is no exception! Today Mike Fitch, CMHC gives practical ways to help our children develop patience! He has a technique that he uses with his clients and he shares them with us in this episode. Links mentioned in this episode: Marshmallow Test John Gottman Institute


Episode 050: Anger Management Tools for the Strong Willed Child

If you've been looking for ways to help your kids manage their anger, look no further! This episode is jam-packed with tools designed to help your child recognize and manage their anger in a healthy way. Happy listening!


Episode 049: Tips for Teaching Your Child Emotional Life Skills

It's a new month, which means it's a new theme for the podcast! This month we will be talking about teaching our strong willed children... emotional life skills! Let's be honest, this is a topic that we all need some coaching on. However, our strong willed kids usually come with really strong emotions. If left unchecked, these emotions can RULE THEIR LIVES! That's why we are spending this month teaching you how to teach your child to develop emotional life skills. To help you out, we are...


Episode 048: Encouragement AND Praise, How It May Be Just What the Doctor Ordered

Our last topic for January's theme "What Parents Can Do to Make 2018 Great" is all about encouragement and praise. Strong-willed children can often feel down because they are often trying the patience of those around them. Yet, they need the adults in their lives to see the goodness within them. In this episode, you'll learn how to point out the positive in your child regardless of their behavior. You're ability to see the good in them will help not only them, but it will also help you....


Episode 047: A Simple Secret to Improving Your Child’s Behavior Without Loosing Your Mind

So many people join our private Facebook group completely overwhelmed by their strong-willed child's behavior, knowing that they want to change their child's behavior, but not knowing where to start. Luckily, we have Jeff Tesch, LMFT to teach us a simple secret designed to help us improve our children's behavior without loosing our minds! Happy listening!


Episode 046: Without This Behavior WILL NOT Change

If you are not consistent, it does not matter what else you do. This was a truth I was surprised to learn while recording this episode of the podcast. You could be using great techniques, but if you're not consistent, negative behavior will not improve. If you and your spouse/partner parent differently, your child's behavior will not improve. If you switch your approach frequently, your child's behavior will not improve. Listen to this episode to learn why consistency is critical and how...


Episode 045: The Parenting Mistake Therapists are Seeing and How to Fix It

Announcement! We are changing things a little here at Parent with a Pro. Last year we did random podcast topics each week. While that was a great way to start, we wanted to provide even more support for you in 2018. As a result, we have created a theme for each month with weekly podcasts to support that theme. This means we can dive deep into topics and give you tools that will help you see real CHANGE in your homes! Here is the outline for the year: January: Things Parents Can Do to Make...


Episode 044: Creating and Environment Which Fosters Good Behavior Part 2

Last week we talked about some factors that influence behavior that are actually in your control. This week, we continue the conversation discussing a few more surprising factors we have influence over. I really love the last idea that Mike Fitch, CMHC shares in this episode! Happy Listening!


Episode 043: Creating an Environment Which Fosters Good Behavior Part 1

There are many factors that influence our children's behavior that are out of our control. However, we are lucky that there are some factors that are in our control. In this week's and next week's episode, we will teach you some fundamentals to creating an environment which fosters good behavior. If some of these fundamentals are missing, it's not really fair to expect our kids to behave well. Listen this week and next week to learn what you can do to help your children behave their best....


Episode 042: Giving Warnings-How that makes parenting harder and what to do instead.

This is a MUST listen for EVERY PARENT! I don't say that about every episode, but it is true of this episode. Marriage and family therapist, Jeff Tesch teaches that giving too many chances to stop a certain behavior actually encourages the child to continue misbehaving! None of us want that. By the end of this episode, you'll learn how warnings are working against you and what to do instead. Happy Listening!


Episode 041: When and how to seek professional help for your child

If you are dealing with behavior that never seems to improve, you'll want to listen to today's episode. As parents of strong-willed kids, there can be a possibility that your child is dealing with an abnormality in their functioning. They could have inherited or developed anxiety, ADHD, depression, or autism, just to name a few. A professionals help is needed to get a clear diagnosis. So the questions we often get asked here at Parent with a Pro are: How do I know if my child could benefit...


Episode 040: Teaching Your Kids How to Apologize

Last week, we talked about helping our kids become more empathetic. In this companion episode, we teach you how to help your children develop the critical life skill of offering apologies. The steps taught are so simple are so powerful. This is a must listen for everyone! (hint: you could even take notes for yourself. This episode has helped me a ton) Happy listening.


Episode 039: Teaching Your Kids Empathy

A question we get asked repeatedly is "How do I teach my child empathy?" As parents, we want our kids to be concerned about the feelings of others, to be empathetic. Today's episode is full of tips to help your children see things from other's perspective and help them show empathy to others. Happy Listening!


Episode 038: Talking to Your Kids About Tragic Events

Our world is full of tragedies, natural disasters, and violence. It isn't uncommon for these events to frighten our children or cause an increase in their anxiety. With so many such events occurring recently, we wanted to create a podcast that would coach parents through talking to kids about tragedies and helping them feel calm after they've occurred. I learned so many new things recording this episode that will forever change how I handle tragedies with my kids. Happy Listening!


Episode 037: Solving Sibling Squabbles

If you have multiple kids in your home and those kids don't always get along, then today's episode is for you. In this episode you will learn specific steps for solving sibling squabbles. I always love how Jeff teaches solutions to our parenting issues in a way that simplifies our parenting instead of complicating it and today is no exception! Here's to fewer sibling squabbles in all our homes!


Episode 036: Negative Behavior Explained

Have you ever wondered "Why is my child behaving like this?!" If so, you'll love today's episode. Marriage and family therapist, Jeff Tesch teaches us what drives our children's misbehavior. This episode will give you great insight into the mind, heart, and behavior of your child. Happy Listening!


Episode 035: My Favorite Positive Reinforcement Technique

Believe it or not, our children are not born knowing what behavior is appropriate and what behavior isn't. It is our responsibility as parents to teach appropriate behavior to our kids. But how do we do this? By how we respond to behavior. If we respond to negative behavior by giving our kids an uncomfortable consequence and respond to positive behavior with a positive consequence, your kids will eventually learn what is OK and what isn't. To help you do that, we created this episode to...


Episode 034: Behavior Regression

Have you ever had weeks where you saw improvement in your child's behavior only to be follow by weeks of regression? I have and it stressed me out! So much so, that I decided we needed a whole podcast on it. This episode will help you know how much regression is normal and how to handle it when you see it. Happy Listening!


Episode 033: Help! Parenting Stresses Me Out!

If you're tired of letting the stress of parenting control you, you will definitely want to listen to this episode! One of the things we face almost daily as parents of sassy, spirited, and strong-willed kids is a feeling of stress or overwhelm. These feelings can lead us to react poorly, they can suck the fun out of parenting, and they can make everyday feel like an uphill battle. This episode is one of my favorites ever. Jeff Tesch, LMFT teaches some really powerful tools to help us...


Episode 032: Sensory Disorder

There are so many factors that can affect a child's behavior. They are external factors, like environment and internal factors, like depression, anxiety, or ADHD. In today's episode we talk about an internal factor, Sensory Disorder. A lot of people want to know what it is, if their child has it, how it can effect behavior, and if it can be treated. Luckily, Mike Fitch, CMHC has a lot of experience with diagnosing and treating kids with sensory disorder and was willing to teach us all...


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