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E154: Chores

Mike starts the show with a shameless plug for his “Yetti Mug” as well as a question about when is the right time to assign chores to your kids. We’ve had a conversation in the past regarding chores but with our kids several years older, some new perspective comes into the fold.

Duration: 00:35:47

E153: Childhood Anxiety

The gang introduces a new feature called “The Mail Bag” and an update on the new studio build out. Jennifer talks about the introduction of homework into a Montessori household and shares a bit about Red’s science fair project. For this weeks topic, the team talks about how to spot and treat anxiety in children.

Duration: 00:38:00

E152: The Big 2017 Rant

The gang gets together for another 30 minutes of magic! Ok, maybe that’s a bit extreme. We check in with one of our previous hosts Alania for an adoption check-point. The rest of the episode is a bit of a rant with some good advice for parents.

Duration: 00:32:37

E151: Dealing With Stress

Jennifer starts the episode with a fun story about Red’s interesting sleep habits. Mike brings this weeks topic (and some resources) regarding the best ways to deal with stress. LINK:

Duration: 00:31:08

E150: Common Complaint

It’s the 150th episode of Parenthood By Fire is here!!! Nothing like bringing up an old frustration on the podcast. Some information and resources for parents with kids currently doing Common Core curriculum in school. LINK:

Duration: 00:28:42

E149: Talking To Your Kids About Drugs

The gang starts by talking about the new paper/plastic law in California. Mike brings another top 10 (top 11) list, the “11 Internet Slang Words” that every parent should know. For today’s topic, we talk about talking to your kids about drugs.

Duration: 00:31:22

E148: The Gift of Giving

As Mike continues to sip Egg Nog, the gang gets back together for another fine episode. We talk a bit about how holiday plans work in each household. We also talk about gift giving and the value of giving a gift rather than receiving.

Duration: 00:31:17

E147: The Christmas Special

It’s time for the annual Christmas special!!! The gang gets together for a more “conversational version” of the show. Mike shares the top 15 movies watched during Christmas time. And we’re left with a question… Would you watch Parenthood By Fire if we provided the show as video?

Duration: 00:27:07

E146: Connecting With Kids

To start the episode, Mike brings ANOTHER top 10 list. What games do you enjoy with your family during the holidays? Aside from the top 10, Mike brings a topic this week to share and discuss the best way to intentionally connect with your kiddos.

Duration: 00:25:54

E145: When Do Parenting Roles Change

Mike starts the episode with an extension of his holiday spirit with a “Christmas Top 10 (actually 20)”. What Christmas song(s) do you like? You’ll learn first hand what Christmas songs we “dislike”. As for the real topic, Jennifer shares the process of determining picking the right school or program when it’s time for your […]

Duration: 00:33:20

E144: Anxious Kids

Another great episode by the hosts at Parenthood By Fire. This episode we learn that Jennifer can no longer sleep in her bedroom. Pedro brings a more serious topic regarding anxiety with our kiddos.

Duration: 00:34:50

E143: Thanksgiving Mistakes

It’s that time of year again, time for the 2016 Parenthood By Fire Thanksgiving special. Mike shares a top 10 list of the biggest mistakes made on Thanksgiving. We also have some “side chatter” regarding traditions and special things we do in our homes to make the holiday special. Ultimately, a very fun episode! Happy […]

Duration: 00:37:43

E142: Liar Liar Pants On Fire

Mike starts off the episode with a story about Goose “still needing daddy”. Do your children lie to you? If yes, this episode is for you! If no, stop lying to yourself. 🙂 Some great tips provided regarding the best way to handling lying kiddos.

Duration: 00:35:09

E141: The Perfect Vacation With Your Family

SPECIAL GUEST: “Red” (Jennifer’s son) joins us this week for the episode. Mike shares his experiences at the Disney Aulani resort on Oahu for the first 15 minutes. 🙂 After the rant, Mike shares an article from, the Family Vacation Survival Guide.

Duration: 00:32:51

E140: How Much Stuff Do You REALLY Need?

The gang has a fun and light-hearted conversation about what “stuff” you actually need when having a baby. What worked for us? What was all hype? Granted some of the newer items we’ve never used so new moms, we’d love your feedback on what worked (or didn’t work) for you.

Duration: 00:36:06

E139: Over Indulging Kids (Part 2)

Over indulgence continues with this bonus (part 2) episode about over indulging kids. Mike shares a story regarding health and the gang wraps by sharing things you can do if you’ve already over indulged your kids.

Duration: 00:26:43

E138: Over Indulging Kids (Part 1)

The gang starts off with a few stories about their kiddos. Mike brings this week’s topic related to how parents overindulge their kids. Find out what causes parents to be overindulgent and find out what Jennifer is allowing Red to do. The gang runs out of time and makes this topic a two part episode.

Duration: 00:32:09

E137: Is Homework Important?

Mike starts by asking everyone what others think of the new intro music and challenges listeners to find us a new good track to start and close the show. Pedro brings this weeks topic regarding the importance of homework.

Duration: 00:32:32

E136: Balancing Sports and Family Life

Mike celebrates episode #136 for no real reason. Mike also launches a new feature called “What Do You Not Know About The Hosts” and plays some Christmas music (yes – it’s early). Red pranks his teacher and Mike brings this week’s topic on the best ways to balance organized sports and family life.

Duration: 00:30:27

E135: Raising Good Kids

Back by popular demand, Mike brings back the top 10 list! Jennifer brings this topic this week as the gang discusses the top 6 tips to raise “good kids”.

Duration: 00:33:47

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