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Zillow & HGTV and how they have effed up real estate

Scott is really HGTV & I am Zillow - alot like Donny & Marie...She's a little bit country and he is a little bit rock & roll. Zillow & HGTV How Joanna Gaines & Al Gore have effected our real estate market. Joanna & Chip Gaines - Fixer Upper My belief is that HGTV is had far more impact on our business than Zillow. Buyers, although there are more of them than there are houses, are very picky about the condition and the look and the quality of the home. Joanna Gaines has single-handedly fudged...


Life of a Realtor® and Allison James Estates & Homes

Today's guests are Realtors® Serena Wise & Chris Maphis who work in the Marianna/Jackson county area as well as Holmes, Liberty, Washington, Calhoun and Bay counties We talk the life of the real estate agent and how we get business, keep business and work hard to get homes sold at all price ranges. Chris & Serena just 2.5 years into the business sell A LOT of homes and they are small, lower-priced homes. They don't advertise. Their goals are simple. They want to help families reach their...


City Commission candidate, Jeremy Matlow- Democrat, Libertarian and Rep walk into a…

Our guest is Jeremy Matlow, entrepeneur and owner of Gaines Street Pies in Tallahassee, FL visits us to discuss his run for city commission. Jeremy grew up in Tallahassee & attended Leon High and has been the restaurant biz since his teens. We discuss building codes, costs, his new pizza restaurant coming to northeast Tallahassee. Starting a new business in the city of Tallahassee is not easy or cheap. Jeremy wants to help change the business gets started so folks can fulfill their dreams....


Patty & Angus talking feminism

We had a short show due to the Florida Gator game pre-show (3 hours of it) on starting at 11:30 a.m. Those guys can talk 4 EVER!!! So, Angus & I took a break from the hype and chatted about women and marching and feminism. All in all, one of our finest... no Garnet and Gold...just chatting about the "why" of the women's march. Why did they march? Can anyone tell us???? I am convinced that if you cannot explain 'WHY' you are marching or protesting or resisting, you cannot grow the...


Patty's Anniversary in the Playhouse; Seller's Home Pricing

This episode is celebrating our one-year anniversary in the #playhouse We have had 51 unique and fun radio shows/podcasts and we hope you have enjoyed. We talk the David Knox method of pricing a home. David Knox Business Knowing if you utilize a Realtor®, the Realtor® is not in control over the market, the condition of the home, the location, the buyer's wants/needs or the terms of the market. The Realtor® is in control of "marketing" the home. The buyer determines the value when placing...


Terry Madigan; Returning from OZ; Garnet & Gold

We were proud to have Terry Madigan of Madigan Law Firm, P.L as our guest for the hour We talk Angus' return from "down under" flying Kwanza... or is it Quantas... I don't know. We have our Garnet & Gold review


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