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Trying to leave this little old world and the people I meet in a better place then when I first met them. Who am I and what do I do?………Paul Clough. I now love helping making changes in people and guiding them to create the life they really want. A personal look at me: The above sentence was not always the case and being the best in the financial realms of the building industry was my aim and getting there by any means. I now know this is, and was, the worst way ~ even if I did make director of one of the largest building companies in Cambridge by the age of 30. One of the major realisations came on my first ever training in hypnosis. I found that it’s not a win lose world and that a win win is only a low basis to live. Being true to your beliefs and coming from a place of integrity where service is paramount. This understanding together with lots of NLP skills helped create my last partnership in the building industry grow from a turnover of £800k to £16m in less than twelve years and that can only be done with giving more than expected. Another shaping of me came from two traumatic events in my life that happened within six months of each other which created a number of major changes in me and by beliefs in what is possible. I have written about my experience and how I dealt with it but more importantly it really showed me my love for my three boys and theirs for me and resulted in the step up to become a trainer of NLP (which I never intended) and my close and exciting work with two of my sons. In supporting Joseph and help create change in people in our training’s and his wonderful life changing ‘Be your potential weekend’ and with Luke the continuing development of Cambridge Hypnotherapy and Hypnosis processes. My relationship with my third son Daniel just keeps getting better and better too. Not knowing how good I had become in change work in the beginning I generally studied, practiced and saw clients then things started to happen when I started to work following just my instincts. T








FMQ 114 Let's get attentive - a really attentive podcast

Let's get attentive - the 5 minute quickie podcast If you want to get into the moment have a listen and then listen again a close your eyes. (Spooky - in a good way!) Where would you like to more attentive to the moment? Get out our Jenny journal and make some note as you will need a few thoughts of how you would want to feel and where you want to feel them being attentive. Don't worry I make more sense if you listen first. It's a lovely NLP process that get you to remember these...

Duration: 00:11:25

My first anxiety course - Yay!

Free your life of ANXIETY Yes this is the first (and I hope of many) of my FREE YOUR LIFE series on my brand new web site paulcloughonline.com It's a place where I intend to create and hold video, audio and hypnosis programs to deal with specific issues of which the first is ANXIETY. The first 5 days of the course are free with my compliments and even after that should you choose o work deeper with me there's a money back guarantee. There's even a massive discount on one of my Hypnosis...

Duration: 00:20:17

#71 There's a pebble in my shoe! a podcast

There's a pebble in my shoe! a podcast We've all had the experience of putting up with a pebble in our shoe, trying to ignore it and we try to keep on ignoring it but it just stays there and is always in the corner of your mind. This is a real experience and it's also a metaphor for those issues we try to ignore and they don't disappear do they? Let me give you a couple of my personal examples, one of which changed the way I work with clients. It was my unconscious mind trying to...

Duration: 00:21:24

FMQ 113 They are so annoying until we learn - podcast

They are so annoying until we learn - the 5 minute podcast Oh this may be a painful one because what I'm going to tell you may just strike a chord but not always a pleasant one. You know we all meet people as we go about our world and they just annoy you - they just grate! It's when we can pin point what about them that grates, sets us off we actually learn what in us is there too. They have been sent not to annoy us but to teach us what we need to work on - dare you be so honest? Come...

Duration: 00:08:07

FMQ 112 From something that I couldn't speak about- the podcast

From something that I couldn't speak about- the podcast From preparing for your death to preparing to live your life right now. Let's make bucket lists work and bring them into your daily practice and here's the thing let's call it our adventure list. Let's make our life and adventure not a boring journey and feel spicy! That is let's spice it up. Remember your 'Jenny Journal' 'cos we have another use for it. If you put this into your focus you will be amazed how your life can and will...

Duration: 00:12:33

#70 Practicing to failure - NOT - the podcast

Practicing to failure - NOT - the podcast. Yep it's what we do practice things in our mind to make things worse, what can go wrong and even 'wronger' and with our wonderful ability to imagine, that's right our imagination. Doing this can and does stop us from experiencing the adventure we dream of. What a bummer! You see right now, this very moment, we're ok and it hasn't happened so let's create a way to make sure the future we dream of happens. Happens in a way that we enjoy and even...

Duration: 00:23:14

FMQ 111 Life - and changing what's important to you

Life - and changing what's important to you - the 5 minute podcast Why do we wait for something to happen to us, or others, for us to think and change what's important to us? What is important to us are our values and our values, along with our beliefs, and these run our world and create our reality. If we can change our values when these events occur in our life why wait for the event in the first place let's change now for the better without delay. In just 5 minutes I bet I can get you to...

Duration: 00:08:44

FMQ 110 In knowledge there's power - Really?

The five minute Quickie Podcast - In knowledge there's power - Really? So having all this knowledge is a way to have some power in your life, yes? maybe well - No You can have a whole lot of knowledge or learnings but without the magic step it can be quite useless, especially in this world of your personal development and creating the life you want for yourself. This short podcast is aimed at me to get me doing stuff, taking a big bit of action and I'm guessing if you listen you may find...

Duration: 00:08:55

#69 an apology first and the art of a great question

The art of a great question - the podcast Oh first an apology - I uploaded the same podcast twice - Doh!!!!!!!!!! so here's another fast on the heals and it's all about the questions we ask ourselves - The good ones and he not so good. Andrew Fortstoefel inspired this podcast by walking over 4000 miles (not the 400 I said in the podcast) and on his journey he asked questions and listened. The questions we ask ourselves can create heaven or hell - a little dramatic you might say but it's...

Duration: 00:25:06

# 68 The stories we tell ourselves or are they fibs

Fibs or lies it really doesn't matter what you call them because they're still false. I want to give you personal examples of this, the fibs I told both myself and others. Yes I told these and believed in them and it's only until now that I've spotted them. Why am I telling you this? Hmmmm. Well maybe you will begin to see and hear the fibs you're telling yourself and to find out why you do it. It's when you acknowledge these fibs and the intention behind them you realise so many things -...

Duration: 00:21:50

FMQ 109 When it seems like everything is going wrong

Oh we've all had these days - down days - whatever we or whatever we touch seems to go oh so badly. Here's one of mine and what I did to do something about the way felt. In effect I did what I advise you to do, yep following my own advice (for once ;0) ) When I did this I discovered things I hadn't seen before, hadn't noticed before and was literally a breath of fresh air. You don't have to stay in this down state and with some gentle care and gentle action and you may just surprise...

Duration: 00:08:47

FMQ 108 What am I saying???

Do you really know the words that come out of your mouth? Think about it for a moment and when you do you will realise words come out unconsciously unless your simply repeating by rote. So how can we ensure the words we say are the words we meant to say because we've all had experiences of saying what you didn't want to say. Let's have a quick chat to see how( or hear ) we can become clearer in what we think and say. ;0) Please enjoy and shine brightly. Paul paul@paulclough.co.uk @pcloughie...

Duration: 00:08:14

#67 The stories we tell ourselves or are they fibs

Time for a bit of honesty - so I thought I'd start with myself and I'll let you in on the stories I not only told myself but told others and I believed these stories, I just realised they're fibs. The more I thought of this the more fibs I realised I had been telling. The more I thought the more counter examples I found - From learning hypnosis, NLP in USA, personal retreats to taking myself away to be just with myself. What stories do you tell? Maybe you could ask - What's the intent? and...

Duration: 00:21:50

FMQ 107 Make your day

have you noticed 'to do' lists get longer and longer? The fact that 'to do' lists, in my opinion, don't work anyway and even if you disagree here's a way - A way to make your busy day successful and give you a feeling of achievement. No more days when you feel you have done nothing, we've all experienced those - haven't you? This is not new, I didn't think of it first, but because it's simple it's overlooked. Have a listen, you won't be disappointed if you take this up and you'll learn it in...

Duration: 00:08:26

FMQ 106 I gotta get out of here!

Are you the smartest or nearly smartest in your group? Nice feeling isn't it? One of the biggest fish in the pond? Feels good doesn't it? If you answered yes to any of those you need another group or a bigger pond. It doesn't mean you have to leave and never return as some seem to tell you,. Oh no, you recognize you're an example to others, mentor and supporter. It does mean you need a place that will stretch you, where you can follow the example of others more experienced, model them, be...

Duration: 00:07:48

#66 Courage and life's messages

A little deeper podcast, well deep for me! Something made me think and I feel it may make you think too. What does life want from you? What does life give to you? Do we actually take the time to notice? I know, when it was brought to my attention, that I really haven't taken enough time to consider this. I do believe when you do, life's learnings or messages become clearer and letting us in what's available to us. Then it's up to us to decide whether or not to act and take advantage of these...

Duration: 00:20:01

FMQ 105 Caught playing with my.........

Sub-modalities - want to play with them too?! It's a amazing the changes that can be made to the way we feel when we do. Let me show you how and I think you'll find plenty of things you can do - more Motivation, more good feelings made even better. if you have a memory that really annoys you, for what ever reason then make it smaller, darker and further away, really small, really dark and so so far away and notice the annoyance just disappears. Have a play. Enjoy and sense brightly. Paul...

Duration: 00:06:33

FMQ 104 A reminder how far you have come

Following on from child proteges, where are you now? where did you start? Let's check on our progress on the inside. Because experts that you look up to were novices when they started, instead of being in awe, we can learn from them quicker than they took to learn what they know. Let's go back to where you were, re-assess where you want to be, and check in how far you've come along this adventure. Also let's remember that there's also even more to experience than we thought there was when we...

Duration: 00:10:12

#65 Memories are made of this

Can you change a memory? - You betcha! Negative memories to neutral and good memories to brilliant ones. From the days of Saba tooth tigers and Fred Flinstone negative memories helped your ancestors stay alive and hence you're here. It's now time to change that cos there are no Saba tooth's to get you. Let's learn how we make a memory, how to change them if needed and create a wonderful now that creates a wonderful past. Please enjoy and shine brightly. Paul paul@paulclough.co.uk @pcloughie...

Duration: 00:24:24

My lie to myself and a San Diego retreat

Just a heads up on what could possibly change your life (for the better) and a personal hypnosis track https://www.secretmindupgrade.com

Duration: 00:06:39

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