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Pitch Talks is an interactive speaker series where some of the brightest and creative minds in the baseball media gather to create an informed and entertaining conversation about all aspects of the game.






Day Games with Dr. Mike Sonne - Episode 8: Ben Hansen

Ben Hansen is the vice-president and Chief Technology officer at Motus Global Company. Motus is a biomechanics company focusing on injury prevention and performance analysis. Ben speaks to Day Games about the recently developed Motus Baseball System – a wearable sleeve technology that aims to reduce pitcher injuries and improve hitter’s effectiveness. As of spring 2016, the playing rules committee approved Motus’ wearable sleeve technology for use in major league games. Mike Sonne speaks...

Duration: 00:22:26

Day Games with Dr. Mike Sonne - Episode 7: Andrew Stoakley

Andrew Stoakley is a Production Sound Mixer that works delivering live in-game audio for Toronto Blue Jays’ television broadcasts. Andrew speaks to host Mike Sonne, about his journey from radio host to audio mixer; and what kind of work it takes to make sure everyone watching at home hears everything they need to hear while eliminating some of the more colorful audio that is reserved for more mature audiences. Day Games also learns about what makes mixing audio for live sporting events...

Duration: 00:34:03

Day Games with Dr. Mike Sonne - Episode 6: Ashley Stephenson

Ashley Stephenson has been a member of the Canadian Women’s National Baseball team since 2004, primarily at third base. Ashley spoke to Mike Sonne about her time playing women’s baseball on the highest stage in the world and takes Day Games through the ins and outs of women’s baseball. As the popularity of women’s baseball continues to grow, Ashley also explains how she fits her training and baseball prep into a busy schedule.

Duration: 00:28:04

Pitch Talks Brooklyn - Effectively Wild Live Podcast - August 7th 2017

From The Bell House in Brooklyn The Fangraphs Effectively Wild Podcast with Ben Lindbergh, Jeff Sullivan and Fernando Perez!

Duration: 01:04:51

Pitch Talks Brooklyn - August 7th 2017

Pitch Talks in Brooklyn at The Bell House with Hannah Keyser, Lindsey Adler, Tom Ley, Anthony Dicomo and Jay Jaffe!

Duration: 01:12:14

Day Games with Dr. Mike Sonne - Episode 5: Eno Sarris

This week, Mike Sonne speaks to Eno Sarris, one of the baseball world’s busiest men. In addition to his writing for one of baseball’s biggest analytics websites - FanGraphs, and role (at the time) as editor in chief for RotoGraphs, Eno finds time to manage BeerGraphs - an analytics website for beer, and launch a new beer related venture called “October”. Eno is one of the few who marries pure statistical analysis with traditional baseball player interviews, and provides Day Games with...

Duration: 00:31:42

Day Games with Dr. Mike Sonne - Episode 4: Sam Bat Bat Manufacturers

Sam Bats are not only one of the most popular bat manufacturers in professional baseball, but were the pioneers of crafting bats out of maple wood. Day Game’s speaks to Sam Bat’s President, Arlene Anderson, and Director of Pro Production, Alfred Mione about the different challenges and requests that come with making bats for everyone from sluggers like Barry Bonds to MLB pitchers like David Price. Host, Mike Sonne was also curious about how bat makers themselves feel about the growing...

Duration: 00:26:56

Day Games with Dr. Mike Sonne - Episode 3: Kyle Boddy

Dr. Mike Sonne may have considered trading in his work in ergonomics to do what Kyle Boddy does. The Director of Research and Development and Founder of Driveline Baseball specializes in improving professional and top prospect pitchers and hitters with data-driven training and super cool baseball technology. If you listen closely you can hear Dr. Mike squealing from Boddy's technical explanations in the background. There is no doubt that talking numbers and baseball is a dream come true...

Duration: 00:44:01

Pitch Talks Blue Jays Podcast, Episode 15: Let's Talk About 2018 for a Moment

Team president Mark Shapiro has suggested he won't trade any of the Blue Jays' core pieces at the coming deadline. His resolve leads to a logical question: what does the 2018 roster actually look like? That questions informs this edition of the Pitch Talks Blue Jays Podcast.

Duration: 00:32:55

Day Games with Dr. Mike Sonne - Episode 2: Josue Peley

Before the 2016 season, Major League Baseball mandated that every team hire a full-time spanish language translator. Josue Peley works as the translator for MLB’s Toronto Blue Jays. Josue speaks to Mike Sonne about the different tasks that are involved with his position - from acting as an intermediary in interviews to throwing fourth group batting practice on the field. He also tells Day Games the story of how he came to work for a Major League team and what makes him different from most...

Duration: 00:27:59

Pitch Talks Blue Jays Podcast, Episode 14: Toronto and the AL's War of Attrition

There are three clear playoff teams in the American League but five postseason spots available. How the Blue Jays might benefit from an epidemic of mediocrity.

Duration: 00:30:33

Day Games with Dr. Mike Sonne - Episode 1: Jon Fitzsimmons

Jon Fitzsimmons is a relief pitcher in the Arizona Diamondbacks organization; recently selected from the Cleveland Indians in the Rule 5 draft. Jon tells Day Games about his journey through the minor league baseball system and playing independent baseball in Quebec. Jon provides Mike Sonne some great insight into living the life of a minor league baseball player - from the peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, to sharing a room with his teammates.

Duration: 00:23:16

Pitch Talks Blue Jays Podcast, Episode 13: The Trade Value Episode

Dave Cameron has begun his Trade Value series at FanGraphs. Where do Josh Donaldson and Marcus Stroman rank and why and how and who and when?

Duration: 00:26:21

Pitch Talks Blue Jays Podcast, Episode 12: So You're Telling Me There Isn't Really a Chance

A 1-5 week has arrived at nearly the worst time. On the plus side: Justin Smoak is an All-Start starter.

Duration: 00:32:05

Pitch Talks June 26th - Keith Law & Lindsey Adler


Duration: 01:19:46

Pitch Talks June 26th - Mike Wilner, Nick Ashbourne & Shi Davidi


Duration: 00:42:44

Pitch Talks Blue Jays Podcast, Episode 11: The Jays Are Probably Still Buyers

Despite occupying last place in the AL East, a combination of factors indicate Toronto will go for it.

Duration: 00:30:56

Pitch Talks Blue Jays Podcast, Episode 10: The Numbers Say a Winning Record Is Imminent!

After two months of both sorrow and pity, the Blue Jays receive some good news from the projections.

Duration: 00:27:57

Pitch Talks Presents: Baseball Then & Now Panel 2 June 8 2017

Pitch Talks Presents: Night One of our Baseball Then & Now Event Panel 2 Features: Jamie Campbell John Thorn

Duration: 00:53:55

Pitch Talks Presents: Baseball Then & Now Panel 1 June 8 2017

Pitch Talks Presents: Night One of our Baseball Then & Now Event Panel 1 Features: Ashley Docking Ben Nicholson-Smith

Duration: 00:45:07

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