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Player Advantage's VGA Live Reaction Show

Marcus, Alex, Vinnie and Ian watch the VGAs live and give their impressions. Expect a lot of yelling!

Duration: 03:03:29

PA Podcast Ep. 5: Did You Forget About Lord Hentai?

On this episode of the Player Advantage podcast; Al, Ian and Trask join Marcus to talk about their favorite Survivor Series shows/matches!

Duration: 02:09:05

PA Podcast Episode 5: He Beat His Meat in The Street!

Ian and Alex join Marcus for this week's episode of the Player Advantage podcast to talk music, gaming news, and more!

Duration: 02:01:00

YTIMT: Who Doesn't Want To Be A Serial Killer Anime Girl?

Garrett and Trask hit record, propose how to kill some anime girls for senpai and somehow end up watching Cat in the Hat gameplay footage. How did we get there? We honestly have no idea. Watch Cat in the Hat gameplay with us:

Duration: 00:30:24

PA Podcast 3 - ...Until I Get All Those Balls...

Dan's away this week, and Manny joins Marcus to talk Spider-Man, Persona, the budget for the Avatar sequels, American Vandal and a bunch of other topics on our longest episode so far.

Duration: 01:28:38

PA Podcast Ep. 2: Balls Deep in Spider-Man

It's the newest ("Episode 2", for intellectuals) episode of the Player Advantage Podcast! Marcus and Dan are joined by Garrett and Trask to talk Overwatch problems, tons of Nintendo news, the 9/11 Naudet documentary (2002), the Tokyo Game Show, and a boatload of whatever else comes your way; including a paranormal incident that resulted in two delayed "NO" reactions on call. We're still confused. We'll talk about it next week. SUPPORT PLAYER ADVANTAGE: Bookmark as...

Duration: 02:02:58

PA Podcast Ep. 1: Give The Priest A Backbreaker

It's the debut ("pilot", for intellectuals) of the Player Advantage Podcast! Marcus and Dan talk Yakuza 0, Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, and all the week's news, including the Nintendo Direct. SUPPORT PLAYER ADVANTAGE: Bookmark as we're launching soon Subscribe to our audio feeds on... SoundCloud: @playeradvantage Apple Podcasts at Twitters: / / YouTube:...

Duration: 00:58:33

I'm Sorry, You Have Reached The Limit of Your Title, Please Com--

Your Taste is My Taste debuts on its new home: Player Advantage Audio. Garrett is an out of touch old man so Trask teaches him all about young people and the internet by talking about the mess of mediocrity that is the Emoji film and forcing him to join Snapchat. Garrett is very conf- I'M SORRY, YOU HAVE REACHED THE LIMIT OF YOUR DESCRIPTION READING. PLEASE COME BACK IN 97 MINUTES TO CONTINUE. SUPPORT PLAYER ADVANTAGE: Bookmark as we're launching soon Subscribe to...

Duration: 00:28:07

Discord Commentary: Mae Young Classic Finals

Pincente, Marcus, and Trask Discorded the Mae Young Classic Finals between Shayna Baszler and Kairi Sane. The ting go SKRRRRT = pyro. Lots of heel turns are booked even though this isn't TEW. Let the best three man booth in wrestling overtake your ears rather than two washed up freaks. SUPPORT PLAYER ADVANTAGE: Bookmark as we're launching soon Subscribe to our audio feeds on... SoundCloud: @playeradvantage Apple Podcasts at Twitters:...

Duration: 00:37:01

Our Story - The Origins of Player Advantage

Joining Pincente to talk about their wrestling website stories for the first time ever, are Al and Trask, the founders of Wrestling With Words. In this unedited 2 hour shoot interview, they discuss their timelines as it pertains to the websites they've been involved in. They tell countless stories about their lives, their websites, and most importantly: their origins. Welcome to Player Advantage's Audio feed. SUPPORT PLAYER ADVANTAGE: Bookmark as we're launching...

Duration: 02:16:02