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Political Radar discusses political topics from multiple points of views while looking for common ground.

Political Radar discusses political topics from multiple points of views while looking for common ground.
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Political Radar discusses political topics from multiple points of views while looking for common ground.




LaBaye.org with Bill Meindl and Wendy Coriell - Political Radar Pulse

Volunteer reporter, Bill Meindl and professional web designer, Wendy Coriell, join Rhonda to discuss the LaBaye.org fiasco. Topics included: who is involved, the amount of taxpayer money being used, the mayor's beautification committee, the history of the website, the fact that website is unsearchable and unreachable by public schools, the question of the stability of the website due to outdated code, and the activity surrounding the project.

Duration: 00:35:31

Green Bay 9/11 Memorial with Randy Scannell and Ellen Rosewall - Political Radar Echo

Randy Scannell and Ellen Rosewall join Cassandra this week to discuss the deaccession of the 9/11 Memorial in Green Bay, WI. Topics included: The brief and mysterious history of the memorial, how it has deteriorated over the course of it's short life, incorrect information included on the memorial, who may have designed it, and the fact that there may or may not be human remains inside the monument.

Duration: 00:40:07

DACA Removal with Gerardo Gonzalez - Political Radar Pulse

DACA Recipient, Gerardo Gonzalez, joins Rhonda to discuss the recent revocation of DACA. Topics included: Gerardo's History, what DACA is, how DACA can help unregistered immigrants further their education, the fear and uncertainty put upon immigrants, what it is like being an immigrant, government excuses, and the impact on people and communities.

Duration: 00:23:22

Ban the Box with Mark Becker and Paul Ballard - Political Radar Pulse

Brown County Supervisors, Mark Becker and Paul Ballard, join Rhonda to discuss taking the criminal indicator box off of certain job applications. Topics included: How the checkbox for criminal information is banned in 24 states, why it is a good idea to limit it's use, moral benefits, keeping the box for people who apply to work with kids and money, increasing employment, removing unnecessary obstacles, and the move to take away odd justifications.

Duration: 00:32:39

Dark Store Theory with Senator Roger Roth - Political Radar Pulse

Wisconsin State Senator for District 19, Roger Roth joins Rhonda to discuss bringing back the certainty to the property assessment process on big box stores. Topics included: Owners of big box stores wanting lower property tax assessments, how Roger is looking to do something about the Dark Store Theory, what made him aware of the issue, businesses exploiting loopholes, business deed restrictions, how property assessors assess property, shopping influences, and how online shopping is...

Duration: 00:32:12

National Opioid Crisis with Erik Hoyer and Jenn Schiavo - Political Radar Echo

Erik Hoyer and Jenn Schiavo join Cassandra this week to discuss President Donald Trump's announcement of a National Emergency on Opioids. Topics included: Opioid related death tolls rising, the increase of heroin overdoses, national emergencies in the past, people getting opioid prescriptions shifting to illegal street drugs, how to police medication, getting people proper help from drug addiction, side effects of withdrawal, government involvement, and managing pain.

Duration: 00:34:30

Wisconsin Foxconn Facility with Terry Lee and Vanya Koepke - Political Radar Echo

This week, Cassandra's panelists are Terry Lee and Vanya Koepke. They discuss the Wisconsin Foxconn facility plans, financial incentives, economic growth, starting wages, environmental impact, and waste water capacity increase for the local community from the facility.

Duration: 00:33:21

Voter Fraud with Mark Becker and Colleen Gruszynski - Political Radar Echo

This week, Cassandra's panelists are Mark Becker and Colleen Gruszynski. They discuss the Presidential Commission on Election Integrity, and voter fraud.

Duration: 00:38:48

Running for Wisconsin State Governor with Andy Gronik - Political Radar Pulse

2018 WI Gubernatorial candidate, Andy Gronik, joins Rhonda to discuss why he wants to run. Topics included: the importance of jobs and education, his desire for Wisconsin to be progressive again, the Foxconn deal, growing businesses, healthcare, successful business, budget, and school challenges.

Duration: 00:37:49

GBAPS Behavioral Problems with Jamel Jones and Jacob Kulis - Political Radar Echo

This week, Cassandra's panelists are Jamel Jones and Jacob Kulis. They discuss the ongoing problems going on in Washington Middle School and the amount of truant behavior in the Green Bay Area Public Schools.

Duration: 00:38:45

Human Trafficking with Dawn Spang - Political Radar Pulse

Aftercare Director for Eye Heart World, Dawn Spang, joins Rhonda to discuss the efforts put forth to stop Human Trafficking in Brown County. Topics included: the mission of Eye Heart World, what that outreach team does, who victims usually are, how victims are taken advantage of, social media dangers, how traffickers are being caught, the commitment of law enforcement, the toll being a victim takes on their health, strip clubs and any correlations made between human trafficking, and the...

Duration: 00:33:57

Trump Travel Ban and Sanctuary Cities with Camille Hlavka and Sylvia Garrido - Political Radar Echo

This week, Cassandra's panelists are: Camille Hlavka, and Sylvia Garrido Topics discussed are: Legislation presented against sanctuary cities How immigration is important for jobs and the United States economy Immigrants conforming to new societal standards. How Donald Trump wants to criminalize undocumented citizens.

Duration: 00:35:03

Gerrymandering and fair maps with Dan Theno and Lindsay Dorff - Political Radar Echo

This week, Cassandra's panelists are: Dan Theno and Lindsay Dorff discussed are: Wisconsin's history of gerrymandering and how it is affecting the current political environment. The loss of power voters experience because of gerrymandering The United States Supreme Courts imminent decision on wheater Wisconsins gerrymandering is constitutional and what to do to fix the problem.

Duration: 00:33:15

Medicaid with Tyler Luedke - Political Radar Pulse

Recovery Support Specialist and Case Manager, Tyler Luedke, joins Rhonda to discuss the importance of Medicaid. Topics included: Tyler's history with drug and alcohol addiction, the importance of treatment and facilities, Congressman Reid Ribble's work towards healthcare reform for mental health, and working on ending the stigmas of mental disorders.

Duration: 00:33:50

Hotel Northland with Mark Steuer - Political Radar Pulse

Green Bay alderman for District 10, Mark Steuer, joins Rhonda to discuss the current situation with the Hotel Northland project. Topics included: mention of Mark's article published in Voyageur magazine, brief Green Bay history surrounding the time Hotel Northland was erected, maintaining the integrity of the hotel via historic preservation, a cancelled tour, workers working without pay, and the ongoing seats at the table per the proposal of the project.

Duration: 00:28:08

Local Government Involvement with Bill Meindl and Jacob Immel - Political Radar Echo

This week, Cassandra's panelists are: Bill Meindl and Jacob Immel Topics discussed are: The importance of staying aware of local politics and ways anyone can participate in politics. How we can debate politics while still being respectful and learning. What are some local causes people can be more involved in?

Duration: 00:27:51

Brown County Sales Tax Increase with Mark Becker and Paul Ballard - Political Radar Pulse

Brown County Supervisors, Mark Becker and Paul Ballard, join Rhonda to discuss the recent approval of a 0.5% sales tax in Brown County. Topics included: $225 Million Proposal for Brown County, Proposal includes Green Bay adding a Medical Examiner, funding projects, how Green Bay City Council can halt projects, and doing research to be well informed.

Duration: 00:32:15

Net Neutrality and Student Dress Codes - Political Radar Echo

Cassandra's panelists are Christine Smith and Jacob Jones. Topics discussed are: The meaning of Net Neutrality and how it can affect everyone. The reasons to support, or not support Net Neutrality. The effects of school dress codes on girls in school.

Duration: 00:40:39

Medicaid and Health Insurance with John Jahnke - Political Radar Pulse

Operation Desert Storm veteran and an advocate for people with disabilities, John Jahnke, joins Rhonda to discuss health insurance, Medicaid and the current political legislation. Topics included: John's history with family and health insurance, coverage of healthcare, what it means to be self insured, how he works to assist people to be independent on receiving services, the affordability of medicaid, institutionalized mental healthcare, and how he met Mike Gallagher and discussed the...

Duration: 00:43:20

Healthcare - Where did we go wrong? - Political Radar Echo

Welcome to Political Radar Echo! This week, Cassandra's panelists are Jenn Schiavo and Jeremy Hautala. Topics discussed are: The House of Representatives passing of the American Healthcare Act (Obamacare Repeal) and the future of the bill. The quality (or lack thereof) of care provided to veterans through the Department of Veteran's Affairs The effects of our potential new healthcare system on people with preexisting conditions such as diabetes, asthma, PTSD and.....being a woman?

Duration: 00:34:04

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