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The President is Right

Discussing: Welcome to 2018, Fire and Fury, memories of the 1st year of the Trump presidency, North Korea, button sizes, the voter commission, and Sheik Tweets

Duration: 00:44:21

Dr. Matthew Hanka Returns

Tax Bill, Roll Tide/War Eagle, Paul Ryan, every vote counts, Mount Rushmore of politicians, and Sheik Tweets

Duration: 01:16:34

More Sheik than Sheik

Down goes Omarosa, Alabama Senate results, Republican infighting, listener questions, and sheik tweets with a twist. Bryan asks, Which of these is the biggest problem in politics: social media, religion, or campaign finance? Patrick asks, Draining the swamp is a laudable goal. Filling the reclaimed swampland is what will matter in the future. What impact will the recent firestorm of sexual harassment allegations have on candidates and the makeup of Congress in future generations? Ben...

Duration: 01:17:04

Caryl Auslander

Justin and Matt welcome in guest, Caryl Auslander. They discuss the Time Person of the Year, Sexual Harassment, Al Franken’s exit, Roy Moore, future political candidates, Tax Reform, Vote-a-rama, where are our listeners, wrestling knowledge from Caryl, and Sheik Tweets

Duration: 00:45:16


Sexual harassment updates, down goes Tillerson?, Roy Moore, Cabinet news and the CFPB, Trump Navajo talkers, Trump anti Islam videos retweets, Trump vs. LeVar Ball, Survivor Series grid, and Sheik Tweets

Duration: 00:40:35

Indiana State Representative David Ober

Senate Candidate Roy Moore troubles, Mitch McConnell, Jeff Sessions, Interview with State Representative David Ober, and Sheik Tweets

Duration: 00:59:22

Michael Leppert Returns

Democrats win some races Donna Brazile Justin gets his wish for 11 minutes Leppert’s take on Mike Pence and Jeff Sessions Rand Paul Colts Corner #FireChuckPagano Ric Flair Sheik Tweets Michael Leppert Book - Previous Appearance: Tall Tales in Music Mythology:

Duration: 00:52:48

Russia, JFK, John Boehner, and more!

Justin and Matt discussing Manafort, Podesta, Russia, JFK, Boehner, more Presidential Over/Unders, Final(?) Justin Cubs Corner, Sheik Tweets

Duration: 00:59:32

Betting on the President

Justin and Matt discuss if local political office races should have party affiliation, Jim Lucas’ constitutional argument on licensing journalists, ObamaCare being dead (or is it), the proposed 2020 Olympic sports, Justin’s Cubs Corner, weigh in on some 2020 Presidential Odds, and recap the Iron Sheik tweets of the week. Check out these other fine shows on the network! The Mary Movement - Tall Tales in Music Mythology -

Duration: 00:59:36

Jeff Rea - President and CEO South Bend Regional Chamber

Talking with Jeff Rea about the South Bend Chamber, what is going on in Northern Indiana, their rock star mayor - Pete Buttigieg, and Jeff's Strat-O-Matic Baseball accolades. Also, the guys cover Mike Pence's National Anthem Colt game walkout, the Trump-Tillerson Feud, and the Sheik Tweet of the week.

Duration: 00:41:26

Preach it Reverend Matt

Justin and Matt talk about the Las Vegas shooting, Puerto Rico relief, DOWN GOES Tom Price, Luther Strange, Roy Moore, Trump vs. Sports, "fixing" the United States, would Justin and Matt shake the President's hand, and the Sheik Tweet(s) of the week.

Duration: 00:43:48


Talking about the Jemele Hill ESPN situation, the Mooch's tweet on women in the White House, Healthcare, Trump working with the Democrats, Paul Manefort FBI troubles, Unbelievable - Katy Tur book, Trump tweet UN speech calling Kim Jong Un Rocket Man, Neville goes on a pun-run, the Iron Sheik Tweet of the week, and a Bobby Heenan tribute.

Duration: 00:59:20

IN State Representative Ryan Hatfield

Subscribe on iTunes - Hope Hicks as Communications Director, Democratic wins in some State Rep races recently, Hillary Clinton Book, Indiana State Representative Ryan Hatfield through 1st session as a representative, working with Republicans with Democrats as the minority party and still getting things done, the process of thinking about running and why run for office, some of the bills that he has been involved with,...

Duration: 00:51:26

Bipartisan Saltiness

The guys are feeling salty tonight. They talk pardon of Joe Arpaio, DACA being ended, North Korea, and answer some questions. What is the least biased news source for American politics? At what age did politics start to become of interest to you, and why? How come people don't keep politics to themselves anymore? What's the best advice you've ever received for making a sandwich better? Otters Win! And Neville reads the Sheik Tweets of the week. Check out the Tall Tales in Music Mythology...

Duration: 00:54:02

Little Finger

Matt and Justin welcome Ben Taylor of the US Chamber of Commerce to the show. They discuss the following topics - Gorka, Houston, Neville giving Trump props, Strat-o-Matic nerd talk, Ohio St football, US Chamber priorities in the Trump era, Tax reform, Illinois politics, Aaron Rodgers = Ned Flanders, Mayweather vs McGregor recap, Game of Thrones characters/politician comparisons, Manufacturing jobs aren't coming back, upcoming elections and Sheik tweets of the week.

Duration: 00:55:19

Sharing is Caring

Bannon goes bye bye McGregor vs Mayweather predictions Trump vs McConnell Trump circus in Arizona Secret Service out of money The Eclipse - great or greatest? Is winning in politics about marketing or being objectively better? If you had to explain the current state of politics to someone who's been in a coma for the past twenty years before they pass back out into their coma again, how would you? We hear about "the radical left" and "the extreme right" in politics all the time. What...

Duration: 00:39:21

Charlottesville reactions

recorded 8/16/2017 Topics discussed: Charlottesville John Kelley Trump reaction Pence's reaction Who is the moral leader of America now? Stuff still needs to get done (tax cuts/reform, debt ceiling, infrastructure...) North Korea Steve Bannon on his way out Hope Hicks interim communications director Do you think politicians should have twitter accounts? follow @BenSasse If you could negotiate a peace treaty between two nations and make them allies which two nations would you...

Duration: 00:44:31


"Trump is a guy who was elected to build a wall but he can’t even seem to assemble a cabinet." - Matt Neville Trump and North Korea The saga of Mooch Kelley takes reigns in White House Senator Jeff Flake takes on Trump VP laying groundwork for run? Trump tweets Sheik tweet of the week

Duration: 00:59:14

Dr. James MacLeod - Political Cartoonist and History Professor

Justin and Matt talk with James about how he started drawing political cartoons, where he gets his ideas for cartoons, how his political views got shaped, how the changes of ownership to the Evansville Courier has affected his career, the importance of humor in politics, Mitch McConnell’s wall of political cartoons he has been in, Mike Pence was a political cartoonist, Dr. MacLeod’s cartoon in response to the Charlie Hebdo shooting, the books he wrote: Evansville in World War II -...

Duration: 00:42:04

Dr. Matthew Hanka, Director of Master of Public Administration Program USI

Dr. Matthew Hanka, Associate Professor of Political Science, Director of Master of Public Administration Program at the University Southern Indiana joins Matt and Justin to discuss: Sean Spicer resigning The state of American Politics the administration showing a lack of understanding how Washington works what to do about health care, did the Republicans back themselves into a corner budget resolution what to do about entitlements The Trump New York Times interview - looking for ways...

Duration: 01:05:04

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