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We Are Doing Polyamory Our Way

We Are Doing Polyamory Our Way
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Minneapolis, MN


We Are Doing Polyamory Our Way




Episode 52: The Places You Will Go

Jennifer and Angela are joined by Carise Rotach-Beard (you may remember her from Episode 38) to discuss the concept of evolving relationships and the future of Poly In The Cities. You can direct any questions or comments by leaving a voicemail or text message at (507) 556-7659 or by going to our Contact Us […]

From The Archives: Fidelity

In this episode, we are joined by local performer and Dominatrix Sweet Lilly Bee to talk about the concept of fidelity, self care, and how it can apply to ethical non-monogamy. She came armed with a massive dictionary, folks — no lie! See for yourself: You can post comments about this episode or others by […]

Duration: 01:07:27

Episode 43: Mono/Poly Relationships with Franklin Veaux

To kick off Season 3, we are joined by Franklin Veaux, author of More Than Two and The Game Changer who joined us here on Poly In The Cities to help us unpack the complexities of the Mono/Poly relationship dynamic. We also discussed the Relationship Bill of Rights as well as other very important details of […]

Episode 41: Desire Mapping with Dr. Jaime Grant

In this episode, we were able to have a conversation with Dr. Jaime Grant about her new book and the practice of Desire Mapping. A very captivating topic with information and Jaime shares information towards the end of the conversation … Continue reading →

Episode 32: The Ask Us Anything Episode

It’s finally here, folks!! The Ask Us Anything episode! Yay!! We answered your questions and responded to your comments. Thanks to all who participated. It was a lot of fun! You can send your questions or comments to us by … Continue reading →