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Dallas, TX


Practice SAFE CEx is a show hosted by Khem Na'khi that answers the question, “how is imagination being used within (S)ociety, (E)ntertainment, and (X)pression (SEX) to its highest degree?” From Black Excellence, Technology, and Life’Style to Music, Film, and Design, Practice SAFE CEx will showcase aspiring talent, compelling stories, and engaging discussions that are reshaping our future for the greater good. Show your support by subscribing to help REDEFINE SEX THROUGH IMAGINATION.






Ep 7 - CEx In The City - Interview with Hater Heath (Hour 2)

Practice SAFE CEx - Ep 7 - CEx in the City - Interview w/ Hater Heath Show Notes #CExINTHECITY – I desire to do a live, 3-hr spin off talk show with interviews, art, film, and performance all integrated to represent creative expression within Dallas, TX. Interview w/ Hater Heath •Mastermind •NOME 5 + Battle Rap •New radio show - Everything in My Opinion – Word to EIMO Music: #INSTRUMENTAL Klaus Layer - Slow Down - Follow Us: #ILOVECEx...

Duration: 00:34:18