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Providing sound Bible teaching through the ministry of David Legge, an evangelist, preacher and Bible teacher from Belfast, Northern Ireland. Listen to David's sermons on the subjects of revival, evangelism and more!

Providing sound Bible teaching through the ministry of David Legge, an evangelist, preacher and Bible teacher from Belfast, Northern Ireland. Listen to David's sermons on the subjects of revival, evangelism and more!
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Providing sound Bible teaching through the ministry of David Legge, an evangelist, preacher and Bible teacher from Belfast, Northern Ireland. Listen to David's sermons on the subjects of revival, evangelism and more!






Divine Encounters Part 1: Moses At The Burning Bush

Join us for our exciting new study series entitled 'Divine Encounters', as we look at what can happen in a moment with God by studying some of the telling accounts of such encounters in the Bible. In Part 1 we visit the record of 'Moses At The Burning Bush', and see ten important aspects of this unexpected encounter with God, which had such a life-changing impact upon him and, ultimately, his people and nation. This sermon is available at now in MP3 audio and...


Topical Sermon: Distinguishing Marks Of The Early Church

What were some of the 'Distinguishing Marks Of The Early Church'? In the book of Acts we learn much about the early church, and the characteristics that marked them are important for us to note. Today, our churches need to show these same distinguishing marks, these same distinctive characteristics, if we hope to experience the same moving of God as He works through us. Don't miss this challenging sermon, available now from in MP3 audio and text formats...


Gospel Sermon: The Moment Of Clarity

Join us for this sobering evangelistic message, as we consider the story of the rich man who surveyed all he owned, and thought only of himself and his possessions - yet that very night found himself on the edge of eternity. God called him a 'Fool', because he had not taken time to consider his soul's eternal destination. Have you experienced 'The Moment Of Clarity' that is vital for every human being? Where will you spend eternity? This sermon is available now from...


Topical Sermon: The Greatest Problem Solver

In Mark 5:24-34 we read the story of the woman with the issue of blood, whose condition can be a stark illustration of the deep, hidden problems in our lives. But her healing is also an illustration of what can happen if we reach out to Jesus and touch Him by faith, trusting Him as 'The Greatest Problem Solver' to step in and change our lives now and throughout the coming year. Don't miss this touching sermon, available now from in MP3 audio and text formats...


Topical Sermon: The Goodness Of God

Join us as we study 'The Goodness Of God' in this Topical Sermon from David Legge. The God of the Bible has often been misrepresented by religion, by churches, by preachers, and even by individual Christians. Perhaps you have misunderstood or misinterpreted His character? In this study we discover that the goodness of God is His glory, and is the characteristic by which He seeks to draw people to repentance. This sermon is available now from in MP3 audio and...


Hunger For Reality Part 7: Times Of Refreshing

In the concluding part of our series 'Hunger For Reality', we bring all our thoughts over the past weeks together as we consider how we must prepare our hearts and lives for 'Times Of Refreshing'. Part 7 of our series brings the challenge from Acts 3:19, where we read Peter's appeal: 'Repent therefore and be converted, that your sins may be blotted out, so that times of refreshing may come from the presence of the Lord'. Are you ready to go deeper with God and experience times of...


Hunger For Reality Part 6: Answering The Call

In Part 6 of our series 'Hunger For Reality', we look at the important step of 'Answering The Call'. When we are called by God, and we know we are called by God, it is vital that we answer that call. In this message we encounter several different calls that can be heard, and several important steps we must take in answering these calls. Don't miss this helpful study. This sermon is available at now in MP3 audio and text formats...


Topical Sermon: The Disruptive Messiah

When the Lord Jesus Christ came as 'The Disruptive Messiah', he not only overturned tables in the Temple, but He upended many pre-conceived notions, traditions of men, and the status quo of the religious establishment and society in general. Jesus Christ will do the same thing in our lives, our churches, and our world - His presence has always been disruptive biblically, historically, and it will be presently and personally if we will overcome our fear of the unknown and allow Him to move...


Hunger For Reality Pt5: Releasing Your Potential

In Part 5 of our series 'Hunger For Reality', we look at the importance of 'Releasing Your Potential'. Your life has a God-given purpose, and it is vital that you understand that purpose and use your God-given potential to fulfil it. At the same time, it is important to understand your limitations. Join us as we seek to understand this aspect of our hunger for reality, and aim for a Biblical balance while releasing our potential in His service. This sermon is available at...


Hunger For Reality Pt4: Obeying God's Voice

In the first three parts of our series, 'Hunger For Reality', we have learned of Love, Power, and Joy - but now we see that each of these must be exercised whilst 'Obeying God's Voice'. Join us for Part 4 of this challenging series, as David Legge teaches us from the Scriptures on the subject of hearing and heeding the voice of God, and how obedience to Him is a vital aspect in the lives of those who hunger for reality and seek to continue hearing from Him. This sermon is available at...


Hunger For Reality Pt3: Exuberant Joy

So far in our series on 'Hunger For Reality', we have seen the need for 'Reckless Love' and 'Power In The Spirit' for those who truly long to go deeper with God. In Part 3 we see the 'Exuberant Joy' which will be a characteristic of those who hunger after a deeper relationship with God, so that they can say with the Psalmist: "In Your presence is fullness of joy" (Psalm 16:11b). This sermon is available at now in MP3 audio and text formats...


Hunger For Reality Pt1: Reckless Love

Join us for the first message in our new series 'Hunger For Reality'. As we consider whether we are truly ready to go deeper with God, we begin by looking at the 'Reckless Love' that God looks for in His people. Have you personally experienced the extravagant love of God, and are you willing to truly show that love to others in the world? Are you ready to be used by God to change the world, as you display His love to each person you encounter? This sermon is available at...


Topical Sermon: Deliverance From The Spirit Of Heaviness

Do you find yourself shrouded in a spirit of heaviness? Are you experiencing depression, feeling spiritually downcast, or simply overwhelmed by the cares of life? What is the answer to such a state of mind and heart? Join us as we consider what the Scriptures teach about 'Deliverance From The Spirit Of Heaviness'. In this timely message David Legge shows us the importance of praise, and how it relates to freedom from the oppression of the enemy and the feeling of drudgery that can so often...


Gospel Sermon: Laws Or Lives?

You may be knowledgeable about Scripture, you may carefully practice your religion, but is it possible that you do not truly know the heart of the Author of the Bible? If you don't know the Author, you can be like the Pharisees, spending all day studying the Bible but missing God. In this Gospel Sermon, entitled 'Laws Or Lives?', we are warned of the dangers of man-made rules and regulations, and urged to come to the One who has already paid the penalty for your broken law. This sermon is...


Let My People Go Pt7: Remember, Remember!

In the final part of 'Let My People Go!' we are urged to 'Remember, Remember!' by Paul the Apostle, as he reflects on the story of the Exodus while writing to the Corinthians. Our studies in the exodus have yielded many lessons as we have pondered how God delivers His people from bondage. Don't miss the hard-hitting conclusion to this helpful series as we consider the mistakes of the past and are exhorted not to repeat them! This sermon is available at now in...


Let My People Go Pt6: Wholeness In Christ

In Part 6 of 'Let My People Go', as we continue in our journeys in Exodus, we learn of the 'Wholeness In Christ' offered in the Gospel. This wholeness is pictured for us as the children of Israel, within just three days, find themselves frustrated, disappointed, and murmuring against God and Moses by the waters of Marah. God turns their bitter waters to sweet, and He wants to do the same for you! This sermon is available at now in MP3 audio and text formats...


Let My People Go Pt4: The Red Sea Route

We continue our studies in how God delivers His people from bondage in our series 'Let My People Go'. In part 4, the Israelites have reached the Red Sea. They are hemmed in by the Egyptian enemy and nature, and find themselves fearful, bewildered, and at a loss to find a way out. Do you ever feel like that? What is God's message to you today in your fearful bewilderment, as the enemy is at your back, and the obstacles seem impossible to surmount? Join us as we travel 'The Red Sea Route'...


Let My People Go Pt3: Wonder-Working Power

We continue examining what the Bible has to say about how God delivers His people from bondage and slavery. In part 3 of 'Let My People Go', we focus in on the 'Wonder-Working Power' of the blood of the Lamb. Jesus Christ shed His blood on the cross so that men and women might be saved from judgement, delivered from bondage to sin and Satan, and made right with God. We must avail ourselves of the wonder-working power of His blood if we are to experience the fullness of the freedom He has...


Let My People Go! Pt2: For The Sake Of The Children

Following on from our previous look at the story of the Exodus, in Part 2 of 'Let My People Go' we see the urgency for labourers in the Gospel 'For The Sake Of The Children'. Using the story of Jonah as an illustration, David Legge helps us to understand the great need for Christians to be active in sharing the Gospel with those around them. God's heart of love for mankind is particularly concerned for our children, and we must show that same love in reaching out with His good news of...


Let My People Go! Pt1: God Proves Himself

Join us for the first part of a new series entitled 'Let My People Go', as we glance over the book of Exodus to see how 'God Proves Himself'. As we begin this series looking at the account of Israel in the Old Testament, we focus particularly on how God called and enabled Moses for the great work of delivering a nation from slavery. Each of us is also enslaved, and it is only through our Deliverer, Jesus Christ, that we can find the freedom we need. How do we know God can do this? Join with...


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