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Authors of the Apocalypse on The Written Apocalypse

We are the ORIGINAL Written Apocalypse. Started as a show on Prepper Podcast in 2017. It was swiftly welcomed to the podcasting world as one that showcased Authors of the Apocalypse. Here we are a year later and much has evolved to engage the readers, continue to showcase authors, and emerge as a central location to find out about these authors of the apocalyptic/dystopian genres. The Written Apocalypse grew and mid year expanded to include the exclusive "Author Showcase" at events around...


Project Mimir with Rob Rob Debut Show

Project Mimir with Rob Rob Debut Show Project Mimir pilot show - introduction to the theory behind project Mimir, what it stands for and how it ties bushcraft, prepping, survival and eco-living together. The pilot also contains a taster of what’s to come in the show, a brief discussion of some future guests; our first guest appearance on the show! And also rob rob discussing some strange situations he’s got himself on. find out more on Join the facebook group Follow...


Collapse, Ebola, and Paris Shutdown on Prepper Intelligence

Collapse ? David Attenborough: collapse of civilisation is on the horizon Mainstream Weather Do You Believe Mainstream Media When They Mention Weather Related Stories ? Arctic blast Britain braces for Arctic blast and gale force winds amid warnings of -7C temperatures and up to eight inches of snow on higher ground by Tuesday Paris shut down Rioters in Paris and across France set fire to cars and buildings as they protest against fuel tax rises and the Macron government. Congo Ebola outbreak...


A New Group, Ensuring Freedoms, and Preparing on the Eagle's Nest

Join Sherman Tank on the Eagles Nest where he'll be covering a new group that was started this last week. Lots of things to be worked on across the nation. Lots of preparing to do. With less that 2 years before the next election we have a lot of work to do to ensure what freedoms we have left. Tune in tomorrow for another episode of the Eagles Nest at 6pm Pacific time. 9pm eastern.


Tools on DIY Survival

About Tools


Javan Bonds on The Written Apocalypse

In mid-2016 Javan Bonds published his first novel FREE STATE OF DODGE, the first book in a dystopian series about America in decline and its rebirth. He is the Amazon Best Selling author of the Zompoc series, Still Alive. The series follows a small group of survivors in a small southern town as they try to keep their wits about them and make a new life in a world overrun by naked, blue-skinned, yellow-eyed zombies that are nocturnal and spew shit on everything. Bonds has had to overcome...


Community, Networks, and Needs on The Eagle's Nest

Tomorrows Eagles Nest will be all about community. We cant survive alone. We have to make our networks work for us and with us. So choose your networks well and be careful as not everyone will look out for you as number 1 comes first. Your prepper family can be helpful when choosing what you need. We will cover this in tomorrows show.


Earthquakes, Brexit, and Wildfires on Prepper Intelligence

Earthquake Rocks Spain Powerful earthquakes hit Spain as stunned witness describe powerful tremors Brexit Drama Continuing coverage of Brexit Paris Blockade French protest rising fuel prices California Wildfires More than 1,000 unaccounted for in Northern California wildfires death toll grows to 71 NK Nukes ... Again New Tactical Weapon Shows Defense Capabilities 'Rapidly Growing' Congo Peacekeepers Fighting Kills 7 UN Peacekeepers in Congo Region Affected By Ebola World Getting Worse ?...


UK Prepper Rewind Nov 2012

UK Prepper Rewind Nov 2012


James Walton on The Written Apocalypse

James Walton on The Written Apocalypse talks about his new book The Christmas Hook, This new Christmas classic set in 90's follows three friends and their discovery of a strange treasure in a place called the Process. Amid the magic of a row home Christmas, wild speculation about their discovery quickly turns to terror as they come to find that this Christmas hook visits them in their dreams. sounds different hua? James Walton is the author of a number of Survival books. A freelance writer...


Co-ops, Buying clubs and Side Gigs on Surviving Dystopia

Let's discuss the Co-ops, Buying clubs and Side Gigs on Surviving Dystopia. When we think of these things much is lost in the information. Do we just go to one of the big box ones and buy a membership? Possibly, but what if you could make your own. What are side gigs? Ways you can stretch a dollar or even earn some to add to your preparedness. What's in the readers corner? The Written Apocalypse! Notes on winter, essential oils, side gigs to help you save money, Walking Dead and more. Pop...


Wildfires, Migrants on the March and More on Prepper Intelligence

Rohingya Refugees Rohingya fears grow as refugees face forcible return to Myanmar California Wildfires The remains of 14 more victims were found in the ashes of a massive Northern California wildfire, Nurses Fleeing Fire "Nurses fleeing fast-moving Camp Fire scramble to save patients — and themselves Migrants Resume Their March President Donald Trump has effectively suspended the granting of asylum to migrants who cross illegally. Congo’s Ebola Outbreak CDC director warns that Congo’s Ebola...


Gary Golding of Naked & Afraid on Journey Back to the Land

Join Tom Bass as he chats with Gary Golding of Naked & Afraid on Journey Back to the Land. The Survival TV lineup continues with Gary Golding the modern day "Tarzan" of LA. And if you spend an hour or so chatting up this Redondo Beach/Hermosa Beach native, you’ll understand that while adjectives like eccentric, outspoken, sarcastic and profane could describe Golding, you’ll walk away understanding too that he cares – about the environment; about animals; about kids; about awareness. Golding,...


Kits & Packs on DIY Survival

Kits & Packs on DIY Survival. Justin discusses the virtues of each and talks about the differences. More information and shows at


Ron Foster on the Written Apocalypse

Ron Foster on the Written Apocalypse. Ron is the author of more than 50 books and been in the preparedness world for quite some time Writing both Fiction and Nonfiction books. Southern author, Ron Foster has shared his vast knowledge in a large library of books about survival and preparedness, both fiction and nonfiction. He is best known for his "prepper fiction"- Even his fiction books are loaded with survival and self sufficiency techniques that one can learn from. Ron Foster's knowledge...


Ron Foster



Beginner Prepping and Avoiding Civil Urest on the UK Prepper

The water-to-Go 15% discount offer, The Blizzard Survival 20% discount offer, The Titan Depot 15% discount offer, The Wilderness121 10% discount offer, Now you can get 10% DISCOUNT on all products at OFF GRID TOOLS, Beginning Prepping, The Ultimate Survival Kit Review, BREAK My Mum, Boot and Foot Care, A Tough Question, Avoiding Civil Unrest,Working on the Edge. Find more information and shows at


The 30 Day challenge with Zach Fowler & Chris Thorn on Surviving Dystopia

-Checking in on Zach Fowler & Chris Thorn on their 30 Day Challenge! Zach Fowler is the Winner of HIstory Channel's Alone season 3, check him out on his website Makery & Mischief and on Youtube Chris Thorn is the Producer of the Outdoor Youtube Channel - DropForgedSurvival. Well now isn't this a pair? So much great information all in one place! Check out the Videos on the 30 Day Challenge at the links above. Call in to ask questions and chat with them (713) 955-0518 Make sure to press 1 to...


Political Climate and Prepping on The Eagle's Nest

The retirement from the political fray and what that looks like for me and my prepping lifestyle. As always we will be joined by Do Stuff Ryan. We will also be discussing the implications for the political climate and what to watch for once the elections happen. Call in to chat (713) 955-0518 Be sure to press 1 to be placed in the host que Head over to for more great shows and information