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Guest Kiki Bandilla of The Self-Reliance Expo on Surviving Dystopia

The Self-Reliance Expo coming up in Denver, Colorado September 22-23, 2018 promises to be like no other Prepper Expo. Kiki has taken huge steps to bring knowledgeable exhibits and speakers to the floor. Taking over the expo last year she has rebranded it as a "Simple Life Experience." Here we are on the Prepper Podcast but it is more than just prepping. "Telling DJ Cooper that it is about preparedness, which is like prepping but also adds the concepts of simple living and self reliance that...


A Sign of the Times on UK Prepper

The water-to-Go 15% discount offer, The Blizzard Survival 20% discount offer, The Titan Depot 15% discount offer, The Wilderness121 10% discount offer, Are you ready? UK GOV, Threatens it's OWN People with Military Force. BREAK , A Sign of the Times and What To Do, Prepping Requires Preparation, It's a Habit, Surviving post SHTF.


Nick Meacher and Communincations on Surviving Dystopia

Today on an extended show we will talk to Nick Meacher about communications on Surviving Dystopia He's been working with author Angery American, to produce a 3x5 booklet/cards with the comms plan information on. Users will be able to fill in their own codes or words to use with a dry erase marker or wax pencil to be reused. Available soon Creator of a large communications mind map - available in 24x36 or 36x48 this has everything on it for prepper hams to include; how to develop a...


Positives and Negatives of the 90 Day Challenge on Ramblings

Tonight on Ramblings...... Recap of the past week on the farm . The positives and negative of the 90 Day Challenge . What it’s like to live in Rural Oklahoma . And finally future plans on Bodark Springs Farm. See More shows on Prepper Podcast Events and other stuff at Angry Eagle Productions


Acid Attack, Monkeypox, Cyber Threat and more on Prepper Intelligence

Tonight on Prepper Intelligence Losing The Streets A top police officer has warned we are ‘very close to losing the streets’ as government funding cuts continue to bite. Civil Unrest After No-Deal Brexit A leaked report shows police fears that a "no-deal" Brexit would lead to a shortage of goods, resulting in civil disorder. First News Story What was the first major news story you remember as a child ? Cyber Threat GCHQ merely recognised "offensive cyber" as part of the arsenal of weapons at...


Prepping, Shelters, Government use of anti-hoarding laws on the UK Prepper

The Water -to-GO 15% Discount Offer, Blizzard Survival 20% Discount Offer, The Titan Depot 15% Discount offer, Wilderness121’s 10% discount, Could you live the Prepper Lifestyle? How to stay warm at home when cash is low, How to Make a Survival Heater, What to do when you bring the bacon home? BREAK Brexit and Prepping, Shelters, Government will use anti-hoarding laws to take your food, water and supplies, Coming to a City Near You?


The Simple Life on Surviving Dystopia

The simple life is not just about living simply, it is about being self sufficient as well. Welcome to Surviving Dystopia with DJ Cooper. Tonight we discuss the lates events and National Preparedness Month A new release is on the horizon in the Readers Corner with the Event of the month being its debut! The product of the week is a type of gadget as opposed to a singular product, can't miss this and all its musings. Some noteworthy notes on Prepper Podcast along with some great new things on...


Week 7 of the 90 Day Challenge on Ramblings

Tonight on Ramblings...……..The past week on the farm/ranch. Week 7 of the 90 Day Challenge--Eat Like Your Grandma. We will cover making pork breakfast sausasge for the first time, ever and will cover the death and funeral of John McCain. Why is this country going down the wrong road. See ya tonight!


ISIS Calling, Global Currency, and more on Prepper Intelligence

ISIS Calling Islamic State fighters in Afghanistan 'in touch with UK cells' Alleged weapons seized Alleged weapons of mass destruction seized in Nelson Mandela Bay Global Currency Germany Calls for New Global Payment System Independent of the US Dollar Blackpool Terror Threat Illuminations patrolled by ARMED cops after ISIS threat Possible Targets in Syria targets that could be struck if US were to order a new round of airstrikes are Syrian facilities alleged to be connected with chemical...


Could you live the Prepper Lifestyle on the UK Prepper

Water -to-Go 15% discount offer, Blizzard Survival 20% discount of, fer, Titan Depot 15% discount offer, Wilderness 121 10% discount offer, Survival Skills, The Ultimate Survival Kit Review, Nuclear Survival Course, Chembayo – Chemical / Biological Escape Mask Review, BREAK Small Game Hunting Strategies, The Complete Nuclear Survival Guide, Shelters, My Survival Fishing Kit, First planned biological bomb attack on Germany confirmed, Could you live the Prepper Lifestyle?


Week 5 of the 90 Day Challenge- Eat Like Your Grandma- Small Farm Objectives

Welcome everyone, thanks for tuning into Ramblings of a Red Neck Farmer! We will be covering week 5 of the 90 Day Challenge - "Eat Like Your Grandma". Discussion will include past week happenings on the farm. We will also expand on sales objectives for small farms and explore the divisiveness that is exploding throughout agriculture and the rest of society. All of this and more, see you tonight! Find out more about our shows on


Worlds End? Measels, cholera and more on Prepper Intelligence

Worlds End ? A computer predicted the world will end in 2040. If we don’t change our ways it may happen Shooting in Jacksonville, Florida "Multiple Fatalities" after a shooting at a Madden video game tournament in Jacksonville, Florida. A suspect is among the fatalities. Measles Outbreak Measles outbreak in Croydon as dozens of cases confirmed so far this year Cholera Outbreak "Algeria says second person dies in cholera outbreak Authorities say the disease's rapid spread is linked to poor...


What Would You Do-Could You Survive on the UK Prepper

The Water-to-Go 15% discount offer, the Blizzard Survival 20% discount offer, the Titan Depot 15% discount offer, the Wilderness121 10% discount offer, the WG 2018 report, What Would You Do-Could You Survive? My Fried Bannock, Time for Tea Bags, Nuclear Survival Course, Just a Thought, My Basic Survival Tip Sheet, The Complete Nuclear Survival Guide, Survival Skills,


Week 4 of the 90 Day Challenge, homemade or raised products & more on Ramblings

Be sure to tune into Ramblings Of A Redneck Farmer tonight. We will be covering week 4 of the 90 Day Challenge--Eat Like Your Grandma. We will go over why being a homesteader/prepper/survivalist is such a great thing. We will also cover why more of our kind--lol-- don't sell some sort of homemade or raised product and how we ALL can be successful salespeople! I'm looking forward to tonight! Find out more about our shows at


Florida Declares State Of Emergency, UK Water supply crisis & more on Prepper In

Venezuela Crisis continues "Venezuela prepares to devalue the currency, amid fears it may worsen the economic crisis Terrorist' shot dead at Barcelona police station It comes just days after a ceremony to remember those who died in twin terror attacks Car mows down pedestrians in Spain Two people are in police custody after a car ploughed into three pedestrians in Casetas Shooting at US Embassy in Turkey An unidentified person fired shots at the US Embassy in Ankara at around 5 A.M. local...


Weeks 2&3 of the 90 Day challenge and more on the Redneck Farmer

Episode 7 of Ramblings Of A Redneck Farmer, tonight, is going to be cover the Week 2&3 of our 90 Day Challenge--Eating Like Your Grandma as well as covering how ARM--Animal Rights Movement has affect large and small scale agriculture both positively and negatively!


Resource concerns, Violence in Buenos Aires and more on Prepper Intelligence

Resource Concerns "One of the largest banks issued an alarming warning that Earth is running out of the resources to sustain life" Turkish currency A plunge in the Turkish lira rocked global equities and emerging markets on Friday and fear of further fallout sent investors scurrying for safety in assets like the yen and U.S. government bonds. Puerto Rico 'Maria' Death Tole "Puerto Rico says 1,400, not 64, died as a result of Hurricane Maria Violence In Buenos Aires Clashes broke out in front...


Defending your Bug-In Location on UK Prepper

The Wilderness Gathering, The Water -to-GO 15% Discount Offer, Blizzard Survival 20% Discount Offer, Wilderness121’s 10% Discount Offer, From Camping Mode to Survival Mode, Thinking of Bugging-out? BREAK Emergency Food in the Boot, Not Getting Enough Sleep, A Threat We Must Prepare For, Defending your Bug-In Location, Do You Know What's in Your Tap Water?


NK Nukes, Assasinations, Brexit and more on Prepper Intelligence

NK Nukes UN report: North Korea still pursuing nuclear, missile programs Assassination Attempt A televised address by Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro was cut short during a speech at a military event on Saturday and soldiers were seen running before the TV transmission was cut off. Venezuela Fuel Crisis Crisis-hit Venezuela begins car census, critics fret fuel rationing ahead Zimbabwe Elections Zimbabwe election: Troops must stop violence against protesters, Britain demands South Africa...


Making money while living off of the land on Journey back to the land

Topic, making money while living off of the land. And then a QnA