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Product Hunt Radio (PHR) is for the product geeks. Each week Ryan Hoover is joined by founders, investors, and product people in the startup community to chat about product and technology. Join us and visit Product Hunt ( to find the best new products, every day.




Episode 90: Donald Rumsfeld

This week’s episode is with Donald Rumsfeld. Donald is the former Secretary of Defense for the US and, at the tender age of 83, released an app - a solitaire game inspired by Winston Churchill. We talk about the app, lessons learned over his career, thoughts about succeeding in politics, in business, how he thinks about the future and much more. Edited by @jennaweissberman Lavish Praise to @Rumsfeldoffice Constructive Criticism to @eriktorenberg

Duration: 00:25:32

Episode 89: Jason Calacanis

Jason Calacanis is a long time founder and investor, having invested in Uber, Thumbtack, and many more. We talk about Jason’s Launch Incubator, investment strategy, legacy, and much more. As always, Jason tells it straight and does not hold back any punches. Edited by @alexkontis Lavish Praise to @Jason Constructive Criticism to @eriktorenberg

Duration: 01:18:34

Episode 89: Arianna Huffington

Arianna is founder of huffington post, board member of uber, and author of The Sleep Revolution We talk about he sleep revolution and all things sleep, such as why we glamorize burnout, what inspired her to write the book, and what she’s doing to spark a sleep revolution. we also we talk about the story behind her joining uber, her background and how she got into tech, and her long-term ambitions and thoughts on legacy.

Duration: 00:49:17

Episode 85: Bret Taylor

Bret Taylor previously built Google Maps and served as CTO of Facebook. He is now founder of Quip. In this episode we talk about what it was like working at Facebook & Google, how he’s grown as a CEO and founder of Quip and various lessons learned along the way. Edited by @alexkontis Lavish Praise to @Btaylor Constructive Criticism to @eriktorenberg

Duration: 00:55:33

Episode 73: Jason Fried

Episode 73: Jason Fried by Product Hunt

Duration: 00:56:18

Episode 70: Auren Hoffman

This week’s episode is with Auren Hoffman. Auren is a prolific entrepreneur and investor, having started and sold Live Ramp and invested in Thumbtack, Brightroll and many more. In this episode we get into a lot - the concept of who you know vs what you know, preserving optionality regarding career, competing with computers, the future of college, how to pick life partner, how to hire good people, how to give valuable feedback, navigating acquisitions, and much more. Auren is a fascinating...

Duration: 01:00:02

Episode 69: Mitch Kapor

Mitch Kapor is a successful entrepreneur, perhaps best known for founding Lotus, and investor, having founded Kapor Capital which focuses on tech startups that have strong social impact This episode we talk about Mitch's come up story, the world of impact investing and how Kapor measures impact, the ed-tech space, the role of government in tech and much more. This interview was recorded last year at the Launch Festival. Edited by @alexkontis Lavish Praise to @mkapor Constructive Criticism...

Duration: 00:24:15

Episode 67: Brad Hargreaves

Brad is the founder of General Assembly and now Common, which aims to do to co-living what WeWork has done for co-working. In this episode, we talk about his come-up story, lessons learned from General Assembly, what the real estate industry is like especially as it applies to tech, why he prefers being an operator to an investor, and much more.

Duration: 00:47:55

Episode 65: Terry Gross

Terry Gross has been hosting Fresh Air on NPR for over 40 years. She's done over 13,000 interviews, and is, in many people's opinion, the best interviewer alive. We talk about how Terry got her start, how she met her husband, her experience in therapy, the craft of interviewing, and much more. As a student of the craft, it was an absolute honor to have Terry on the podcast. If you like this epiode, tweet @NPRfreshair and let them know. If you haven’t listened to Fresh Air, I recommend...

Duration: 00:52:43

Episode 64: Danielle Morrill

This week’s episode is with Danielle Morill, founder of Mattermark. We dive into her Mattermark story — company building, fund-raising, scaling, etc -- and then we get into her own personal story — what it’s like to start a company with her husband, her personal/professional rituals, her intellectual heroes (Ayn Rand being one of them), and much more. Edited by @alexkontis Lavish Praise to @DanielleMorrill Constructive Criticism to @eriktorenberg

Duration: 00:52:44

Episode 63: Ramit Sethi

Ramit Sethi is the author and founder of IWT ( and GrowthLab ( Remit applies behavioral psychology to help others lead a rich life, not only rich in finance but also in health, fitness, relationships, career & more. In this episode Rahim shares his come up story, how he’s built and scaled his business over time, how he changed his psychique, how he measures success, how being an immigrant shaped his perspective, his philosophy behind teaching,...

Duration: 01:14:01

Episode 61: Bryan Johnson

Bryan Johnson is the founder of Braintree and the OS fund, which invests in science and tech startups aiming to radically improve peoples quality of life. This episode we talk about the Braintree story, advice for entrepreneurs, how he grew up Mormon and then changed his belief system, becoming a father, the future of education, medecine, technology and more. Brian is both a fascinating thinker & a proven entrepreneur, and it was a pleasure having a very candid conversation with him about...

Duration: 00:50:06

Episode 61: Jeff Raider

Jeff Raider is the co-founder of Warby Parker and Harry's. This episode goes deep in the weeds of building a company and building a brand . We talk about Jeff’s journey building 100 year brands at Warby Parker & Harry’s, mistakes and lessons learned from building and scaling those companies, his philosophy on hiring and firing, and much more. Edited by @AlexKontis Lavish Praise to @JeffreyRaider Constructive Criticism to @Eriktorenberg

Duration: 00:42:45

Episode 59: Sarah Tavel

Sarah Tavel is a partner at Greylock, previously ran product at Pinterest, and is one of my favorite investors in the Valley. We talk about her story at Pinterest - why she joined, how it scaled, and how she transitioned from PM to VC. She shares career advice talk about career advice — when to join a company, when to move on, and how to identify a rocket ship. And then we discuss investing and how to get good at it. Edited by @alexkontis Lavish Praise to @sarahtavel Constructive Criticism...

Duration: 00:50:49

Episode 58: Patrick Collison

Patrick Collison is the cofounder of Stripe. He's one of the most impressive and interesting CEOs in tech today. We delve into Patrick's story - how he came from Ireland, pursued Stripe while on leave from College, and then built and and scaled his company internationally. Patrick shares advice for entrepreneurs, thoughts on education, immigration, and a whole host of other topics. If you enjoyed the Tyler Cowen or Ezra Klein episode, you’ll also enjoy this one. Edited by @alexkontis...

Duration: 00:49:23

Episode 57: Ezra Klein (Part II of II)

Ezra is a journalist and founder of one of the most interesting media platforms today, Vox Media. In this second episode with Ezra Klein, we discuss politics: Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, Obama's legacy. We talk entertainment: highbrow vs lowbrow, and then I ask him a set of broad questions--namely where he differs intellectually from thinkers like Peter Thiel, Tyler Cowen, Elon Musk, Marc Andreessen, Ta-Nehisi Coates, and more. Edited by @alexkontis Lavish Praise to @ezraklein...

Duration: 00:58:38

Episode 56: Ezra Klein part I

Ezra Klein is a journalist and founder of one of the most interesting media platforms today, Vox Media. Our talk was so good I had to break it down into two episodes. In this first episode, we cover Ezra’s start in journalism, how he transitioned from journalist to manager, and then we get into the future of news media platforms and what it will mean to be a journalist in 2020. Edited by @alexkontis Lavish Praise to @ezraklein Constructive Criticism to @eriktorenberg

Duration: 01:12:19

Episode 55: Des Traynor

Des Traynor is the co-founder of Intercom. In this episode we get deep into the weeds of startup land. We discuss product market fit, advice to entrepreneurs, hiring, firing, productivity, and a lot more. Des is one of the best growth and product founders in the game, and drops gems in this episode. Edited by @alexkontis Lavish Praise to @destraynor Constructive Criticism to @eriktorenberg

Duration: 00:46:28

Episode 54: Emmet Shear

Emmet Shear is a CEO and cofounder of and a partner at YCombinator. We talk about the story of -- and how it evolved from Justin.TV -- how he became a YC Partner, and then we have a broader talk about capitalism, social inequality, and how technology can reduce it. Edited by @AlexKontis Lavish Praise to @eshear Constructive Criticism to @eriktorenberg

Duration: 01:04:37

Episode 53: Alysia Harris and Libby Ashton

Alysia Harris is a world renowned spoken word poet. This episode we talk about the the craft of poetry -- how Alysia writes poems, how she advises others who want to write poems -- We talk about the economics of poetry -- how Alysia merges art & business and the tensions therein -- we talk about the artist’s role in society, and then, for good measure, we sprinkle some talk about religion, metaphysics, diversity and much more. Edited by @Alexkontis Lavish Praise to @poppyinthewheat,...

Duration: 01:07:23

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