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Prog-Watch 503 - Variety

This week on Prog-Watch I've got nearly 90 minutes of fantastic Progressive Rock variety for your listening enjoyment! We'll hear from Gaillion, King's X, Steve Walsh, Stackridge, Dave Kerzner, The Flower Kings, Downes Braide Association, Steven Wilson, Art Griffin's Sound Chaser, Charlie Cawood, Eddie Jobson, and Evolve!

Duration: 01:29:50

Prog-Watch 502 - A Clouds Can feature + some variety

This week on Prog-Watch my special guests are the gentlemen from the German duo, Clouds Can! I have a feature on their new album Leave, and chat with Dominik Hüttermann and Thomas Thielen about their new "progressive pop" approach. (And with the aide of much coffee, Thomas is in fine form!) Aside from the Clouds Can music, I'm also spinning a few other great tunes by The Wood Demons, Armed Cloud, Servants Of Science, and Michael Crimson!

Duration: 01:32:40

Prog-Watch 501 - In Conversation With John Mitchell, Pt. 2

This week on Prog-Watch I'm finishing up my coverage of the ubiquitous John Mitchell! Hear the rest of our epic chat and lots of great music from his numerous bands and projects, including Lonely Robot, Arena, Frost*, and It Bites! So ring in the New Year with one of the most prolific Progressive Rock artists of our time, the one and only John Mitchell! P.S. If you missed the first part of my coverage of John, you can listen at, at the link below:

Duration: 01:36:00

Prog-Watch Special - 101 Dimensions - December 2017-2

My turn on 101 Dimensions again, and again I am pushing the boundaries! Here's the playlist: 1. Lindisfarne – Winter Song (from the album Nicely Out Of Tune, 1971) 2. Patrick Moraz – Here Comes Christmas Again (from the album Future Memories I & II, 1985) 3. Atomic Rooster – Winter (from the album Atomic Rooster, 1970) 4. Keith Emerson – Troika (from The Christmas Album, 1999) 5. The Prog World Orchestra – Joy To The World (from the album A Proggy Christmas, 2012) 6. Enya – White Is In The...

Duration: 01:54:45

Prog-Watch Holiday Special 2017

This week on Prog-Watch I'm taking a little bit of a break from the usual script writing, talking, and editing all the flubs! After a brief preamble, I will simply be playing nearly 90 minutes of holiday themed music from mostly progressive artists. Since I will not be announcing the artists and tracks, here is a proper playlist, in case you hear something new that you really like and want to know what it is: 1. Intro – Mike Oldfield – In Dulci Jubilo 2. Chris Squire & Alan White – Run...

Duration: 01:29:16

Prog-Watch 451 - Variety

This week on Prog-Watch I've got some great stuff from artists new to the show, some listener dedications, and a few classics! We'll hear from Believe, Tusmørke, Michael Trew, Turning Virtue, Airbag, Tiger Moth Tales, King Crimson, Victim Of Illusion, Porcupine Tree, iNFiNiEN, Gentle Giant, The Flower Kings, & Whiteside's Daughter!

Duration: 01:29:42

Prog-Watch 450 - Some Of The Best Of 2017

This week's Prog-Watch is our semi-annual collaboration with some of the merry reviewers at The Progressive Aspect, bringing you some of the best Prog Rock releases this year! We'll hear short reviews and sample music from ten of the best albums of 2017, as suggested by Mel Allen, Tony Colvill, Shawn Dudley, Rob Fisher, Jez Rowden, Roger Trenwith, and Leo Trimming. I'll also pick a favorite of my own, and run down the whole list of albums which were nominated, but not represented on the...

Duration: 01:30:28

Prog-Watch Special - 101 Dimensions - December 2017-1

My turn on 101 Dimensions again! I hope you enjoy! Here's the playlist: 1. Franky Valentyn Project – The Jovian Moon Suite (from the album All In A Dream, 2017) 2. Röyksopp – What Else Is There (from the album The Understanding, 2005) 3. Lunatic Soul – Lunatic Soul; and The Final Truth (from the album Lunatic Soul, 2008) 4. Röyksopp – Circuit Breaker (from the album The Understanding, 2005) 5. whatsisname – Refraktor, 2016 6. Röyksopp – Someone Like Me (from the album The Understanding,...

Duration: 01:58:21

Prog-Watch 449 - Variety

With all of the interview programs and specials I have done recently, I figured it was about time for a good old variety program, featuring great stuff released in the past year or two. So tune in for a lot of fabulous music from Playgrounded, I Am The Manic Whale, Hedfuzy, Paul Draper, Kaprekar's Constant, Godsticks, Karmamoi, The Far Meadow, 3RDegree, Projekt Gemineye, and Damian Wilson & Adam Wakeman!

Duration: 01:30:37

Prog-Watch 448 - A Gary Moore Special

This week's Prog-Watch is a special on the legendary Irish guitarist Gary Moore! Gary's longtime friend and guitar tech Graham Lilley is my guest and we chat about Gary, his versatility, his legacy, and a brand new collection of Gary's later work by BMG music called “Blues and Beyond”. Along the way we will hear some great blues rock music from that new collection. But lest you think that I am changing the name of the program to "Blues-Watch", there will be plenty of progressive rock on...

Duration: 01:31:00

Prog-Watch 447 - In Conversation With Geoff Downes

This week on Prog-Watch my esteemed guest is Geoff Downes of The Buggles, Asia, Yes, Icon, and Downes Braide Association! Geoff and I chat about the new DBA album, John Wetton, and the new Yes live album. Along the way I naturally play lots of great music from Geoff's illustrious career, including some brand new DBA and live Yes!

Duration: 01:30:03

Prog-Watch Special - 101 Dimensions - November 2017

I'm stretching the bounds a little again this time, but it was fun last time and you guys seemed to like it! Anyway, here's the playlist for this month's 101 Dimensions: 1. Jason Rubenstein – Complicated Exosphere; The Templar Calling Card; and The Curmudgeon Invents The Future (from the album This Is Not A Love Letter, 2014) 2. Trinity Ward – Transmission; Saturn V; Enter The Infinite; The State Of The Art; and Between The Edges Of The Universe (from the album Enter The Infinite, 2010) 3....

Duration: 02:08:53

Prog-Watch 446 - In Conversation With John Mitchell, Pt. 1

This week on Prog-Watch my special guest is modern progressive rock icon John Mitchell! John and I chat about many things including song writing, working with John Wetton, and his record label White Star Records! Along the way we hear music from many of his bands and projects, including the Urbane, Arena, Frost*, Kino, It Bites, Lonely Robot, and more! (Look for Part 2 in a few weeks!)

Duration: 01:29:36

Prog-Watch 445 - Joe Cairney (of Comedy Of Errors and Grand Tour), Pt. 2

On this week's Prog-Watch I finish up my coverage of Scottish vocalist Joe Cairney and his two fantastic bands, Comedy Of Errors and Grand Tour! More of our epic chat and lots of great music from both bands are in store!

Duration: 01:27:18

Prog-Watch 444 - Variety

This week on Prog-Watch: a great variety program with a mix of new and old! We'll hear from Dave Kerzner, Anekdoten, Steve Tilling, Ian Anderson, Lifesigns, Styx, The Room, Kaipa, King's X, and Soup! Plus, we'll check in with THE DOCTOR, Rob Fisher, for another great edition of Progressive Discoveries on the new album by Brother Ape!

Duration: 01:28:35

Prog-Watch Special - 101 Dimensions - October 2017-2

It's my turn again on 101 Dimensions, and I may be stretching the boundaries a bit this time...but hey, it's all good, right? Here's the playlist: 1. Lunatic Soul – Blood On The Tightrope; and A Thousand Shards Of Heaven (from the album Fractured, 2017) 2. Fripp & Eno – Deep Water (from the album New Depression Music (Music For Fans), 1980) 3. Band of Rain – Gurdjieff; and Lydian Flight (from the album The Dust Of Stars, 2017) 4. Fripp & Eno – Untitled (from the album New Depression Music...

Duration: 02:01:31

Prog-Watch 443 - Shine A Little Light

This week on Prog-Watch? I have a themed special called "Shine A Little Light"...all the songs have the word "Light" in the title! Can you guess what I will be playing? Here are the artists: Transatlantic, Glass Hammer, Ian Anderson, David Gilmour, Conspiracy, Iona, Rocket Scientists, Rush, Willowglass, Black Bonzo, Subsignal, Yes, IO Earth, and Genesis. A nice and diverse list, right?

Duration: 01:29:28

Prog-Watch 442 - Variety

This week I have another great variety program with music spanning five decades! We'll hear from Queensryche, the Colin Tench Project, Magenta, Steve Winwood, Lifesigns, Fish, the Strawbs, Arena, and Steven Wilson! Plus, there will be another edition of Progressive Discoveries with Dr. Rob Fisher, looking at the great new album by White Moth Black Butterfly!

Duration: 01:30:57

Prog-Watch 441 - In Conversation With John Lodge of the Moody Blues

With the Moody Blues, he helped to define our favorite genre of music, and he continues to rock progressively today! He is John Lodge, legendary singer, bassist, and composer, and this week I am proud to say that he is my guest on Prog-Watch! John and I chat about some of the history of his storied band, his bass playing influences, and many other things, including his solo tour and forthcoming live album. Along the way we will hear plenty of great Moody Blues, Blue Jays, and John Lodge...

Duration: 01:28:40

Prog-Watch 440 - In Conversation with Jordan Rudess, Pt. 2

This week on Prog-Watch I wrap up my coverage of Dream Theater's keyboard wiz, Jordan Rudess! Hear the remainder of my conversation with Jordan, and lots of great music ranging from peaceful solo piano pieces, to the crunch and flying keyboard solos of Dream Theater, Levin Minnemann Rudess, and Liquid Tension Experiment!

Duration: 01:28:20

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