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Offline Recording #1: Unannounced Hiatus

We just wanted to say that Prograde Podcast has not fallen flat on its face. In fact, we have Episode 4 currently under edit. Although, it has been on the cutting-room floor for quite some time. The blame of our unannounced hiatus lies on the shoulders of Dan (Akinesis). It was highly recommended that an explanation be offered to this sudden silence.


E3P4: Objects on Mars, The Unacknowledged and Humming Earth

A Tweet from one of our listeners prompted a dialogue on seemingly unnatural objects being spotted on the surface of Mars by people scanning the images being transmitted back to Earth by the rovers trundling around the red planet. Aki tries to spark another discussion regarding the TV program 'The Unacknowledged', but this gets shot down by his co-hosts rather quickly. The Read Panda brings some strange science to the episode with studies proving the Earth has a natural 'hum'. The...


E3P3: Australian Space Agency, Revoked Bad Science Studies and Vantablack Swimming Pool Tiles

The upcoming Australian Space Agency is up first for discussion. The conversation forks off to South Australia's power-grid battery, which is the largest in the world, built by Tesla. There is also a little dig at Trump's clean-coal speech. A discussion on Virtual Reality returns as Aki prepares for his Oculus Rift to be delivered. Five bad science studies that were later revoked is the topic of 'That's Not Science, Digi!'. Some of these studies had a serious impact on the population....


E3P2: Apollo 13, Quentin Tarantino on Star Trek and Stranger Things 2

Apollo 13 is the film of this week and the four hosts discuss the plot, the techniques used in filming and how the accident came about. The Right Stuff also gets a mention as a great space film. We talk about the buzz of Quentin Tarantino teaming up with JJ Abrams to do a Star Trek. Star Wars returns as Aki and Digi try and set the timelines of the films straight for Red and Mator. After finishing Stranger Things 2, Aki persuades Digi to start watching the series. Aki also tries to discuss...


E3P1: Oculus Rift VR, Subnautica and Patreon

Aki orders a VR Oculus Rift and is very excited to share the news and the games he plans to play with his co-hosts. Red has been unable to stream recently due to internet troubles and rants at his ISP. Digi has made a return to streaming and share his progress and excitement after acquiring affiliation with Twitch after only 7 days. MatoroIgnika shortens his media hand to Matoro and announces his Twitch front-page news with the City Skylines Green Cities promotion. Elite Dangerous...


E2P4: Fermi Paradox, Giant Glowing Orb and Ringmakers of Saturn

Weird World. The Read Panda kicks off the episode with the Fermi Paradox. Digi brings some news that had UFO believers excited with giant glowing orbs in the Aurora Borealis over Russia. There is also some worrying news for Europe as radiation levels in the atmosphere spike. Aki shares the conspiracy theory of the 'Ringmakers of Saturn' and how the gas giant could be the Nibiru believers have been looking for. Before we reach the climax with Digi's Dad Jokes Aki also shares a statement...


E2P3: Voyager's 40th, Oldest Known Galaxy and Yodelling

Science and Technology. In this episode we run through some fun facts for the two Voyager probes that have been hurtling through space for 40 years. TheReadPanda discusses a newly discovered galaxy that puts a slight dent in our theory on what happened after the Big Bang. For our strange science section Aki lists some of the strangest research studies from 2016 before Red talks about some scientists who were worried about turning quarks into bombs. Time Stamps: 00:01:02 - 40 years in...


E2P2: The Martian, The Orville and Star Trek Discovery

TV and Film. In this episode we discuss our recent viewings before getting into The Martian and how accurate it was scientifically. Aki, Mator and Red, and even the live chat, try to convince Digi why The Martian is worth his viewing and reading time. Red talks about his progress with The Orville and we compare Seth Macfarlane's new show to the Star Trek universe. This then leads nicely into Aki and Digi's thoughts on the new Star Trek Discovery series and their thoughts on the Klingon...


EP2P1: Gaming and Media

In this Gaming and Media episode Digi starts the show with his recent visit to PAX Australia where he shares his experience with VR and Star Trek: Bridge Crew. He has also returned to streaming and you can watch him at Aki's main progress has been with Elite Dangerous with a little KSP 1.3.1 time, too. The Read Panda runs through a few games he's been playing but has mainly focused on Skyrim. Mator shares his experience with the new Cities Skylines DLC: Green...


E1P4: Weird World - The Pilot

In Part Four we discuss the overhype that followed a NASA Theory Article once the media got hold of the information, which went from an energy project to a full-on doomsday device. We then go on to play a few choice samples and discuss the mysterious Numbers Stations. To cap of the final part of our pilot episode we chuck in an audio sample from Cassini that got the tinfoil hat folks very excited. Email: Website: Twitter:...


E1P3: Science and Technology - The Pilot

In Part Three of our pilot episode we discuss the Grand Finale Mission of Cassini, her discoveries and some mission facts. For our bad science section [That's Not Science, Digi!] we have some fun over an article that tried to explain how long you could survive on other planets without a spacesuit. Email: Website: Twitter: Facebook: 01:40 - Cassini Grand Finale 14:15 -...


E1P2: Film, TV and Music - The Pilot

For Part Two of our pilot episode AkinesisGaming (Dan), DigitalPsychosis (Luke), MatoroIgnika (David) and TheReadPanda talk about the recently released Alien Covenant film and the annoyance of jump scares. TheReadPanda also discusses The Orville and Dan plays some music from the upcoming artist Lucy Neville. Email: Website: Twitter: Facebook: Time Stamps: 03:45 - Alien...


E1P1: Gaming and Media - The Pilot

Welcome to our Part One of our Pilot Episode! Due to only recording once a month, we cover four topic areas that get broken up in the edit and uploaded as separate releases every week. For Part One of our pilot episode AkinesisGaming (Dan), DigitalPsychosis (Luke), MatoroIgnika (David) and TheReadPanda talk about their recent gaming experiences including: Stellaris, Mass Effect, PUBG, Fallout 4 and some classic gaming that Win10 can now support. We also open a dialogue to Bethesda's...


The Prograde Podcast Promo

The Prograde Podcast is and entertainment show recorded monthly with its segments split into four parts and released every week. It is hosted by Dan (AkinesisGaming), Luke (DigitalPsychosis), David (MotorIgnika) and TheReadPanda. The show will have a heavy focus on SciFi and Astronomy, but a lot of other topics will be covered. The show covers: Part 1: Gaming and Media | Part 2: Film, TV and Music | Part 3: Science and Technology | Part 4: Weird World You can find out more...