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Podcast 556 - "Coalitions for Liberty"

Today's podcast features Grover Norquist's 2017 Palenque Norte Lecture, which he gave during the Burning Man Festival. This is the fourth year in which Mr. Norquist has spoken at Palenque Norte, and, as always, his remarks were well received. Two of my favorite quotes from this talk are: "The best coalitions come from the hard right and hard left. Center coalitions don't get you anything except more of the same. Each of them are part of the status quo. So you're not going to get dramatic...

Duration: 02:09:28

Podcast 555 - "Drug Policy"

Today's podcast features the lengthy Q and A session led by John Gilmore (MPP, MAPS, and EFF) that was featured as a Palenque Norte Lecture at the 2017 Burning Man Festival. In this conversation with burners in the audience, John explains the difficulties and successes various organizations have had in their efforts to encourage more sensible drug laws.

Duration: 02:01:29

Podcast 554 - "How to Make it in Psychedelic Futurism"

Today's podcast features the author Daniel Pinchbeck and some friends at the 2017 Palenque Norte Lectures that were held during the Burning Man Festival. Besides discussing his books, ibogaine, and ecology, they also give us their thoughts about evolution and culture.

Duration: 01:41:28

Podcast 553 - "The Origin and Future of Life"

Today's podcast features the 2017 Palenque Norte Lecture by Dr. Bruce Damer. As he describes the life-long journey that has led him to search for the origin of life on Earth, you may be surprised at how forthcoming he is about the ways in which he thought about this problem.

Duration: 01:59:30

Salon2 036 - "Nashville's Psychedelic Stories"

After a Veterans' Day story by Lorenzo, today's podcast features some stories from Nashville. Thanks to everyone at the Nashville Psychedelic Society for your help making a perfect last stop of the Blue Dot Tour.

Duration: 01:29:24

Podcast 552 - "The Power of Divine Inspiration"

Today's podcast features a talk given by Shonagh Home in October 2017 for the Women and Entheogens Conference, which pushed the envelope into new and novel ideas. This year's theme was "Psychedelics in Birth and Pregnancy from Conception through Life". Topics explored included the concept of utilizing entheogens for fertility, pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Duration: 01:01:34

Salon2 035 - "ICEERS and Plant Medicines"

In today's podcast Benjamin De Loenen, the founder of ICEERS (International Center for Ethnobotanical Education Research and Service), talks about things that led him to start this organization, which comes to the defense of plants and is dedicated to sharing the science and best practices around their use.

Duration: 01:04:26

Podcast 551 - "Women in Cannabis"

Today's podcast features a panel of distinguished women, all of whom are participating in various ways in the burgeoning new world of legal cannabis growing, distribution, and education. The panel assembled on the last evening in August at the 2017 Burning Man Festival, where they spoke in the Palenque Norte Lecture tent. You don't have to be a woman to get a lot out of the information and experience of these amazing women entrepreneurs. Just give it a listen and you will understand what I...

Duration: 01:33:25

Salon2 034- "Psychedelic Chemistry"

As the founding president of the Heffter Research Institute, a chemist who crafted some of the most important research molecules of this generation and a leader in the psychedelic community, we're pleased to present an interview with Dr. David Nichols. He talks about the impetus for his interest in these molecules, the potential dangers of microdosing and the feelings of a chemist whose creations escaped the laboratory and - while doing much good - also caused harm.

Duration: 00:44:19

Podcast 550 - "FDA Approved Phase 3 MDMA/PTSD Research"

Today we feature the 2017 Palenque Norte Lecture delivered by the founder of the Multidisciplinary Association of Psychedelic Studies, Rick Doblin. In this wide ranging talk, besides an update about the recent FDA approval for MAPS' major Phase 3 study of MDMA, we are treated to the fascinating story of how Rick was able to convince his conservative family into supporting his decision to pursue the investigation of psychedelic medicines.

Duration: 02:47:24

Salon2 033 - "The Psychedelic Archives of Keeper Trout"

The wonderful Keeper Trout shares with us today includes his experiences archiving the files of Dr. Alexander Shulgin, working to collect the chemistry of psychedelic plants and medicines (particularly mescaline containing plants), and the cultural and legal history of the Native use of peyote and cactus as well as its suppression by the United States government. Keeper Trout is a multifaceted and delightful character who gives us today's engaging interview.

Duration: 01:14:06

Podcast 549 - "Android Jones: Visionary Artist Q and A"

Today's podcast features the Palenque Norte Lecture given by visionary artist Android Jones at the 2017 Burning Man Festival. Rather than give a structured lecture, Jones answers questions from the audience about the process he uses, including the use of entheogens, to create the fantastical images that we have seen on album covers, festival posters, live performances, and online at YouTube and Vimeo. If you have ever wondered how a work of art, such as his intriguing video titled Samskara...

Duration: 01:28:52

Salon2 032 - "Ben Stewart's Wild Ride"

The filmmaker Ben Stewart sits down in Lex Pelger's living room to share his story about the journey that led him to making films and how the psychedelics helped shape his path.

Duration: 01:01:33

Podcast 548- "The Politics of Electronics"

Today's podcast features the 2017 Palenque Norte Lecture by Cory Doctorow. In this talk, which was given during the Burning Man Festival, Cory walks us through some of the current issues having an impact on our ability to have our thoughts and words exchanged between ourselves without the threat of Big Brother listening in. As he explains, this isn't a case of winning or losing, it is about the ongoing efforts we all must make so as to keep the Internet free and not simply be the tool of...

Duration: 01:50:38

Salon2 - "Horizons Conference Announcement"

Today we hear from Neal Goldsmith about the speakers at the upcoming Horizons psychedelics conference in New York City.

Duration: 00:40:48

Salon2 -031- "The Sacred Cactus"

The path to peyote for a Russian seeker named Sergey Baranov. Throughout communities spanning the Americas, Sergey explored plant medicines and even faced a near-death experience before finally settling in Peru and founding the 'Cactus House' where he now leads ceremonies.

Duration: 01:27:40

Salon2 -030- "Wars ON Drugs"

Today's podcast features an interview with John Dolan, who is well known as the "War Nerd". Additionally, he has another alter ego as the writer Gary Brecher. The War Nerd podcast covers a wild amount about the history along with speculations about the future of human warfare. In this interview, John explains the long history of drugs and war.

Duration: 01:23:37

Salon2 -029- "Treating PTSD with MDMA"

Today's podcast features an interview with Michael and Annie Mithoefer who have been working for years to bring MDMA into the forefront as a treatment for PTSD. As a couple who works together holding space for these sessions, they share about what they learned of the promise and pitfalls of this medicine.

Duration: 00:58:51

Podcast 547- "A House Divided Against Itself"

Today's podcast features a lecture by Gore Vidal about the true history of the U.S. presidency. Also included is a brief bit by George Carlin where he explains why America is always at war. And Lorenzo explains in detail why he believes that the USA is already a failed state.

Duration: 02:28:15

Salon2 028 - "Psychedelic Storytelling in Chicago"

Today's podcast features a great storytelling night from the Blue-Dot tour. Hosted by the Chicago Psychedelic Club, you can hear why we loved our stop in the Windy City.

Duration: 01:35:51

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