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EGOFLAME (Brazil) | PsynOpticz Podcast #026

Welcome to our 26th edition of the PsynOpticz Podcasts, Egoflame! With his latest ep, "Meaning of Life" which just came out on PsynOpticz, we were very excited to get this powerful live set out to show you all what a full experience of this musical mastermind is all about. High energy, psychedelic melodies and phat basslines drive his passion into the soundsystem and into your body and mind on any dancefloor around the world. Brazilian groove, bring it on!...

Duration: 01:08:03

SINESTESIA (Brazil) | PsynOpticz Podcast #025

Welcome to our 25th edition of the PsynOpticz Podcasts. We have briefly introduced Sinestesia to you all when we signed him earlier this year, and now we would like you to hear this full power live set from him including tracks from multiple releases as well as a few up & coming. Some of the PsynOpticz artists have blasted his tracks on dancefloors around the world in including Jungala in South Africa, Modem in Croatia, Moonshine in Mexico, festivals in Portugal and ofcourse at many events...

Duration: 00:57:11

NYX (Canada) | PsynOpticz Podcast #024

We are proud to present to you the latest addition to the PsynOpticz family, NYX from South Africa but now living in Canada. Growing up in sunny South Africa, she was initiated in the twilight tribe . . . she knows firsthand why the region birthed such a sound. Stomping her way through Johannesburg’s starry nights, she sought the sun, and as the dawn broke through one morning, NYX was reborn. With a lifelong love kindled, she carried her passion across the long waters to Vancouver,...

Duration: 01:28:50

BREAKER (South Africa) | PsynOpticz Podcast #023

We are proud to present to you the latest addition to the PsynOpticz family, Breaker from Cape Town, South Africa. Anton Raubenheimer, one half of The Commercial Hippies signed to Nano Records, has been creating electronic mind boggling beats since 1997 and played guitar since the age of 13. Music has always been a big part of his life. He created Breaker as a progressive solo project to release his down and dirty thoughts onto dancefloors around the world! We are excited to have this...

Duration: 00:51:43

L.O.E.F | DJ Set | PsynOpticz Podcast #020

L.E.O.F ( Lysergic Experiment Over Frequency ) aka Mario Funes from Mexico, has put this powerful dj set together featuring tracks from our PsynOpticz Records releases as well as from the Jungala Festival 2016 playlist. Track list: Stereo Plug vs Underlevel - Ride With Us Ital - Evolution (Jungala 2016) Obliviant - Non Habit Form Forming (Jungala 2016) Endeavour vs DSP - Watermelon Substrate Prohecht - Error Breathead - Dandelion Zezia - Nature Faces Shockwave - Inner Bliss 28 vs Eclipse...

Duration: 01:03:50

LIQUID VIKING | PsynOpticz Podcast #019

Liquid Viking, a young extremely talented artist from Cape Town, South Africa is blowing dancefloors away with his unique powerful progressive beats. With his debut live at Jungala Festival 2014, he is continually keeps pushing his boundaries and coming up with more creative ideas to expand minds and keep the body rocking! Take a listen to this live set filled with his latest creations and catch him at Origin Festival at the end of January 2017!...

Duration: 01:02:17

L.E.O.F - Digital Shaman (Jungala 2015)

L.E.O.F (PsynOpticz) Mexico LYSERGIC EXPERIMENT OVER FREQUENCY A new project by Mario Funes aka System Sequence from Mexico. In this project he lets go of all inhibitions and writes sounds from deep down in his heart. From groovy daytime psychedelic to intelligent full power driving psychedelic. His debut album will be released soon on PsynOpticz Productions...

Duration: 00:08:43

Headroom - Rebirth Control (Jungala 2015)

Headroom (Nano) South Africa In 2001, Zimbabwe born Adam Metcalfe moved to Cape Town, South Africa & fell in love with Psy Trance. By 2004 he had began to produce & perfect his sound, striving for the best quality production in high tech trance, keeping it fun, psychedelic & a little bit twisted. With the release of his 2008 album,...

Duration: 00:06:59

Archive - Promo Mix (Jungala 2015)

Archive (MMD) South Africa DJ Archive is Lyle Jensen, born and raised in the filthy South of Cape Town. He acts as co-owner and A&R manager of South Africa's own twilight psy label, MMD Records! Being involved within the music industry his entire life; he took direct interest in the darker Black Metal/Industrial genre in 1998, and under the moniker of...

Duration: 01:01:33

Lex - Promo Mix (Jungala 2015)

Lex (PsynOpticz) South Africa

Duration: 00:46:22

Dave Mac - Promo Mix (Jungala 2015)

Dave M.A.C. (IDM Mag) South Africa Dave Mac has been rocking psytrance dancefloors for over 15 years and has played an important role in influencing many of the top Cape Town DJs and producers that headline our events in the mother city today. Having deejayed every imaginable timeslot at a party from opening to closing and everything in between,...

Duration: 00:56:12

STEREOTYPE - Promo Mix (Jungala 2014)

STEREOTYPE (PsynOpticz) South Africa

Duration: 00:49:50

Deliriant - Truth Be Told (Jungala 2014)

Deliriant (Nexus Media) South Africa

Duration: 00:08:07

Vertigo - Magic Of Jungala (Jungala 2014)

Vertigo ( Mada / Blue Tunes ) MEXICO

Duration: 00:06:42

Tune Raider - Promo Mix (Jungala 2014)

Tune Raider ( Spectral / 24/7 ) South Africa

Duration: 01:14:56

Static Flow - Promo Mix (Jungala 2014)

Static Flow (Nano) South Africa

Duration: 00:40:58

Bionic - Funktion (Jungala 2014)

Bionic {psy.ology} South Africa

Duration: 00:08:26

Dj Mark - Promo Mix (Jungala 2014)

Dj Mark (Expo Records) South Africa

Duration: 00:43:22

Sad Paradise - Promo Mix (Jungala 2014)

Sad Paradise South Africa

Duration: 01:05:19

Bernz - Promo Mix (Jungala 2014)

Bernz (Beartrap) South Africa

Duration: 01:57:26

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