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Patna, India


RJ Akanksha’s voice is the re-energizing factor of your life!!! A dedicated three hours slot on Radio Mirchi to the old collections of 60’s & 70’s…Old songs to renew your taste of music!!! Stars of yesteryears are becoming stars of years.Old is in after a flurry of slurry tiny boppers, age is back.It’s all happening at wrong end of the age spectrum. Everyone watches, as old are becoming new gold. Rj Akanksha talks and you think…aree yeh tho lagta hai dil ki hi baat hai. She takes you down to memory lane…builds up the yaadon ka tana bana, to relive the cherished moments of ‘our’ life… Exclusive show featuring songs sung by legends like Kishore Kumar, Lata, Asha, Mohd. Rafi and the list goes on…Wanna hear these songs then you know which show have to tune to!!! Purani Jeans - Monday to Friday-- 9pm-12pm only on Radio Mirchi 98.3 FM... It's Hot!



This program will be available tomorrow at 11:30AM.