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The Quite Frankly webcast focuses mainly on Government Politics & Common Sense, with a Libertarian, Anti-Establishment Spin...but never limited to that! You can watch and interact with the show Live, on Zenlive.tv. Call in, get involved!

The Quite Frankly webcast focuses mainly on Government Politics & Common Sense, with a Libertarian, Anti-Establishment Spin...but never limited to that! You can watch and interact with the show Live, on Zenlive.tv. Call in, get involved!
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Westchester, NY


The Quite Frankly webcast focuses mainly on Government Politics & Common Sense, with a Libertarian, Anti-Establishment Spin...but never limited to that! You can watch and interact with the show Live, on Zenlive.tv. Call in, get involved!






"Un-Data-Mine My Heart" 3/21/18

Well I thought the snow was actually going to arrive, but like most things in life, you're left disappointed or in some sort of a weird in-between position where you need to improvise and salvage what you can. That is what I am doing tonight as I brave the flurries and get to the studio for an impromptu broadcast. It won't be a full hour, but it will be something...a little taste. And you'll have to listen to it to find out what's inside. It ended up being a full hour. Watch the full...


"Internal Improvements" 3/20/18

Varied topics in the pre-show tonight, and in the opening we have another deep article analyzing the signs we are getting from the Office of the Inspector General and the independent prosecutor who has been stealthily assigned to the IG's side, in place of a second Special Counsel. Then a call with @HNIJohnMiller to play catch up on related issues. In the second half, a little schmooze about education and where the progressive Federal involvement in all things began: Republicans. Watch the...


"Poor Andy McCabe & Russians Attack the Grid!" 3/19/18

Andrew McCabe was fired on Friday Night and, as I see it, Spring has officially been kicked off. Tonight we are going to be starting a major period of review on this show, as the Inspector General's report is fast approaching. Also, Russia...poison, power grids, election meddling, and terrible timing—there are some questions I need to put out there. Hopefully one of you has the answer. Watch the full episode: https://youtu.be/KPeIMSbzRmA Become my boss: http://www.patreon.com/QuiteFrankly...


"Sleight of Hand" feat. Xavier Spade 3/16/18

Another good week in the books and we chill on a Friday Night with a good friend who has an awesome job. To call Xavier Spade a Magician would be selling him short; Xavier is an architect of the illusions that are used by Magicians. He has his own Youtube channel dedicated to the promotion of his work and is an all-around good guy to have a conversation with. Tonight we'll just go for a Friday schmooze. At the publishing of this episode the news broke that Andrew McCabe was fired. Watch the...


"Stephen Hawking, A.I., 5G, and Aerial Oddities" 3/15/18

It’s Thursday again, and like most Thursdays Rob Corrado is back in the studio. BEWARE THE IDES OF MARCH! A little bit of a different twist that I think most people will find enjoyable. With the passing of Stephen Hawking we thought it would be interesting to revisit the topic of artificial intelligence. In the final months of Hawking’s life he warned that Artificial Intelligence could spell doom for our species. We are going to take a look at some of Hawking’s last points of interest, and...


"Teens March to Nowhere and Hillary Falls Down The Stairs" 3/14/18

There was a special election held in Pennsylvania last night, and Democrats won a House Seat. In the first half of the show we will take a call with Richard Baris of PeoplesPunditDaily.com to do a post-mortem. But other than that, it was another day of marching for young Americans who really don’t have any need for school anymore, as they already know everything. But with that being said, I’m certain we’ll have a good time, as we always do, sitting in the back of a speeding car as we laugh...


"Never Let Go: Filling the Void Left By Russia" 3/13/18

On tonight’s program: The House Intelligence Committee finds no collusion between the Trump campaign and those pesky Russians. In the second half, a new attempt to sell the *importance* of LGBT Television Programming to the country, even though no one —gay or straight— seems to be reacting to it. Become my boss: http://www.patreon.com/QuiteFrankly Make a One-Time Contribution: http://www.paypal.me/QuiteFranklyLive


"Not-So-Great Britain and Death of the Movie Star" 3/12/18

Well the weekend was shorter than usual but all for good reason; the Midnight broadcast on Saturday was a great time and the crew over here can’t wait to do it again! Tonight we’re getting back into the swing with some more troubling headlines from the UK, a look into why the age of the Hollywood Movie Star is dead and gone, and hopefully some calls from the audience. We get two calls: One with King (big Pump), and another with Max Ancaporado to talk a little space. Become my boss:...


"Witching Hour: Episode One" 3/11/18

DISCLAIMER: THIS IS TO BE LISTENED TO AT NIGHT IN A COZY SETTING. As promised, the once-a-month Midnight Broadcast series kicks off. This is a first; a maiden voyage on a personal level, too. It'll be a room full of friends talking about UFOs, answering questions from the audience, taking calls, and chilling out...good until the last drop, when a little bit of the paranormal seemed to find its way into the studio. Watch the full episode: https://youtu.be/2JGbcZdyh-s Become my boss:...


"Trump Meets Kim in Apple Blossom Time" 3/9/18

Under-reported stories and topics in the extended pre-show, leading right into the opening: North Korea. As we went live last night the news about a meeting between President Trump and Kim Jong Un, brokered by South Korea, became headlines. We will go through the available information and check out the media reaction. Also during last night’s show, there was a flood of very interesting posts by Q Anon. We are going to talk about the enormity of the combined topics and hopefully take some...


"Sessions, Q, and Blackwater" 3/8/18

In the opening we talk about Darkest Hour, Homeland, and the Sopranos...it was a good flow while it lasted! You'll hear a cut in the audio and then the topic switches. That is where the live stream lost connection. But Lots of moving and shaking coming from the Office of the Attorney General, including interesting revelations on the issue of the Inspector General's investigation and Fast & Furious. We also circle back around to an old acquaintance —Q— who has been dropping loads and...


"Can Trump Survive the Blue Wave?" feat. Richard Baris 3/6/18

As the stellar reviews of last night’s broadcast continue to roll in, we look to make it Two-In-A-Row here on a Tuesday evening, in New York; the night before what is hopefully the last storm of an otherwise pretty quiet winter. In the first half of the show we have special guest, Richard Baris, Editor-In-Chief of PeoplesPunditDaily.com. Richard is going to talk about the slowly developing electoral picture as we head toward November’s Mid-Terms. In the second half we are going to clean up...


"The Lords of Irony and Deceit" 3/5/18

On tonight’s show we open up with a Tweet by Jake Tapper on the impending ban of the InfoWars Youtube that I simply could not let go. This thrashing is a long time coming, and it flows right into a little-known fly-by-night piece of legislation that allows propaganda to legally thrive in this country. It was a helluva show to kick off another week in paradise. There is also unexpected Rocky talk. I think I am going to have to have King call in later in the week to have a real Rocky talk....


"Avocados, Seth Rich, and Universal Income" 3/2/18

Well the nor'easter rages outside, but it is Friday on the inside, and there is only one thing to do on a Friday: Take off your pants and expose your cockamamie theories to the world on Youtube. We have special guests, including Defango as our first-ever Pre-Show guest. After checking in with an old friend and mentor, we read up on an article on Seth Rich that's turned some heads; and in the second half of the show, the favorable polling for Universal Basic Income (welfare for all). We...


"Sessions vs. Trump and Rotherham" 3/1/18

On tonight’s show we have our good buddy Rob Corrado with us. In the first half we get confirmation that the Spontaneous teenage gun control demonstrations weren't so spontaneous afterall. Then we read through two threads related to Trump’s tweets on Jeff Sessions’ response —or lack thereof— concerning the FISA probe. In the second half we end in the UK to talk about the Rotherham scandal and the dire picture it frames. So many more side convos in this one too. It's just never enough time....


"The Heroes Purge The Internet" 2/28/18

It's an impromptu show tonight, as I am not streaming at my regular time. We are going to take questions from the audience, and talk about the censorship storm that is raging all around us on Youtube and elsewhere. Watch the full episode: https://youtu.be/LOhJledsTe0 Become my boss: http://www.patreon.com/QuiteFrankly Make a One-Time Contribution: http://www.paypal.me/QuiteFranklyLive


"The Illuminaughty and Mainstream Media" 2/27/18

It’s the Tuesday night show and tonight we will be covering a mix of topics. In the first half we talk about the scourge of censorship on the internet, and the correlating behavior of the media—this felt good. In the second half we have a trip to Australia and London. Ex-Canadian Defense Minister, Paul Hellyer’s thoughts on the Illuminati’s influence on the world. Watch the full episode: https://youtu.be/0zmS-xO2QUg Become my boss: http://www.patreon.com/QuiteFrankly Make a One-Time...


"Watching A Narrative Collapse" 2/26/18

We have a little catching-up to do, and after a fun pre-show, we stack up some more useful information that needs to be added to the story in Parkland, Florida—a story that is far more compelling than this Gun Control song and dance. In the second half it’ll just be some random thoughts and hopefully a smooth transition into Tuesday night’s show. Last Refuge Thread: https://threadreaderapp.com/thread/966854507744374784.html Watch the full episode: https://youtu.be/_eTGJSssTKs Become my...


"Another Friday in Paradise" Feat. The Amazing Lucas 2/23/18

It’s Friday Night! Another week is gone. How quickly it goes when you have something to look forward to every night, am I right? On tonight’s show we bring on The Amazing Lucas for the first time! Lucas is a body-builder and social commentator who has his own channel on Youtube that you should check out. Round and round it goes; where it stops, nobody knows—but we definitely need to add more to the mounting pile of questions swirling around the bloodshed in Florida. It seriously has gotten...


"Murder, Intrigue, and Equilibrium" 2/22/18

Tonight we have Rob Corrado in studio, making his Thursday night visit. We’ll just take a gauge of this week’s events in the first half. In the second half we’ve got Justin Trudeau in India, and Timeline to Murderous Robots. But actually what happens is we take a bunch of calls in the second half and the Robots will be saved until tomorrow. Still a good one. Watch the full episode: https://youtu.be/l3vWoc7Lchs Become my boss: http://www.patreon.com/QuiteFrankly Make a One-Time...


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