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The Quite Frankly webcast focuses mainly on Government Politics & Common Sense, with a Libertarian, Anti-Establishment Spin...but never limited to that! You can watch and interact with the show Live, on Zenlive.tv. Call in, get involved!

The Quite Frankly webcast focuses mainly on Government Politics & Common Sense, with a Libertarian, Anti-Establishment Spin...but never limited to that! You can watch and interact with the show Live, on Zenlive.tv. Call in, get involved!
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The Quite Frankly webcast focuses mainly on Government Politics & Common Sense, with a Libertarian, Anti-Establishment Spin...but never limited to that! You can watch and interact with the show Live, on Zenlive.tv. Call in, get involved!






"Hollywood: The Human Meat Grinder" 10/19/17

People keep coming forward to talk about the behavior of Harvey Weinstein. There is certainly blood in the water and whatever fear was holding people back over the course of decades is no longer there. We will talk a little bit more about the pseudo-feminist response to the worsening Hollywood storyline, and how it muddies the waters and acts as a cover-up for the much larger HUMANITARIAN problem. Also, your calls, and my prayers that the computer survives another hour of broadcast. God...

Duration: 01:20:02

"Las Vegas Conspiracy & Crazy California" 10/18/17

The Yankees tied up the ALCS last night, with a magical win, true to old Yankee form. This is going to be a good show though. In the first half we are jumping right into Las Vegas again, as we are now a little more than two weeks removed from the massacre outside of the Mandalay Bay hotel. What have we been left with, and to where has the media shifted? All of this flows right into the minor rejuvenation of the Russia Collusion fantasy, which we covered a little bit last night: tonight we...

Duration: 01:24:14

"Someone Colluded To Win an Election, BUT WHO?" 10/17/17

The as the Russia-Trump Collusion fantasy drags on, there is new information regarding real Russian dealings. Also more collusion evidence emerges, but collusion between whom? Also tonight: October Baseball is still in full swing here in New York. This takes a terrible toll on my psyche, but the Yankees eventually end up winning 6-4, in dramatic fashion. Watch the full episode here: https://youtu.be/h2Onql6-7Ks Become my boss: www.patreon.com/QuiteFrankly One-Time Tip:...

Duration: 01:16:54

"Hillary's NFL and Policing" 10/16/17

Monday; the new week is here. The Yankees are in an 0-2 hole against the dumb Astros and their stupid fans are loving it. But aside from that there is so much to talk about. The President has a presser at the White House with an awkward Mitch McConnell; it wasn't very interesting, but the press brought up Hillary Clinton's pro-NFL Kneeling stance and that opened the door to lots more. Watch the full episode here: https://youtu.be/CP0bO1CqoaA Become my boss: www.patreon.com/QuiteFrankly...

Duration: 01:14:05

"A Friday The 13th in October" 10/13/17

It's always a universal day of intrigue, but in the rare occasion that Friday the 13th falls in the spooky month of October, we need to pay special attention. I will be another 50 years before this happens again. It's a pretty good discussion about the unseen world of the Vampires that hide in plain sight, and prey on people. We take calls, and the viewers even get a live tour of the studio facility for the first time. Watch the full episode here: https://youtu.be/IZeC9vxtG44 Become my boss:...

Duration: 01:28:02

"All the King's Horses" feat. Tracy Beanz 10/12/17

Lots of thoughts to be shared during tonight's show. We have more fallout in Hollywoodland that is opening the floodgates for conversation: Is there opportunity in this crisis? Then we have Tracy Beanz joining us for a full guest segment, to sift through the ever-changing circumstances of the mass-murder in Las Vegas. We get to do a little overtime tonight, "...so enjoy it! Stop crying" - Mel Gibson, Signs Watch the full episode here: https://youtu.be/xT8EqF5VoEQ Become my boss:...

Duration: 01:45:02

"The Catalonia Question" feat. Professor Lawson Bowling 10/11/17

Tonight we welcome back Professor Lawson Bowling. Professor Bowling was my History professor and an adviser at Manhattanville College, where he is tenured over 30 years. A man who takes a sober look at most issues, I would love to jump all around the world, including Catalonia. It's a relevant subject of debate that is being drowned out by all sorts of chaos, but I do believe there is an American interest story in the Catalan push for independence. Also, Yankees play a big game Five in...

Duration: 01:22:45

"Harvey Weinstein and the Shower of Doom" 10/10/17

There a few really interesting threads to follow on Harvey Weinstein, so in this fun little trip through the Quite Frankly universe, we get to examine the real lives of the secret slugs who brow-beat the rest of the world with their morality every chance they get. Hollywood and the Media are being exposed daily. Academia is being exposed daily. I'll say this...I don't know how we're going to do it, but I need to get through an giant load of news. Hey, it's me, from the future. The show was a...

Duration: 01:43:25

"Happy Indigenous Peoples Day!" 10/9/17

Well it's Columbus Day -er- Indigenous Peoples day, a day for those who are so bored with their lives that all they have left is protesting their own existence. More square pegs concerning Las Vegas are trying to be hammered into round holes; the Yankees survive to see another game; and the issue of sex slavery, assault, and pedophilia in Hollywood/Government is bubbling up again. Watch the full episode: https://youtu.be/Yrdu8R4KkXg Become my boss: www.patreon.com/QuiteFrankly One-Time Tip:...

Duration: 01:13:31

"Mind Control, Black Ops, and Conspiracy: What Have We Learned This Week?" 10/6/17

We are wrapping up a dense week. Everything we were focused on last Saturday (Europe, Canada, North Korea, Hurricane Recovery, Healthcare, and more) is quite literally gone...for now. In fact, the only thing that seems to make sense these days is that outrage is cyclical, and emotional upheaval is *used* more than it is allayed. On tonight's show we are going to wrap up the week with some closing thoughts on the big issues, including a call at the top of the hour with Alex Plitsas on North...

Duration: 01:39:26

"ISIS Triples Down on Las Vegas" 10/5/17

An insane weeks of news continues. The Yankees kick off the ALDS in Cleveland tonight, ISIS triples down on their claims that Las Vegas was tied into a recent conversion to Islam. This is turning into a Dan Brown book. Authorities are not providing any substantive information, which leaves voids for these theories. At this point all we can ask ourselves is: IS IT PLAUSIBLE? Much to do tonight. Watch the full episode: https://youtu.be/TpDTqqCJDG4 Become my boss: www.patreon.com/QuiteFrankly...

Duration: 01:10:26

"Learning to Accept White Rage" 10/4/17

More to be said about Las Vegas as we are still without a motive or a sufficient psychological profile of the shooter, but that's no problem for the Left; because when there's no clear motive, and scarce details, you can always sit back on Racism and Guns. You're not going to believe where this is going now, but I hope I don't blow a fuse. Also, I've had some messages pour in on some of the topics of Pornography as Art, Maggie Gyllenhaal, and Burning man. So we'll get around to that, and...

Duration: 01:24:14

"Cleaning House and Taking a Breath" 10/3/17

October arrived over the weekend, but who had time to acknowledge it? Tonight, we clean up with some stories we didn't touch, and then sprinkle in some nostalgia, some feel good stuff, and whatever else. The Yankees play a Sudden Death Playoff game tonight as the show is ending, so who knows where we end up! Watch the full episode here: https://youtu.be/6dz8vMtsHaw Become my boss: www.patreon.com/QuiteFrankly One-Time Tip: www.paypal.me/QuiteFranklyLive

Duration: 01:19:12

"Las Vegas Bloodbath: Never Wasting a Crisis" 10/2/17

On Friday night a comment from the chatroom read how "tired" some of us have become with the news; and whereas we all need a break from time to time, how on earth do we avoid discussing what is breaking now: 58 Dead in Las Vegas upon this writing; Canada and France with more terrorism; Puerto Rico and Catalonia -- and slugs are quickly grasping at political straws. In this episode we examine what little we know, the social media reaction, and take calls. Watch the full episode here:...

Duration: 01:15:51

"MAGA Hat Meltdowns & More Russia Letdowns" 9/29/17

Another tulpa (a mere thought-form projection that *seems* to be human)melts down over the sight of a #MAGA hat on an American college campus—where they never belonged in the first place. I need to be very honest with you, this is an exhausting segment of the show. I feel much better now, on Saturday morning; almost as if I had pulled the trigger after a night of mixing terrible drinks. Perhaps it will have the same cleansing effect for you as well. Then we go on to the always dying Russia...

Duration: 01:04:10

"Witches, Warlocks, Chlamydia and Peacocks" feat. Nuance Bro 9/28/17

On this Thursday edition we welcome first-time guest of the show, Nuance Bro, who is one of the newest content creators to hit the lively California protest scene. Another mysterious note was left for Frank, and Matt is in studio to help examine the evidence. Then we need to circle back around to a few familiar topics: Witchcraft...only this time the UN is involved. Watch the full episode here: https://youtu.be/w123MnepT-c Become my boss: www.patreon.com/QuiteFrankly One-Time Tip:...

Duration: 01:17:45

"The United States of Chlamydia" 9/27/17

It's the 58th Day of August. Let's do the news and go for a schmooze. Everyone has a journey, and I came to face mine as I was driving back from Jersey yesterday. We talk about that for a few minutes as well as a little excitement for the upcoming New York Yankees postseason. To open up the official show, we jump into the White House Rose Garden, where the President and the Prime Minister of Spain took on the press yesterday, in what I thought was another very strong showing for all...

Duration: 01:25:49

"Think Locally, Act Nationally?" feat. A.D. Bell 9/26/17

It is the official release date of the new Set The Charge album! So you'll hear all about that. Also, Tonight we have good friend of the show, A.D. Bell, making his return after a hiatus, and it is a stellar call indeed.. Opening up with some defining thoughts on Monday's fiery broadcast concerning the #TakeAKnee display on Sunday Football. Well Monday Night Football was more of the same and I think I may have gotten a little closer to putting my finger on what I think is pissing me off so...

Duration: 01:17:28

"Taking a Knee for Equality and Something about North Korea" 9/25/17

Well you wouldn't think that we are on the brink of nuclear war with North Korea based on how every last thing in the United States is revolving around millionaire athletes and how they're choosing to acknowledge the national anthem. When you ask for solutions all you get are generalities about systemic something and people getting no justice. Who are these people? How many are there? What were the details of each case in which no justice was delivered? Does anyone care about details? And...

Duration: 01:12:18

"Ten Rules" 9/22/17

Tonight we are going to close out another great week by stuffing the room full of friends. Last night, after the show, something very significant happened; a moment of realization that it was finally time to embrace an artifact I've had locked away safely since the time of my grandfather's death. We talk a little bit about Lawrence O'Donnell's meltdown at MSNBC, and about the Music Industry, including the return of Zappa, 24 Years after his death. Pour yourself a glass, pack a hookah, and...

Duration: 01:26:31

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