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The Quite Frankly webcast focuses mainly on Government Politics & Common Sense, with a Libertarian, Anti-Establishment Spin...but never limited to that! You can watch and interact with the show Live, on Call in, get involved!

The Quite Frankly webcast focuses mainly on Government Politics & Common Sense, with a Libertarian, Anti-Establishment Spin...but never limited to that! You can watch and interact with the show Live, on Call in, get involved!
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Westchester, NY


The Quite Frankly webcast focuses mainly on Government Politics & Common Sense, with a Libertarian, Anti-Establishment Spin...but never limited to that! You can watch and interact with the show Live, on Call in, get involved!






"The Last Jedi is Quite Bad" 12/15/17

Something needs to be said about the tragic thing that has befallen the Star Wars universe. There are no spoilers for the first Hour and Fifteen Minutes of the show, but there is still plenty to be said about The Last Jedi. In the last fifteen minutes of the show the crowd is given extensive spoiler alerts and then we read some fan reviews from Rotten Tomatoes. We'll have a full autopsy done once a few more days pass and everyone has a chance to see it. In the second half of the show we talk...

Duration: 01:30:46

"A Quite Frankly Family Christmas Special" 12/14/17

If you showed up looking for Headlines and Politics tonight, you've come to the wrong place! Tonight we've got my father, Anthony, in studio to talk about Christmases past, the legendary decorating that was done at our house throughout the 1990's, and other treats you've never seen before. The conversation is going to be great but you will definitely need to watch some parts of this show to get the full effect. It's also Star Wars premiere night! A splendid time is guaranteed for all. Watch...

Duration: 01:31:30

"Dougie Jones and Agent Q" 12/13/17

A New England-style Liberal was just Elected to Jeff Sessions' seat in Alabama. On this Wednesday night show we will, once again, be asking the questions: Despite destroying its credibility entirely, has the media, in fact, won? Is the dynamo partnership between MSM, Government bureaucracies, and the social media/tech giants too large an influential force to overcome? How did Roy Moore get to where he is, and who put him there? How much did sex allegations impact the vote? And, when all...

Duration: 01:36:27

"Alabama Election, Slut-Shaming, and Star Wars" 12/12/17

Well, we all knew today was going to be Lit, but no one knew it was going to be Lit As F*ck! We have Donald Trump taking swipes at shifty New York Senator, Kirsten Gillibrand; and then we have Elizabeth Warren stepping into the mix, calling Gillibrand a slut, thinking that she is actually defending her. I seriously couldn't be in a happier state of depression. We have a little more on the NYC bomber, who will be forgotten completely by tomorrow afternoon; and we have other things. Watch the...

Duration: 01:39:15

"The New Normal" Feat. Sam of The Current Year Report 12/11/17

There was a "Terrorism-related incident" in NYC. Thankfully the Jihadi was incompetent...but how far will luck take us? On a personal note, I had a pretty productive weekend. We're going to catch up on all of that, and tie together some thoughts that popped up for me when I was watching "Jim & Andy" — the story of Jim Carrey's time on set for Man on The Moon. It highlighted a few things about the headlines I read first thing Sunday morning. Around 7:15 we are joined by a friend of ours from...

Duration: 01:24:50

"Al Franken's Kinda-Sorta Resignation & Roy Moore" 12/8/17

In the pre-show we hit on a few topics: The Rare, $450Million, Da Vinci painting's buy has emerged; Slate weighs in on the Radical Notion of Free Speech; and Venezuelans are forming medical flea markets because Hospitals and Pharmacies are dry. We were not able to get around to Al Franken last night because the audio I had pulled for the show didn't work. But there are big developments in the Roy Moore story, and it ties in with Franken, so we spend the first half of the show priming...

Duration: 01:33:30

"Dropping Bombs on Pearl Harbor Day" 12/7/17

Remember the Alamo! Remember the Maine! Remember Pearl Harbor! Never Forget 9/11! But how quickly we forget...and how quickly we're given something new to remember. Tonight we have our good buddy, Rob Corrado, back in the studio to talk about a whole mess of things. "Q" Anon in review; a recent video of John Podesta being questioned about Pizzagate; and the mystic prophecy swirling around the re-establishing Jerusalem as the capitol of the Jewish state. It's another cool Thursday Night!...

Duration: 01:30:18

"The Ottoman Empire Strikes Back" 12/6/17

In tonight's show we need to bounce around a bit. We have Theresa May who has been targeted for assassination, and if you hadn't guessed by now, the plot was hatched by two local boys whose names you can't pronounce. President Trump recognizes Jerusalem as the capitol of Israel, and an Islamic Summit is being called in Turkey in response. To end the show we have a few new thoughts to add to the Special Counsel saga. What a time to be alive. Much to do, much to see, and away we go. Watch...

Duration: 01:38:40

"Bitcoin 101 and Headlines" 12/5/17

In tonight's show, we'll hit up a few headlines, have a few laughs, take a call with Defango about the basics of Bitcoin; and introduce a few new questions to the ever-growing list pertaining to the Civil War we are watching play out within our Government. Short one tonight, I know. Tomorrow will be sharp. Watch the full episode: Become my boss: One-Time Tip:

Duration: 01:22:30

"Into the Black Lodge with Michael Flynn " 12/4/17

This is a dense episode, but an important one. We need to put a few more thick layers of analysis on what we are seeing develop with Michael Flynn; have a little fun with the possibilities based on what we know. We know the charges are minimal, the penalty would be minuscule, and the Trump Campaign/Election Stealing picture is just not developing—primarily because it's not real. And with the guilty plea, has Bob Mueller netted himself a Traitor or a New Partner? The talk consumes most of...

Duration: 01:23:17

"Michael Flynn and Kate Steinle's Day in Court" 12/1/17

The verdict has been returned in San Fransisco regarding the killing of Kate Steinle by a five-times-deported illegal immigrant who shot her with a gun stolen from a Federal agent. The verdict, NOR the immediate response in the media will shock you. Also, Michael Flynn plead guilty to lying to the FBI — a crime otherwise re-defined and excused if your last name is Clinton. In the second half of the show so that we can take a call from Alex Plitsas. (Alex is Combat Veteran & Former Pentagon...

Duration: 01:36:43

"Papa's Gonna Buy You a Mockingbird" feat. Tracy Beanz 11/30/17

Well many a red pill has been popped over the last few months. On internet message boards, and social media, information is being analyzed; terrorist training camps have been uprooted; what's left of Shia Labeouf's life has been destroyed; and a person(s) named "Q" have inspired masses of people to answer some pretty important questions — regardless if this is all real or a dream. Some of those questions ask specific questions about our Intelligence Community, the Press, and Operation...

Duration: 01:28:39

"Thunderbolts" feat. Mr. Joseph Dominic Civitano 11/29/17

There has never been an episode for which I have prepared myself more. Tonight's guest is Mr. Joseph Dominic Civitano, Veteran of WWII, and of General Patton's legendary 11th Armored Division. Tonight we dedicate 100% of the show to learning about some of the 96 years of history that Mr. Civitano lived through, with a primary focus on his time serving in Europe. Watch the full episode here: Become my boss: One-Time Tip:...

Duration: 00:54:46

"The Tuesday Night Pocahontas Special" 11/28/17

Yesterday the 45th President of these United States made my week—and it was only Monday. In a press conference honoring veteran Navajo windtalkers, President Trump took a swipe at a certain Elizabeth Warren, who lied about having Native American heritage in order to get into an Ivy League School and a career leaching off of the taxpayer. Tonight we are just going to bounce around between that and finally some Net Neutrality (though we will revisit from a "Pro" Net Neutrality angle on...

Duration: 01:14:20

"The Canaries in Robert Mueller's Coal Mine" 11/27/17

This was a great one. Monday night and it is time to get right back on the horse. We have some updates on Fusion GPS and a Robert Mueller probe that seems to be scaring members of both parties now. Why on earth could this be? This and much more, mixed in with tales from over the weekend. Watch the full episode: Become my boss: One-Time Tip:

Duration: 01:11:40

"Black Friday Special: Those of Royal Blood" 11/24/17

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. The Cowboys are an embarrassment and so is Black Friday in general, so there's that. Otherwise, the food was great, the company was pleasant, and politics were almost completely avoided. Tonight, we take the last remaining broadcast of the week and focus on more of the 'unseen'. Good friend of mine, Ian Jacklin, joins the show to talk about planetary conspiracy, alien bloodlines, and the fabled Annunaki. Also, there were Thanksgiving drops from Q,...

Duration: 01:58:56

"The Thanksgiving Eve Broadcast" 11/22/17

T'was the night before Thanksgiving, and all through the studio not a creature was stirring, except for the usual. Tonight we continue with some light programming to hand us over to the day off on Thursday. Questions from the audience, some music, some headlines, your calls, and hopefully some laughs. Certainly is a good time of year! There will be a day off on Thursday, but we'll be back on for the Friday night show to discuss other-wordly things with an old friend. Become my boss:...

Duration: 01:18:25

"From Mandalay Bay to the Persian Gulf" 11/21/17

So much to do tonight. We start off with our usual quick-fire headlines to begin the pre-show, then off to the races with some interesting Las Vegas Attack related headlines. Yes, remember Las Vegas? You know, the Bump Stock incident. We're going back. Later in the first half, we are brought back to the 2012 Re-election bid of Barack Obama, and the intelligence about ISIS which has been reported many times as being ignored. It's back in the headlines, and it is a person time to reconnect...

Duration: 01:25:40

"The Flogging of Lena Dunham and New Q Drops" 11/20/17

It's a new week. A brand new week and it will be shortened by my new favorite Holiday: Thanksgiving (Christmas without the financial burden). Plenty of news worth of being ignored, including President Roger Rabbit getting into another Twitter fight; but outside of that we have some hilarious news swirling around my favorite, Lena Dunham. She's been accused of racism, so we'll look into how this could possibly be a thing. Then! A new round of posts from the mysterious Q. Watch the full...

Duration: 01:14:46

"Fiddling While Rome Burns" 11/17/17

It's Friday night and we are capping off another productive week. Tonight we do some round-ups with the headlines, and then look for some spooky things to discuss while History plays out before our eyes: A rare Da Vinci painting breaks auction house records. A Rothschild helicopter crash? A little know rumor about Sylvester Stallone? Plenty of fun to be had tonight. Become my boss: One-Time Tip:

Duration: 01:26:58

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