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The Quite Frankly webcast focuses mainly on Government Politics & Common Sense, with a Libertarian, Anti-Establishment Spin...but never limited to that! You can watch and interact with the show Live, on Zenlive.tv. Call in, get involved!






"Ten Rules" 9/22/17

Tonight we are going to close out another great week by stuffing the room full of friends. Last night, after the show, something very significant happened; a moment of realization that it was finally time to embrace an artifact I've had locked away safely since the time of my grandfather's death. We talk a little bit about Lawrence O'Donnell's meltdown at MSNBC, and about the Music Industry, including the return of Zappa, 24 Years after his death. Pour yourself a glass, pack a hookah, and...

Duration: 01:26:31

"Awaiting The Eternal Equinox" 9/21/17

There are new presidential executive orders on North Korea, and Maxine Waters is still as crazy as she was when we last checked in on the old bird. Mel Brooks delivers some good advice for an ailing Comedy world. Matt's in the house; Intern Armela is in the house; and Riley Dennis shows up for 11 seconds, too. We'll see what else comes out. Watch the full episode here: https://youtu.be/Sgoksk8-Qsg Become my boss: www.patreon.com/QuiteFrankly One-Time Tip: www.paypal.me/QuiteFranklyLive

Duration: 01:13:41

"The Raging Bull Rages No More" feat. Michael Knowles 9/20/17

Off the bat, it is worth noting that tonight's guest is the one and only Michael Knowles of The Daily Wire, and host of the Michael Knowles Show. The death of Jake Lamotta at age 95 brings the New York boxing legend's story to an end. In France, they consider making asking a woman for her phone number a criminal offense, encouraging even more men to seek comfort at Sex Robot brothels. We also have some other stories to get to that we couldn't do last night, but it is Wednesday and we should...

Duration: 01:40:19

"Donald Trump Speaks at The UN" 9/19/17

President Trump delivered his first speech at the UN. Also, Nancy Pelosi is forced to sleep in the bed she's made as loving, Patriotic, peaceful "Dreamers" crash her latest media appearance regarding the #DACA situation. Have the Dreamer Chickens come home to roost? This was a fun one! Watch the full episode here: https://youtu.be/4JMK3ObfLyo Become my boss: www.patreon.com/QuiteFrankly One-Time Tip: www.paypal.me/QuiteFranklyLive

Duration: 01:17:41

"Last Night on the Emmys" 9/18/17

The Dallas Cowboys suck, first of all. Tonight we take a hop, skip, and jump into St. Louis where things are being broken again. So, hashtag, pray for something, and systemic institutionalized problematic and all that jazz. But it's not news anymore if it's normal, so there are bigger cultural questions to ask. Then we close with the Emmys and for a little bit. Watch the full episode here: https://youtu.be/uk5f1smmdsk Become my boss: www.patreon.com/QuiteFrankly One-Time Tip:...

Duration: 00:30:45

"European Decay and Theresa May" 9/15/17

Clay Travis, a radio host, says 'Boobs' on CNN and all feminist hell breaks loose. He even did the dying network so much of a favor to help their ratings that they're having him back on Monday. Then three confirmed acts of terrorism in UK and France today, making it 41 attacks in the EU thusfar, in 2017. That's about one attack every six day or so. We'll touch on that a few other topics as we close out another great week on this show. Watch the full episode here:...

Duration: 01:34:45

"Is Trump Sleeping with the Enemy?" 9/14/17

This was a great episode. The internet went ablaze last night with the news that President Trump had apparently come to terms on #DACA during a dinner meeting with Minority Party leaders. I don't like the way it smells, but we'll go over what we know quickly, with Rob Corrado joining us in studio for the ride. Other than that, we have a little more fun to poke at a certain people about certain things, and also a really interesting segment that all ties in with Climate Change, and the way...

Duration: 01:33:50

"Please Stand for the Racist National Anthem" 9/12/17

Francis Scott Key is the next one under attack from the faceless boys and girls of the authoritarian left. I am going to lay out a little bit of history and CONTEXT with which you'll need to be armed for your next encounter. Also, Ringo Star, more passages from the Hillary Clinton book, and Superman's brand new bag. We leave off with a taste of what is to come tomorrow, and it has to do with science, and weather technology. Watch the full episode here: https://youtu.be/CoVrgh_Fjxg Become...

Duration: 01:26:14

"Just Watching Porn with Ted Cruz" 9/12/17

We have Fappin' Ted and Miss America's new norm: Asking the contestants to fix the world's greatest political problems. It was better when it was just a beauty pageant. It's going to be a show trying to mop up some of the unfinished business from last night, and featuring a call with Stefanie MacWilliams. Watch the full episode here: https://youtu.be/qe2hzbPP0rU Become my boss: www.patreon.com/QuiteFrankly One-Time Tip: www.paypal.me/QuiteFranklyLive

Duration: 01:17:58

"It Wasn't Hillary's Fault" 9/11/17

Tonight, after a brief opening about Stephen King's IT, we look at our unfortunate loser friend, Hillary Clinton, who is either still stuck in the Denial phase of grief...or the Bargaining phase? I don't know, she puts on this front like she has it all together, but no way. This leads us down a trail which takes up the first half of the show. Hillary cites the Wikileaks as one of the meaningless things that damaged her chances at winning in the 11th hour. We take a look at how the Podesta...

Duration: 01:14:44

"Star Blegh: Deep Space Whine" 9/8/17

It's the end of yet another eventful week, and it is giving way to what is going to be a dire weekend for millions of people in the Southeastern United States; but of course it wouldn't be complete with idiots like Jennifer Lawrence pontificating about Trump and Climate Change. In the spirit of carrying on, we'll lightly hit up headlines for the day, and then get into some interesting topics: There is a New Star Trek revival and it is almost as Social Justicey as Levi jeans. I hope against...

Duration: 01:10:44

"Hurricane Ermahgerd" feat. Fleccas Talks 9/7/17

Hurricane Harvey showed what we really are beneath it all. What will be shown from Hurricane Irma? Then around 7:20pm we are bringing on our good friend, Fleccas Talks, who released a short video on the stupid #DACA protests everyone skipped work for again. We will find time for lighter off-topic stuff as well. We'll have some good stuff for tomorrow. Watch the full episode here: https://youtu.be/RyV8MI6VMhc Become my boss: www.patreon.com/QuiteFrankly One-Time Tip:...

Duration: 01:14:52

"The Dreamers Who Dream" 9/6/17

Back after a long Labor Day weekend break. We have plenty to get caught up on, starting with the DACA DACA DACA DACA shit. It's so incredibly simple despite its emotional complexity. So many things to rave about tonight: Another Hurricane on its way and this one is sexist!; Pop Stars of color aren't becoming superfamous quick enough and this apparently needs to be addressed; workforce automation discussion grows along with the call for universal income. On a related note, Venezuelans are...

Duration: 01:37:51

"September Sun" 9/1/17

Well, it is a Friday night, and the doorway into Autumn has been kicked open fully. Tonight I hope to bounce around some headlines for a bit, hookah in hand. We open with some talk about the latest episode of the Joe Rogan Experience w/ Jordan Peterson, then we check in on a guy who has sex with birds and dogs. Apparently our home county of Westchester has a growing population of people who practice witchcraft. After a call with Moonlit Matt about Anarchy and PETA, we have a first time...

Duration: 01:44:09

"Pop Queens & Hard Bowel Movements" feat. PSA Sitch 8/31/17

Good-bye August, hello THREE FUCKING STRAIGHT MONTHS OF LISTENING TO NOTHING BUT TYPE O NEGATIVE. You think I'm kidding? I'm not, son. On tonight's show we are being graced by the presence of Sitch, whose Youtube channel lays down cutting social commentary through his own dynamic animation style. After the call, we take a look at some interesting developments with James Comey, the DNC, and the crimes that will never be answered for. Also, someone wants to release an female version of Lord...

Duration: 01:15:40

"The Left Has Lost Control of the Summer Camp" 8/30/17

THEY'RE IN OUR HOUSE NOW. Nancy Pelosi and Diane Feinstein are now walking their way back from the ledge on a number of fronts: Impeachment, and refusing to disavow Antifa being the two biggest. What is behind this change of heart and is it too little too late? Watch the full episode here: https://youtu.be/FN1FIQDIEqI Become my boss: www.patreon.com/QuiteFrankly One-Time Tip: www.paypal.me/QuiteFranklyLive

Duration: 01:38:04

"August Adrenaline Rush" 8/28/17

The air is crisp, the sun is warm, and the people are crazy. A weekend of boxing matches, hurricanes, protests, and more. Game of Thrones, Twin Peaks, and more! We'll just take the temperature and look forward to the new week. Become my boss: www.patreon.com/QuiteFrankly One-Time Tip: www.paypal.me/QuiteFranklyLive

Duration: 01:37:37

"Reflect the Storm" 8/25/17

There is a hurricane making landfall in Texas, and it seems certain to leave a trail of destruction in its wake. It's in times like this I always think back to the weather modification techniques we've had available since the Vietnam War. Are hurricanes *allowed* to make landfall? We are going to be reviewing everything there is to be known about that, including the political spin that is being applied preemptively. (Hurricane Harvey segment featured a jarring call from Intel Valor) We...

Duration: 01:44:27

"When Life Hands You Don Lemons..." 8/24/17

Another great blog post by Scott Adam's to kick the show off (but we end up ending the show with it instead). He's not just the creator of the Dilbert cartoon, over the last year he's proven himself to have some of the keenest insights on our culture. Then we spend some time watching a new Fleccas Talks video—it's like deep sea diving into the minds of the mindless. A scary place indeed, so bring your tiki torches. I don't know, I am sure more will pop up. For the silent majority who...

Duration: 01:14:18

"The Land of Psychotic Misfit Toys" 8/23/17

Tonight's pre-show hits thoughts I had during whatever I watched of last night's Pheonix Rally. While the new Pravda rants and raves about the sanity of the President, their allies at ESPN take an Asian-American man off of a UVa sports broadcast because his name is Robert Lee... Millennials spend big money on exercise fads, and Robots are performing funerals in Japan. Watch the full episode: https://youtu.be/qqSg49xx9uM Become my boss: www.patreon.com/QuiteFrankly One-Time Tip:...

Duration: 01:25:42

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