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N Drive on ABC Radio National is an engaging two hours of interviews, reports and panel discussion presented by Waleed Aly (Mon-Thu) and Julian Morrow (Fri). Includes special coverage of Asia-Pacific regional affairs and global business.






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Matthew Canavan, North Korea and the 2017 Emmy Awards

Matt Canavan: Safe Schools content is 'filth'. World leaders gather for UN General Assembly. The winners and losers from the 2017 Emmy Awards. Federal Politics: thin envelopes and fraud in SSM survey. Victoria announces political donation reform. Sport: Ken Hinkley stays at Port and Marc Leishman's big win. Germans prepare for the polls. Unbreakable: Women Share Stories of Resilience & Hope.

Duration: 01:22:39

North Korea, memory loss and Superman

Inside the brutal dictatorship of Kim Jong-un. What Happened: Hillary Clinton's new book. Superman defends immigrant factory workers from armed attacker in new comic. Should we stop using the term 'memory loss' in relation to dementia? The Wrap: Same-sex marriage survey, Myanmar and cycling. My Feed: Ted Cruz, BoJack Horseman and Gang of Youths. Yeo is following his Desire Path.

Duration: 01:19:25

Penny Wong, dementia and LGBITQ homelessness

Media reforms 'wrong-headed': Penny Wong. Concern reopening Tarkine drive tracks will affect Aboriginal heritage sites. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory main character originally a black boy, says author's widow. Government is 'proprietor agnostic' on media reform. LGBTI people 'three times more likely to be homeless'. Research Filter: Do artificial sweeteners cause diabetes and we say goodbye to Cassini. Online anger at Singapore's 'president-select'. Flies and spiders and bees, oh my!

Duration: 01:19:42

Josh Frydenberg, Mark Dreyfus and Tibet

Is the Clean Energy Target dead in the water? Giant 'fatberg' blocking London's sewer system. Australian Building and Construction Commission boss resigns. Parliament approves SSM campaign guidelines. Business & Economics: ABS & WA tax. Online campaign in India aims to change representation of sexual assault in news reporting. Report warns of Chinese influence in Tibet policy. The Australian accent.

Duration: 01:17:05

Craig Kelly, Richard Di Natale and voluntourism

AGL benefits from Liddell being out of market: Craig Kelly. 'Parallel universe stuff': Di Natale on keeping Liddell open . Should those who park in disabled parking without a permit lose points off their license? Government under fire for conduct on energy policy. Australian companies urged to end orphanage volunteering in developing countries. Tech: Apple's next iPhone and Tesla. The Caribbean facing a long recovery from Hurricane Irma. Cracking the glass-cultural ceiling.

Duration: 01:19:50

Energy crisis, respectful debate on same-sex marriage and Hurricane Irma

Can the Government convince AGL to keep Liddell running? Fears for mental health in SSM debate. Chess World Cup embroiled in race row. Flooding and blackouts as Irma strikes Florida. What happens to unidentified dead bodies? Sport: AFL, NRL and women's football league. Federal Politics: keeping the lights on at Liddell. ICC uses social media videos in war crimes arrest warrant. Shooting the past.

Duration: 01:19:53

Hurricane Irma, trailblazing women and campaign rules for the same-sex marriage survey

Strong quake rattles Mexico, Guatemala. Hurricane Irma devastates the Caribbean. Will election advertising rules work for the same-sex marriage survey? Women who are changing the world. The Wrap: Same-sex marriage, coal-fired plants and first dates gone wrong. My Feed: Indigenous Literacy Day, damaging stereotypes and Héritier Lumumba. Gordi: Beginning at the Bitter End.

Duration: 01:11:59

Same-sex marriage, Guinness records and hurricanes

High Court makes SSM survey decision. Same-sex marriage panel. Life of a Guinness World Records adjudicator. Facebook uncovers Russian ad campaign. Research Filter: Zika cancer treatment, pacemakers hacks and driving study. Are these powerful hurricanes the new normal? Carrying the mental load.

Duration: 01:22:08

Mark Butler, Ray Martin and the big lobster

Electricity blackouts, higher prices possible this summer. Court approves asylum class action payout. Larry the Lobster goes under the hammer. Ray Martin wants to look you in the eye. SSM High Court challenge wraps up. Business & Economics: GDP, CBA and women. Trump and Turnbull discuss North Korea. Assembling a percussive performance.

Duration: 01:18:55

Bushfire risk, Clinton Pryor and the High Court challenge to the postal survey

Lambie: PM 'chasing his tail' on Liddell power station. Same-sex marriage survey has its day in court. Can the Government keep the Liddell plant open? Ancient footprints could challenge evolution theory. Outlook for this year's bushfire season. Clinton Pryor meets MPs in Canberra after 6000km walk across Australia. Tech: Hillary Clinton, ICOs and sniffer planes. Labour pulls ahead in NZ election. The view from above.

Duration: 01:19:49

North Korea, government crackdown in Cambodia and the Logies

North Korea missile launch follows nuclear test. SSM postal survey: How will the court rule? Do the Logies belong in Melbourne? Federal Politics: Shorten proves he's not a dual citizen. Cambodian newspaper closes amid Government crackdown. Sports: Socceroos to face Thailand and the state of Australian cricket. North Korea's latest test "hostile and dangerous". Has protest become pointless?

Duration: 01:19:20

Flu season, arranged marriage and Cape York

Native title and economic development in Cape York. Seven people dead following flu outbreak. The arranged marriage board game. The Wrap: Foreign donations, Mike Pence helps out flood victims. My Feed: The Bachelor, baking and all things podcasting. Jen Cloher: Heading off down the lonesome highways.

Duration: 01:20:28

NT mandatory sentencing, AEC and magpies

House of Reps to expand to 151 MPs. Northern Territory mandatory sentencing laws to be reviewed. Magpie season begins. Why are we getting more federal politicians? Remembering Diana, 20-years on. Research Filter: Whales, planets and ants. Trump, Mattis at odds over N.Korea. The Onion: Peeling back the layers of satirical news.

Duration: 01:20:44

Energy bills, same-sex marriage and drug-testing trial

Will the same-sex marriage survey beat the High Court challenge? Prime Minister Turnbull: 2 million customers paying too much for energy. Public transport ad tear down. Medical professionals warn against drug-testing welfare recipients. Business and Economics: CBS deal, infrastructure boom and Telstra woes. Floods devastate Bangladesh, India and Nepal. Reaching a consensus on The Money.

Duration: 01:19:32

North Korea, Hellboy whitewash and Indian 'Godman' sentenced

Wyatt: Removing statues won't change history. N.Korea fires missile over Japan. Ed Skrein turns down "whitewashed" Hellboy role. Same-sex marriage: Yes and No campaigns kick into gear. Former Collingwood star opens up about racism within the AFL. Tech: iPhones, neurons and a $10 billion IT bill. 20-year sentence for Indian 'Godman'. Killing Ground — fear of the outback.

Duration: 01:19:21

Commonwealth Bank inquiry, Channel Ten and learning how to fail

Snowy Hydro 2.0 charged up with funding boost. Do we need a Royal Commission into the banking sector? Is it really OK to fail at school? Federal Politics: 'Libs and Nats for Yes' campaign kicks in. CBS to buy Ten Network. Sport: Ironman Dean Mercer dies. Tropical storm Harvey lashes Texas. The Queen and Zak Grieve.

Duration: 01:19:51

Same-sex marriage postal vote, Yingluck Shinawatra and eclipse chasers

Over 90,000 people added to electoral roll. Arrest warrant issued for former Thai PM Yingluck Shinawatra. Life of an eclipse-chaser. The Wrap: same-sex marriage, statues of Captain Cook. My Feed: Beijing Silvermine, writers and race. Raised By Eagles must be somewhere.

Duration: 01:18:46

Same-sex marriage, boofheads and citizenship

Same-sex marriage: Melbourne Archbishop urges 'no' vote . Victoria mandates ambitious renewable energy target. Are we raising a generation of "boofheads"? Independent AOC review reveals toxic work culture. Citizenship dramas land in the High Court. Research Filter: Milk pods, astronauts and renewables in the year 2050. Could the world's two largest economies be headed for a trade war? The traditions of contemporary jewellery.

Duration: 01:19:26

Commonwealth Bank, Hashtags and Captain Cook

Deadline looms for same-sex marriage survey. Commonwealth Bank faces potentially massive class action. #HappyBirthday, hashtag! Same-sex marriage: Should teens under-18 get a vote? What do our statues say about our history? Business and Finance: CBA, Coca-Cola and SA tax. Protests outside Trump's rally in Phoenix. Learning to play again.

Duration: 01:18:51

Afghanistan, avocados and killer robots

Australia to consider recommitment in Afghan conflict. Mixed reaction to controversial Australia Day decision. Are you eating the wrong part of your avocado? Govt wants to trial random drug-testing for welfare recipients. Third revolution in warfare? Tech: Toddlers, torrents and television. The case for removing Confederate statues. Acoustic Uprising.

Duration: 01:18:34

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