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RSN Live is voice's weekly podcast that includes his own banter on whatever he feels like talking about, Mumble chat with listeners and music sprinkled on top. Aaand maybe a fanfic reading.

RSN Live is voice's weekly podcast that includes his own banter on whatever he feels like talking about, Mumble chat with listeners and music sprinkled on top. Aaand maybe a fanfic reading.
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London, United Kingdom


RSN Live is voice's weekly podcast that includes his own banter on whatever he feels like talking about, Mumble chat with listeners and music sprinkled on top. Aaand maybe a fanfic reading.




312 - Internet Shenanigans

Another year another Internet issue, this time curtesy the FCC and Comcast! Listen as I discuss the current Net Neutrality issue and the recent Netflix internet speed debacle. Change of pace in the fan fiction readings as well as I decide to just read to you the lyrics of City Escape! Pardon the sudden cut at the end, IDJC decided to goof. April 24th, 2014

Duration: 02:21:39

228 - SteamOS

Enjoy a conversation about Valve's upcoming SteamOS release as well as a discussion about SpikeTV's VGX Awards and how much it sucked. Also, "free" update for Lost World? Very poor choice of words, SEGA.... December 12th, 2013

Duration: 01:23:01

225 - RPG Rant

Playstation 4 gets released tomorrow, and I spend my rent going on about how much I dislike RPGS and how EA Games sucks! Woot! No fan fiction this week, you all got lucky... November 14th, 2013

Duration: 01:53:19

218 - Sonic Scream 2

After missing last week's show due to having to reload the OS on my laptop we dive right back into Sonic Scream reading Chapter 2. I also state my disdain for some of Cartoon Network's programming and how the network is going to hell. Windows has services for UNIX, who knew? September 12th, 2013

Duration: 01:14:19

217 - Sonic Scream

Title taken from tonight's fan fic, this proves to be the longest and driest fan fic I've read to date. We also discuss this week's events such as the new Nintendo 2DS and how the main stream news media seem to be unable to blame shitty parenting for kids doing stupid shit. August 29th, 2013

Duration: 02:03:52

216 - Silly SAM

WE'RE BACK TO READING FANFICS, ZOMG?!?1111!1. To kick us back off into this wondrous realm of poorly done fan fiction I read to you all Sonic the Toilet Hedgehog. Tonight's multi-person discussion ends up becoming why SAM Broadcaster sucks and why I enjoy using IDJC and other things. Oh! That reminds me, new audio processor! August 22nd, 2013

Duration: 01:21:32

215 - Post Sonic Boom Podcast

Of course since I attended the event I need to spend most of the podcast talking about how disappointing and awkward it was. August 15th, 2013

Duration: 01:26:45

214 - Sonic Boom

The US's turn to have a Sonic event, and guess who is going! Much discussion about the event going on in St. Louis. August 8th, 2013

Duration: 04:02:06

213 - Summer of Sonic

While all of you Brits are off at Summer of Sonic for the weekend I'm stating how awesome it is that I am going to a Weird Al concert while also attending the Wisconsin State Fair! August 1st, 2013

Duration: 01:40:42

212 - Listener Beware

I talk about more random subjects, mainly the sonic community, a little bit about consoles. Sonic Fan Fic picks up with a fan fic so disturbing I won't read it, I have a pre-recorded version instead! LISTENER DISCRETION ADVISED! July 25th, 2013

Duration: 01:15:38

211 - Voice Fails At Reading

More of the same as before, however voice fails at reading song titles which results in some awkwardness. Voice also fails at reading video game directions resulting in a rant about the recent Tomb Raider video game. No fan fiction tonight, sorry folks :( July 18th, 2013

Duration: 01:19:14

210 - Steam Summer Sale Joys

Its here! The 2013 Steam Summer Sale! Oh....and I'm going to Sonic Boom.....but no one cares about that, right? I also begin the next fan fiction "Rivals with Benefits". July 11, 2013

Duration: 01:18:08

209 - Woot, I Think?

After nearly an hour delay due to Windows problems I finally get to dive in and talk about.....absolutely nothing...sorry my mind blanked out this week. On the bright side I finished Shadow Makes It Big! June 27th, 2013

Duration: 01:56:26

208 - Sonic Troll 2013

Finally, Mumble is working with me! Listen as I, TReKiE, Whooa21, and QJimbo discuss the news release that Sonic Boom and Summer of Sonic is a go! Also, and I feel so proud of this, OUR FIRST SHOW TROLL! Oh, and Shadow Makes It Big Chapter 4. June 20th, 2013

Duration: 01:23:09

207 - Damnit SEGA!

I describe what I know happened at E3 this week. I also spend a considerable amount of time explaining why SEGA's decision to platform lock Sonic Lost World to Nintendo's WiiU and 3DS is one of the dumbest business decisions I've seen them make recently. In the fan fiction section we continue where we left off in the Shadow Makes It Big saga going into Chapter 3! June 13th, 2013

Duration: 01:18:49

206 - Drivers and Game Consoles

Listen in as I list yet another reason why Windows sucks as a operating system compared to Linux. Then, I discuss the current state of console gaming now that we pretty much have a idea of what we have to work with. Finally the new fan fiction segment continues where I left off as I read Shadow Makes It Big - Chapter 2. June 6th, 2013

Duration: 01:12:41

205 - Fanfiction Night

Exactly as it says on the tin. Listen as voice reads two chapters of fanfiction, enjoy the horrors contained within! May 30th, 2013

Duration: 01:22:40

204 - Hello Portal on Linux!

Another week another show, this time I'm ranting about Sprint and some other irrelevant things! May 2nd, 2013

Duration: 01:08:51

203 - I'm Driving A Truck

EURO TRUCK SIMULATOR 2 FOR THE FREAKIN' WIN! Thats right, virtual citizens of europe, you now have voice to contend with! Oh, and a 'quick' blurb about the state of Linux gaming. April 25th, 2013

Duration: 01:08:16

202 - Battle of the Boobs

Nobody wins when during the random discussion a comparison is made between Sonic's Rouge and StarFox's Krystal. April 18th 2013

Duration: 01:10:35

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