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Lindsay Beck (Ep.39): A second act

Lindsay Beck was an outdoorsy 22 year old who had just run a marathon when she was diagnosed with tongue cancer. The typical procedure: removing your tongue and communicating via whiteboard for the rest of your life. But at 22? With a life ahead of her and dreams of finding love and starting a family? Furthermore, chemotherapy (not just for tongue cancer) had a 90% sterilization rate - a fact doctors withheld from their patients and then obviously insurance wouldn't cover egg freezing....


Eugene Wei (Ep.38): Be a novice

Eugene Wei's career cannot be described succinctly or linearly. He worked as an analyst at Amazon in the late 90s, went to film school, worked as a product manager at startups including Hulu and Flipboard and most recently was head of video for Facebook's Oculus VR. Eugene always "seeks to be a novice" and eschews traditional "career rules." I was drawn to Eugene's blog by his grasp of the written word and the fluidity of his interests, ranging from tech, sports, culture, psychology, media,...


Alessandra Biaggi (Ep.37): Using Your Voice

In the months after the 2016 election, 16,000 women contacted the non-profit Emily's List to learn about running for office, compared to 1,000 the entire prior year. Alessandra Biaggi is one of these new faces in politics. As a young girl she declared at the dinner table that she wanted to be president. She went on to law school, worked as a lawyer for state of NY and then as Deputy National Operations Director for Hillary Clinton's campaign. After the election, she turned despair into...


Jeff Warren (Ep.36): You are what you repeatedly do

My happy place is interviewing a high energy meditator who curses like a sailor. Jeff Warren is a meditation teacher and the co-author of Meditation for Fidgety Skeptics (alongside Good Morning America's Dan Harris). We talk a lot about mental health and Jeff's longtime struggle with ADD, which to this day impacts his sense of acceptance and belonging. This conversation is nothing like what you'd expect from two meditators - it's high energy, very personal, and pragmatic. We cover the...


Abby Raphel (Ep.35): Stepping into your shadow

Abby Raphel is the founder of the Redwoods Initiative, an investment education company for wealthy families and the creator of the Blank Canvas Method for self-discovery. Abby grew up in a two stoplight town rural Florida, where she raised hogs and swam competitively, and was exposed to leadership at a young age when she joined the Future Farmers of America. She started modeling in college and moved to New York with two bags and two phone numbers. But as a "broke and B-rate model," she went...


Frank Ostaseski (Ep.34): Have a plan, hold it lightly

Here's a controversial statement: contemplating your mortality will make you happier. Frank Ostaseski is a pioneer in end of life care and holds this to be true. Frank co-founded the Zen Hospice Project, the Metta Institute, and is the author of The Five Invitations: Discovering What Death Can Teach Us About Living Fully. Those who repress their fear of death, are missing what it can teach us. The anxieties we often discuss on this podcast, identity, acceptance, self-judgement, and loving...


Lisa Daron Grossman (Ep.33): Curing loneliness through human connection

Lisa Daron Grossman landed in Swaziland as a 22 year old Peace Corps volunteer. The country had the world's highest incidence of HIV and lowest life expectancy. Her team's mission: mitigate the impact of the HIV epidemic. She was surrounded by loss and grieving - in her own words "It literally me open, like a sledgehammer to my chest." Yet she was also surrounded by love, family, and community. She returned to the US with unprocessed trauma, depression and illness and living a dual life of...


Anthony Demby (Ep.32): Busy is not a business model

Anthony Demby the founder of HumbleRIOT an audible idea shop that sits at the intersection of artists, culture, brands and experiences. Prior to founding HumbleRIOT, Anthony cut his teeth in the music industry with a range of roles in A&R, publicity and artist management. He has worked with artists such as Quadron, John Legend, and Childish Gambino. We discuss hitting financial rock bottom as an entrepreneur (i.e. an ATM balance of $0), expanding the conversation around race and police...


Lauren Imparato (Ep.31): From the trading desk to the yoga mat

There's the cliché of leaving Wall Street to become a Yoga instructor. And then there's actually doing it. As a young salesperson at Morgan Stanley, Lauren Imparato put her entrepreneurial prowess on display winning over both clients and bosses. Initially, Lauren immersed herself in yoga, nutrition, and meditation to help manage the daily grind - hiding it from her colleagues to avoid the "weirdo hippy girl" look. But the push to start her own business eventually overtook her and she went on...


Thomas Page McBee (Ep.30): Emotional detachment is a ticking time bomb

Thomas Page McBee is an author and journalist who writes about masculinity, and gender more broadly. Because Thomas is also trans, I entered the conversation with a preconceived set of beliefs, mostly based on the popular narratives I'd seen in media about trans people. Thomas and I discuss where his story and reporting diverged from those narratives, and he helped me understand that gender is complicated for all of us. Thomas has a unique and informed perspective on issues many men struggle...


Mike Lewis (Ep.29): The unsexy steps to chasing your dreams

At age 22, Mike Lewis had his dream job as a young venture capitalist at Bain Capital Ventures, moving up the ranks all while having fun and learning. But there was a little nagging voice reminding him of a dream - to play squash on the pro tour, even if it meant couch surfing and eating into his savings to do so. Mike did it, peaked at 112 and went on to write When to Jump: If the job you have isn't the life you want. We're bombarded by sexy stories about people who made the jump, but...


Philip Simon (Ep.28, Part 2): To follow knowledge like a sinking star

Here's part II of my chat with Philip Simon. To recap, as a child Philip played hooky from school to read in the library, graduated high school and lived in a cave (as he pursued monkhood), and taught himself markets and finance by reading every single word of the FT and the Economist for four straight years. We pick up part II with Philip's corporate development role at a high frequency trading firm. We discuss “dual consciousness” or bringing two different versions of yourself to work and...


Philip Simon (Ep.28, Part 1): From the cave to the trading desk

Philip Simon is the "Rad Genius." His life and career have bucked convention and traditional narratives, and are the consequence of a ravenous curiosity and thirst for knowledge. Philip's story starts in the library, where as a kid he would read multiple books a day (an estimated 1,500 by the time he graduated). After graduating, he dabbled in the Marines, moved to a cave in Greece to pursue a life of asceticism (i.e. severe self-discipline and abstention from all forms of indulgence) and...


Venkatesh Rao (Ep.27): The stress that makes you come alive

Venkatesh Rao defies labels - he's a blogger, thinker, consultant whose ideas span the digital economy, science, philosophy, and the zeitgeist. Rao is the creator of Ribbonfarm and Breaking Smart and we discuss “paycheck addictions” and the wave of transformation that's going to hit the economy. Is becoming a free-agent a way to stay ahead of the curve? How should a mid-career executive prepare? An immersion in the technology conversation is a must - but so is the ability to emotionally...


Holly Rogers (Ep.26): The tiny compounding adjustments of mindfulness

Today's episode should be called mindfulness for hyper-driven skeptics with no time. Holly Rogers is a psychiatrist at the student counseling center at Duke University and the co-founder of the center for Koru Mindfulness. Holly's training as a psychiatrist provides a repertoire of research for the benefits of mindfulness, such as improving cardiovascular health, building a tolerance for discomfort, and my personal favorite: noticing tiny pain points with clarity and making adjustments that...


Ted Seides (Ep.25): Money makes you more of what you already are

Let's talk Hedge Funds! Ted Seides is a long time hedge fund investor and the host of the Capital Allocators Podcast. He's a kindred spirit and we overlapped during the go-go days of the hedge fund industry. While this industry has some of the smartest and hardest working individuals, it's also got some perverse incentives, outright greed, and is a breeding ground for the Three Es (Ego, Envy, Entitlement - all of which I experienced). The industry is undergoing tremendous change and we...


Maya Benattar (Ep.24): Trauma with a “little t”

Maya Benattar is a psychotherapist and music therapist. She gives us a lay of the land of therapy and how it differs from life coaching. We talk cultural stigmas, different approaches such as CBT or psycho dynamics, and the difference between Trauma with a "big T" and a "little t." Most of us have experienced (little t) trauma in the form of bullying, otherness, and insecurities such as body image. We explore the myth of being emotionally self-sufficient, Maya's work in helping clients hold...


Andrew Taggart (Ep.23): Skimming the surface of life

Andrew Taggart is a practical philosopher who works with executives and entrepreneurs. He challenges them to investigate life's basic assumptions, even if it's uncomfortable. We discuss high performers' antagonistic relationship with time and their desire to turn life into a series of problems which can be solved - and how this can mask our confounding relationship with mortality. Instead of avoiding these question, we consider how "an examined life, is a life lived more fully." + SHOW...


Caroline Webb (Ep.22): Behavioral science and your best self

I often get listener pushback when we discuss happiness and introspection - this skepticism comes from the fact that the learnings aren't grounded in data and they lack the pragmatism and relevance to our daily jobs. Today's guest, Caroline Webb bridges that gap. She's a former McKinsey partner, leadership coach, and economist and is used to C-Suiters pushing back on topics that are too "woo-woo." She's the founder of SevenShift, where she uses insights from behavioral science to help...


Auren Hoffman (Ep.21): Question your default options

Auren Hoffman is a serial entrepreneur and investor in over 75 tech companies. He’s the CEO and Chief Historian of SafeGraph and co-founder and former CEO of LiveRamp. This is a conversation about thinking, reasoning, and cultivating self-awareness. We discuss: default options (such as going to college or buying a house) and the need to reaffirm these on a regular basis; combatting status-seeking behavior; the challenging skill of holding two opposing views at once; how being "cool" or a...


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