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Radio Arlecchino: Italian Grammar and Culture

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Radio Arlecchino provides lessons that illustrate specific Italian grammar points. Grammar examples and dialogs are built upon the escapades of Arlecchino, Pulcinella, and other masks of the Italian Commedia dell'arte. Radio Arlecchino is produced at the College of Liberal Arts, University of Texas at Austin.




The University of Texas at Austin Department of French and Italian 1 University Station B7600 Austin, TX 78712


Episode 1: Narrating in the Past - passato prossimo vs. imperfetto

Episode 2: Narrating in the past - passato remoto

Episode 3: Narrating in the past - trapassato prossimo, trapassato remoto

Episode 4: Subjunctive - I'm in the mood for ...

Episode 5: Subjunctive - Opening night jitters

Episode 6: Subjunctive - All's well that ends ...

Episode 7: Subjunctive - Someone's in the kitchen with Pulcinella

Episode 8: Imperative - Your call is important to us

Episode 9: Imperative - Build a better mousetrap

Episode 10: Imperative - For best results

Episode 11: Pronouns - Adult supervision required

Episode 12: Pronouns - Just look at yourself

Episode 13: Pronouns - The joy of stress

Episode 14: The Holiday Special

Episode 15: The Holiday Special Continued

Episode 16: Likes and Dislikes - On the red carpet

Episode 17: Likes and Dislikes - Casting call and scream test

Episode 18: Likes and Dislikes - The catch of the day

Episode 19: Episode 19: Talking about the Future - Global Thermogrammatical War

Episode 20: If You Can't Stand the Heat

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