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ScriptRock is the System of Record for the cloud and the data center. ScriptRock’s collaborative web-based interface, agentless configuration discovery and executable test documentation allow IT teams to easily blueprint, automate & validate complex business systems in order to achieve enhanced system performance and security. Companies in regulated industries such as financial services, energy and health count on ScriptRock daily to guarantee their systems.






Episode 016: Natalie Diggins from OpenView Venture Partners

We had a conversation about DevOps culture, adoption, and best practices with Natalie Diggins, entrepreneur-in-residence at OpenView Venture Partners. Natalie is working with OpenView's portfolio companies to effectively scale their technology and operations through the expansion stage and beyond.

Duration: 00:11:09

Episode 014: Simon Crosby from Bromium

We spoke to Bromium’s CTO and Co-founder Simon Crosby to learn more about the Cupertino-based startup’s offering and why its model for security using micro-virtualization may result in fewer data breaches and security compromises.

Duration: 00:23:01

Episode 012: Mike Kavis from Cloud Technology Partners

Mike Kavis from Cloud Technology Partners joins us for this episode of The Gig. Author of Architecting the Cloud, Kavis is a cloud computing pioneer and led a team to win the Amazon AWS Global Startup Challenge in 2010.

Duration: 00:15:34

Episode 001: Patterns with Jim Truher

Patterns are embedded in the world all around us. Nowhere is this more evident than in technology: from software design patterns, intrusion signatures, and machine learning, patterns are central motif in computer science and IT. For Jim Truher, the ability to recognize patterns was honed in the world of music. A classically trained musician with no formal schooling in computers, he began his career in technology with a head-first dive into Unix world— eventually making his way to Microsoft...

Duration: 00:31:56