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All About Music, We Love Music. This is what Radio SkyRose is about. We are trying to mix as much different genres of music as we possible can, because we love music. When we decided to lay C&S Radio to sleep, I wanted to continue with something else, but still, I kept the best parts of C&S Radio and after a couple of months work, Radio SkyRose begun its journey. Radio SkyRose is an independent station, we begun with the station in May 2017, with a simple idea, small artists must be played also and that is what we keep on doing. We are scanning for new music every day, some songs we find, will be played more and some less, there is where you come in, you can help us out and say what you think. So keep on listen to us, because you love music too. This is only the beginning, we are working with new ideas and things all the time.




Edsbro Music Lötenvägen 15 76297 Edsbro Sweden +46-70-3310558


Radio SkyRose
Radio SkyRose

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