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Produced and presented by people with disabilities covering issues such as housing, discrimination, difficulties with public transport, self-advocacy and other related issues.

Produced and presented by people with disabilities covering issues such as housing, discrimination, difficulties with public transport, self-advocacy and other related issues.
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Melbourne, VIC


Produced and presented by people with disabilities covering issues such as housing, discrimination, difficulties with public transport, self-advocacy and other related issues.




1st Floor, Ross House 247 Flinders Lane Melbourne VIC 3000 (03) 9650 2722


Raising our Voices on 3CR…since 1987

We celebrated 30 years on air in August this year and we are still celebrating!.We've been going through the archives from the last 5 years since our 25th anniversary compilation and today we bring you some of the amazing voices and conversations raised in support of self-advocacy for people for a disability.The past 5 years have featured presenters: Lisa Brumtis, James Teeken, Amanda Millear, Maria Strong, Helen Gwilliam, Tim Elson, Ray Groves, Peter Waters,Jane Rosengrave, Norrie...

Duration: 00:28:24

30 Years and Still Going Strong

What a pearla of a show!It's our 30th Anniversary ShowRaising our Voices on 3CR…since 1987This month we bring you highlights from the last 5 years since our 25th anniversary compilationPresenters: Lisa Brumtis, James Teeken, Amanda Millear, Maria Strong, Helen Gwilliam, Tim Elson, Ray Groves, Peter Waters,Jane Rosengrave, Norrie Blythman, Sue Smith, Ariane Garner-Williams, Lachlan Jones, Peta Ferguson, Jeff Shaw, Pauline Williams, Colin Hiscoe, Luke Nelson, Janice Slattery, Luke Stone,...

Duration: 00:29:58

Acquired Brain Injury (ABI)

This month we are talking about Acquired Brain Injury (ABI)What it is?, what changes does it bring?Jeff Shaw, Lisa Brumtis and Peta Ferguson share their experiences of ABI and swap tips on the war on ignoranceFor more information and support contact: Brain Injury Matters (BIM) Self-advocacy organisationoffice@braininjurymatters.orgPH: 9369 7222Give a Care www.giveacare.com.au PH: 0417 122 123Action For More Independance in Disability Accommodation amida@amida.org.au 03 9650 2722

Duration: 00:23:02

Air Travel and Accessibility

This month Amanda, Pauline and Lachlan are talking Air travel and Accessibility. Can you travel with your wheelchair? What kind of support is there for you?Did you know that you may need to bring your carer with you - can you then get a discount for your carer?For more information check out CASA (The Civil Aviation Safety Authority) https://www.casa.gov.au/If you think you have been discriminated against ask Disability Discrimination Legal Service PH: 96548644For more info...

Duration: 00:29:04

Transitioning to the NDIS

This month Peter Waters and Pauline Williams remember Terry Stanton, a strong self advocate who helped bring about positive change. We discuss transitioning to the NDIS. NDIA have acknowledged there has been teething problem For more info: ndis.gov.auHow will the NDIS affect supported and group housing.

Duration: 00:27:30


Its Radiothon! Thanks for supporting us in our annual fundraiser.It's not too late to donate to keep Rasing Our Voices on the air

Duration: 00:27:15

Demystifying the NDIS

James, Maria and Kathryn demystify the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS).What is it, who can get it and what does it cover?Everyone with a disability is expected to have a plan. What are these plans? What are your rights?And did you know if you are unhappy with your plan you can appeal.AMIDA have an NDIS appeals advocate who can provide support free of charge. Contact: appeals@amida.org.au (03) 9650 2722

Duration: 00:22:23

Homelessness...walk in my shoes

Homelessness and it's effect on people with disabilities. If more politicians had a lived experience of homelessness, institutionalisation or disability would we see a change to government support?Ariane Garner-Williams, James Teeken, Jane Rosengrave and Pauline Williams discuss homelessness and how it happens.For more information contact AMIDA on (03) 9650 2722Music: The Choir of Hard Knocks live cover of Missy Higgins The Special Two (Melbourne Town Hall 2007)

Duration: 00:26:20

International Women's Day Special

The panel talk about advocacy and women with disabilities rights on International Women's Day. They are joined by Cath McNamara from Women with Disabilites Victoria. You can phone them on 03 92867800 or visit their webpage: www.wdv.org.au

Duration: 00:27:19

Using Social Media

In the studio, Arianne, Janice and Pauline talk about safe and easy ways to use social media.

Duration: 00:25:13

Sci Fi Special

This month we look at Sci Fi clubs in Melbourne that are great spaces for everyone to be in.

Duration: 00:26:50

Melbourne Metro

The Raising Our Voices talk to Evan Tattersall from Melbourne Metro about accessibility in the CBD.

Duration: 00:28:23

First People's Disability Network

Jane Rosengrave talks to John Baxter from First People's Disbaility Network. They chat about many and various issues that the network is challenging as well as some of the solutions.Make sure you get to the Blackburn Lake Sanctuary Cultural Day. Tuesday September 20 10am to 3pm see https://www.facebook.com/WFFR.com.au/?hc_ref=SEARCH&fref=nf for more details.

Duration: 00:22:28

Inquiry into Abuse in Disability Services Report

Ariane and Luke discuss the recently released Inquiry into Abuse in Disability Services.The final report highlighted the widespread nature of abuse and neglect of people with disability and how reports of abuse and suspected abuse of people with a disability are often ignored or not adequately addressed. For more information contact AMIDA on (03) 9650 2722

Duration: 00:25:19

Victorian Self Advocacy Network Speak Out

At a recent forum and skills workshop with People from the Victorian Self Advocacy Network, James, Ria and Norrie spoke with Matt, Jessica, Marlene, Nola, Jules, Adrian, Glenn, Ben, Brendan, David, Gabrielle, Christian, John, Janice, Jamie, Bec and Maryanne about the issues that matters to them.

Duration: 00:29:03


Thanks to everyone who donated to keep Raising Our Voices on the air for another year.We haven't quite made our target Call (03) 9419 8377 or visit www.3cr.org.au to donate

Duration: 00:30:34

What's in the Budget for People with Disability?

Ariane Garner- Williams and Pauline Williams discuss the 2016 Federal and Victorian State Budgets. The closure of the last institutions and making sure future builds for community housing avoid isolating people with disabilities.https://www.facebook.com/raisingourvoicesradio/

Duration: 00:28:31

Knowing Your Rights on Trains, Planes and Buses

This month we're talking all things Transport - everything from trains, planes and buses and knowing your rights. Presented by Ariane Garner- Williams, Lachlan Jones, James Teeken and Pauline Williams

Reinforce CD No Strangers Here

Live from Reinforce's No Strangers Here CD Launch in Dec 2015Reinforce decided that the best way to educate, create a new voice and introduce new listeners to the concepts of Self Advocacy was to produce these catchy songs.Reinforce is a Self Advocacy organisation for and by people with an Intellectual disability. It is run to ensure that the rights of people with an intellectual disability are upheld in the same way as everyone else in the community with respect, dignity and inclusion.

Duration: 00:30:26

Why Self Advocacy Matters Cont'

The 'Why Self Advocacy Matters' forum and Q&A, took place on Wednesday, 25 November 2015.Hosted by the Self Advocacy Resource Unit (SARU), Raising Our Voices and other Victorian self advocacy groups The forums focus was on the way self advocacy works to empower people, to change and strengthen disability support and mainstream systems and to build more inclusive communities and the many ways people can support self advocacy groups. It was an opportunity to hear about the link between self...

Duration: 00:29:23

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