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Surprised by Joy

As we continue to follow Joseph’s journey, we learn that Joseph’s story has a lot in common with Jesus’s story. In this message, we dive into how Joseph’s brothers were surprised by joy when they returned to Egypt, and learn 4 things Joseph’s life and Jesus’s life have in common. Click below to watch or […]

Duration: 00:31:02

Taking Care of Our Attitude

Jacob, Joseph’s father, had a horrible attitude. He thinks his son Joseph died two decades ago, his son Simeon is in Egypt in prison, and now, the other sons want to take Benjamin back to Egypt. Jacob forgot God’s promises and forgot God’s faithfulness. How often do we do the same? We forget God loves […]

Duration: 00:29:42

Living with a Guilty Conscience

If there was anyone who knew a thing or two about living with a guilty conscience, it was Joseph’s brothers. Over 20 years have past since they sold him into slavery, never to hear from him again. And then, famine hits, and the only place to go for food is to Egypt, and straight to […]

Duration: 00:26:59

Moving from Pit to Pinnacle

Joseph had been in slavery or in prison for years when someone mentions him to Pharoah as a person gifted in interpreting dreams. Because of his gift, he is released and elevated to the second highest position in all of Eqypt. Joseph could have been bitter, he could have held onto the many ways he […]

Duration: 03:12:36

Learning Life’s Toughest Lessons

We continue following the story of Joseph this week. He’s still in the dungeon, and will be for a couple more years, where he’s learning some really hard lessons. Why did God allow this to happen? Why does God allow any of us to struggle? Click below to watch or listen to this week’s message! […]

Duration: 00:45:03

Joseph: Resisting Temptation

After the message last week, we left 17 year old Joseph in a pit. This week, he’s purchased by Potiphar, given a position of power, and then punished for resisting temptation. We know facing temptation isn’t an old problem and that we do so on a daily basis. Watch or listen below to see how […]

Duration: 00:37:07

Joseph: The Results of Favoritism

Today, we launch a new series–Joseph: From Pit to Pinnacle. Joseph was a man who lived early in the Old Testament, and part of the book of Genesis follows his life from his teen years into adulthood. When we first meet Joseph, we learn that he was his father’s favorite son. We also discover how […]

Duration: 00:39:30

Are We Blind, Too?

Jesus healed a physically blind man during his ministry. The spiritual elite of the day investigated the healing and wondered if they were blind, too. Not physically blind, but spiritually blind. And so we ask, “Are we blind, too?” What aren’t we seeing? Click below to watch or listen to this week’s message. It’s also […]

Duration: 00:35:47

Freed to Love

In Galatians 5:13, Paul tells us that we Christians are called to be free, and with that freedom, we are to serve one another in love. But that gets tricky, doesn’t it? Do we serve because of our own ambitions or because of our love for Jesus? Do we serve because of the freedom we […]

Duration: 00:31:08

Amazing Love that Sets People Free

In Luke 7, we hear the story the time Jesus was invited to Simon’s home for a party. At that gathering, a woman with a less than sparkling reputation comes to him, washes his feet with her tears, dries them with her hair, and then anoints them with oil. To our 21st century selves, this […]

Duration: 00:38:45

No Turning Back

We all reach points in our lives that are no-turning-back moments. If you do a certain thing, experience something, or make a specific decision, then there is no going back to the way things were before. The Israelites had a bunch of no turning back moments, including when they were standing at the bank of […]

Duration: 00:33:27

What does it Mean to be Connected?

In John 10, Jesus says, “I am the vine; you are the branches. If you remain in me and I in you, you will bear much fruit; apart from me you can do nothing.” In other words,”Remain connected to me, and you will have an impact in this world–you will represent Jesus Christ to the people […]

Duration: 00:22:59

Keys to Peace

In Philippians 4, Paul writes that if we put certain things into practice, “the peace of God will be with you.” This Sunday, Pastor Keith led us in examining this passage and the 5 keys to having a peace that is beyond any of our understanding. For more, click below to watch or listen. Also […]

Duration: 03:38:44

Do You Love Me?

After Jesus died and rose again, He appeared to His disciples several times. In John 21, we read about the time He appeared to them while they were fishing, and told them to cast their nets in a different place if they wanted to have any success in fishing that night. Do we listen to […]

Duration: 00:39:37

Pigs or People?

In Mark 5, Jesus sends a legion of demons out of a man and into a herd of pigs, who then run straight over a cliff and into the sea. After the man is no longer possessed by the demons, he wants to follow Jesus, but Jesus tells him no, “Go home to your family […]

Duration: 00:52:15

Youth Sunday 2017!

This Sunday, we had the incredible privilege of being led in worship by our teens. The youth welcomed people at the front doors, led praise and worship, and served coffee after the service. Rather than having a traditional sermon, our graduating seniors shared their favorite verses and talked about what the Lord has taught them […]

Duration: 00:34:28

A Pile of Stones

In Joshua 4, Joshua commands Israel to create piles of stones to commemorate times when God was faithful to them. Then, when their children ask about the stones, they have the opportunity to share with them about God’s provision and protection. Do you have piles of stones in your life? Ways you remember God’s faithfulness, […]

Duration: 00:34:35

Proactive Peacemaking

How well do you handle conflict when it pops up in your life? Do you like to run and hide and hope it goes away? Creating peace and handling conflicts well requires prayerful action–full of grace and mercy and forgiveness. For more on the Biblical way to manage conflict and create more peace in your […]

Duration: 00:53:30

Focus in a Fragmented World

In 1 Samuel, we get to know Hannah, who wasn’t able to have any children. One day, she prays at the temple and pleads with God for a baby, promising to give back her child to God’s service if he will only bless her and allow her to be a mother. God answers her prayer […]

Duration: 00:30:54

Following God Beyond Feelings

Life is full of unexpected surprises. When unexpected, unpleasant, unclear things happen, they leave us asking ourselves, “What do I do now?” And the answer to that questions is up to us. Do we react emotionally or do we respond intentionally? Do we choose to fix our eyes on Jesus and follow Him, or do […]

Duration: 04:01:43

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