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Resist the Empire - A libertarian view of the Star Wars universe

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The Last Jedi Full Spoiler Review - RtE020

The Last Jedi Full Spoiler Review We're gonna break down The Last Jedi in the best chronological order we can, we'll give you the ups and downs, funny stories and other tidbits. We take the movie from start to finish and break it down as only we can, from easter eggs we saw or found, to politics, to emotional connections. What was Luke's door made out of on his hut in Ach-to? What was the sex of the Porg that Chewie had in the cockpit of the Millenium Falcon? Who developed the...


The Last Jedi (non-spoiler) and Our Starlight Children's Foundation Fundriaser - RtE019

We talk The Last Jedi, we'll break down our live stream for Starlight Children's Foundation, possible Battlefront 2 changes, and will Seasteading lead us to the best form of government? Our SW canon list is done. It's a full list of canon Star Wars content, and we get a taste of everything you purchase from this link. "Speaking in the latest issue of Empire (via ScreenRant) Hamill reveals the ending of The Force Awakens was changed at the last minute to ensure continuity with Rian...


Resist The Empire Starlight Children's Foundation Star Wars Marathon!

Tonight is THE night that we raise $1,000 for the Starlight Children's Foundation during our 24 hours Star Wars marathon! Don't forget to donate and watch at


Will Disney's Streaming Service be the Dume of Netflix - RtE018

Star Wars streaming AND live action show?, Disney ends its fight with the media, Battlefront 2 pros and cons, and an entire new Trilogy! Our special event On December 13th starting at around 10:30pm we'll be live streaming the 2 of us watching all 8 Stars Wars Films in order, leading up to our Fan Event showing at 6pm for The Last Jedi. We're going to be live streaming this on Facebook and our youtube channel, you'll be able to view that at We're This will...


Yes There Will Be Baby Porgs - RtE017

New Last Jedi "Awake" commercial drops, Denver prevents a mother from making a large profit on her house, CERN scientists let us know the universe might not exist, and porgs are still awesome. Build-A-Bear has launched a new line of bears for the last Jedi including a Porg Our special event: On December 13th starting at around 10:30 pm we'll be live streaming the 2 of us watching all 8 Stars Wars Films in order, leading up to our Fan Event showing at 6 pm for The Last Jedi. We're...


The Last Jedi Trailer and Rebels Season 4 - RtE016

We talk about our future speeder bikes, the Empire is now suing you for something they gave you the right to do, we'll recap the first 2 episodes of season 4 Rebels, and we heard there was another Star Wars trailer. ____________________________ Stephen brought to our attention an update on the Hamill/Memorabilia Law update from Reason We break down the new The Last Jedi Trailer giving you scene by scene...


Abrams Bail-ing Out Disney - RtE015

Hamill's drawing attention with tweets again, we talk about more director changes, a bar owner gets creative to avoid regulations, and Rodger gives a rundown on the newest novels. Quick hits Rian Johnson says Luke is "Tthe Last Jedi" not Rey. Hamill tweets always seem to make the news. He did it again this week telling someone they should watch the October 9th Monday night football game between the Bears and Vikings. the tweet was removed and then he tried to play it off like he was...


Secret Service Costs Erso Expensive - RtE014

We talk about stand alone movie news, the Navy is hitting other people's ships again, Lego's biggest Falcon set ever, and the Berkley city council clearly was not paying attention to Episode 2, or maybe they were? Lego Millennium Falcon Propel debuts new Star Wars drone Mandalorian40 on Instagram Tatooine Times 'Star Wars' Obi-Wan Kenobi Film in the Works (Exclusive) LONG-RUMORED JABBA THE HUTT AND BOBA FETT SPINOFFS REPORTEDLY IN DEVELOPMENT EA Announces Star Wars: Rise to...


A Partial Eclipse For Star Wars Toys - RtE013

We have a lot of episode 8 news, who will own the roads, we have a discussion on who is the chosen one, and a new language was just created – but not by humans. Tatooine Times The Last Jedi: Can Rey save Luke Skywalker from his own darkness? The Last Jedi: New details on Benicio Del Toro's devious character Star Wars: Episode IX Just Went Through A Big Behind-The-Scenes Change ‘Star Wars’ Vet Warwick Davis Reunites With Ron Howard For Han Solo Film 'Star Wars' virtual reality...


Some Steal Property, Some Steal Hearts - RtE012

Minimum wage is rising – and dropping, we finish reviewing Skywalker Strikes, we talk in depth about the behind the scenes trailer from The Last Jedi, and has Brian discovered his new favorite character? Tatooine Times Carl Cunningham Pleads Guilty To Stealing From Rancho Obi-Wan ‘Star Wars Land: First Look at Disney Attractions Unveiled Star Wars: The Last Jedi Behind The Scenes Video The Holonet Disabled St. Jude patient sues airport and TSA after bloody scuffle with Airport...


Unconstitutional Droid Checkpoints - RtE011

In this episode we talk Han Solo movie drama, school yearbook political censorship, your tax dollars being used for poor purchase decisions, and we get a new character arrival in Skywalker Strikes. Tatooine Times The fired Han Solo directors believed they were hired to 'make a comedy' Carrie Fisher's autopsy reveals cocktail of drugs, including cocaine, opiates, and ecstasy Star Wars Forces of Destiny debuts this July George Lucas calls his just-approved LA museum a new hope for...


Bug in Your Ear about Slavery & Statehood - RtE010

Someone uses force against Rancho Obi-Wan, we talk some Star Wars gaming news, we tackle a fly on the wall for our quiz, and we review something other than the Rebels animated series! Make sure to come see us at PorcFest next week! Rendering of one of the aliens seen on Ahch-to: Donald Glover's Lando mustache:...


Endor & Andor - RtE009

Vanity Fair is laying down Episode 8 news, the military finally gets around to admitting it's involvement in civilian deaths, we talk about Endor politics, and Tarkin is really getting tired of Lothal shenanigans. The Millennium Falcon piano was up for sale on eBay but didn't get any bids. They were looking for $7,500, keep an eye out for a possible re-listing. The music video with it featuring Sonya Belousova (I honestly would prefer the r2 one which looked amazing) Lando's Cloud...


Empire Giveth Propaganda, Taketh Your Stuff - RtE008

Padme tries to knife Anakin, One of us speaks Hutteese, the Air Force is trying to do a 2 for 1 money grab, and will there ever be time travel in star wars? A couple of great items on the interwebs to check out. Star Wars: 10 Reasons The Galactic Empire Wasn't As Bad As Everyone Thinks "What's so Bad about the Empire? Tatooine...


Sarlaac Solutions and a Smooth Operator - RtE007

Empire-Species Relations at an all time low, Explore the Star Wars universe from the comfort of your own bed, someone gets their first kyber crystal, and can a sarlacc pit resolve our landfill issues? Tatooine Times Episode IX release date is a departure from December: 05/24/2019 Rian Johnson will no longer be involved with episode 9 Disney Creating Star Wars “Starship” Luxury Resort & Experience Attached to Disney’s Hollywood Studios Hera Syndulla’s Fate After Star Wars: Rebels and...


Star Wars Celebration 2017 - RtE006

On this episode, we have all kinds of Star Wars Celebration tidbits, including Boba Fett's Back Story, a scene by scene breakdown of The Last Jedi Trailer, some Rebels season 4 recon, and lots of talk about one particular rebel Mandalorian. Make sure to check out Ben Foster's artwork at and his Instagram account is bencfoster77 ( Tumblr is bencfoster. His music can be found at and...


A Deal Altered - RtE005

We talk about exotic food, Solo's original name, the politics of a pirate, and are prison costs cheaper in the star wars universe? The Holonet: Husband whose wife voted for Trump now facing deportation 4-Year-Old Brings Shell Casing to Preschool. Principal Suspends Him for 7 Days, Calls Child Services Woman finds "teeth" in barbacoa tacos, restaurant offers explanation Rikers Island: NYC mayor backs plan to close prison Galaxy's Smallest Political Quiz: This week we see where Hondo...


Disrupters, Droids, Drones and Darths - RtE004

In this episode Mark Hamill takes a department of education employee to school, we find out who is the biggest statist in the star wars universe, we dream of piloting the millennium falcon and controlling an AT-AT, and talk Vader & Maul. Listener Bennet mentioned the sire so we checked it out. It is a really fascinating project of taking short clips from tons of different people to remake the Star Wars movie shot for shot. Make sure to check it out. The...


What a Piece of Junk - RtE003

Rebels season four is confirmed, no Oscar love for Rogue One, Space X is sending people further than ever before, and Mercedes recalls their T16 Skyhoppers. We had a question from a listener about Han Solo shooting first. The listener says that doesn't sound very libertarian, so we break it down. THE HOLONET Immigrant arrested by ICE after dropping daughter off at school, sending shock-waves through neighborhood Is immigration an issue that the Star Wars universe grew out of, or are...


That's No Moon - RtE002

Lots of space news this week. How does that fit into the Star Wars universe? We also put Han Solo in the hot seat of the Galaxy's Smallest Political Quiz. And, Star Wars news about principle filming of the new Han Solo movie spin-off, a tribute to Carrie Fisher on The Last Jedi, and Rogue One Blu-ray release information. The Holonet A team of international astronomers has discovered 7 potentially habitable planets outside of our solar system. These planets could have liquid water on the...


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