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Ep22: H&M Hoodies & Fan Theories

Watch this episode at This week, we discuss cool monkeys in jungles, a Stan Lee scandal, our favorite fan theories from movies and TV. Prepare for a bunch of 90's kids nonsense. Email us at to tell us if you've been secretly in a coma this whole time. Twitter: @RetconComment

Duration: 01:46:21

Ep21: Bright vs. Jumanji & Logan Paul

Watch this episode at This week, Rus and Tokunbo take a difficult and controversial stance against filming suicide victims. They also discuss Bright, Jumanji, their ratings, and how they stack up. And pronouncing words, for some reason. Email us at to let us know how dreamy you think Dwayne Johnson is. Twitter: @RetconComment

Duration: 01:50:26

Ep20: Episode 1 - 19 SUPERCUT

IF you don't want to listen to our first 19 episodes in their entirety, start here! This is a supercut of Tokunbo's favorite moments from the podcast's beginning. If you like this episode, go back and listen to the full conversations for context. Email us at to tell me how much you miss the phone microphone. Twitter: @RetconComment YouTube:

Duration: 02:01:01

Ep19: Best & Worst 2017

Watch this episode @ This week, we wind down the year with our small and ultra-specific of best/worst movies, tv shows, and Trump moments of 2017. Email us at to let us know if you were open on Christmas. Happy holidays! Twitter: @RetconComment

Duration: 01:27:40

Ep18: Star Wars Last Jedi & Net Neutrality

Watch this episode at This week, we talk net neutrality, country music, and Star Wars Last Jedi. Next week is Bad Santa. Email us at to tell us who YOUR parents are. Twitter: @RetconComment

Duration: 01:18:12

Ep17: The Disaster Artist & South Park

Watch this episode on This week, we talk about taxis, ubers, customer service, the Fox/Disney deal, South Park, and the Disaster Artist. Next week is Star Wars Last Jedi. Email us at to tell us what YOUR name means in your language Twitter: @RetconComment

Duration: 02:07:17

Retcon Music Review: Jake Paul - LITMAS

This week (and perhaps after this week), we made a mini episode to review an album. Jake Paul & Team 10's first EP, LITMAS. Can it live up to the hype of the singles preceding it? Yes, yes it can. Watch This Episode on Youtube: Retcon Commentary Twitter: @RetconComment

Duration: 00:25:48

Ep16: Infinity War Trailer & Godless

Suprise, we talk about Jake Paul again! We talk about our weeks, the Avengers Infinity War trailer, UFC 218, and JAKE PAUL AND GUCCI MANE HAVE A COLLABO. Then we talk about the Netflix series Godless. South Park is next week! And a Jake Paul episode is sooner... Email us at to tell us if you're a Jake Pauler, or over the age of 12. Youtube: Retcon Commentary Twitter: @RetconComment Facebook: everyday, bro

Duration: 02:02:01

Ep15: The Punisher & Golden Globes

This week is all Punisher, all the time. Unless you count the first hour of this episode where we discuss the Golden Globes, Justice League box office results, UFC, and a man named Pete. Then Justice League. Email us at to tell us if Karen Page should have a gun. Youtube: Retcon Commentary Twitter: @RetconComment Facebook: Couldn't be bothered, maybe next week

Duration: 02:13:40

Ep14: Justice League & No Marvel on Netflix

This week, we get craaazy and make a video episode. Find it on YouTube @RetconCommentary. Then Disney's VOD service, sexual misconduct probably, and the JUSTICE LEAGUE movie! The Punisher discussion is next week. Email us at to tell us your favorite Steppenwolf song. YouTube: Retcon Commentary Twitter: @RetconComment Facebook: ...we might make a Facebook

Duration: 01:36:58

Ep13: Stranger Things 2 & Hollywood Misconduct

WE HAVE MICS NOW. We start with the super fun, and not at all polarizing topic of sports teams named after indigenous populations. Then, because this is a show about comics, we discuss the sexual misconduct of...everyone in Hollywood. Then Stranger Things season two, thank god. Justice League movie next week! Email us at to let us know how weird it is that our 13th episode is about Stranger Things. Toooootally weird, hey? Twitter: @RetconComment Facebook: Demidog...

Duration: 01:32:56

Ep12: Thor Ragnarok & UFC 217

House of Cards probably isn't a thing anymore, huh? Rus dissects UFC 217, Tokunbo gets mad at the weather, and then we have a discussion about Thor: Ragnarok. Email us at to tell us how Thor: Dark World was a better film. Twitter: @RetconComment Facebook: ad-riddled wasteland

Duration: 01:22:16

Ep11: Horror Movies & MCU Recap

Up first, we have take our opinions of horror movies this year (0:19), the WWE, Cardi B, and Donald Trump, and combine them into one fluid, meander of an intro. Then we have a full recap of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and the movies announced for the near future (1:02). We close off with Thor next week and Mind Hunter (2:28) Email us at to tell us why Thor 2: Dark World is the best MCU film so far. Twitter: @RetconComment Facebook: probably likes Iron Man 3

Duration: 02:40:04

Ep10: Justice League 2 & The Foreigner

This week, we talk about Sears Canada closing it's stores for an inappropriately long time. We also talk about the Justice League 2 script, and both the Black Panther and Pacific Rim Uprising trailers. We then have a lively discussion about the action (action-comedy?) film "The Foreginer." The Jackie Chan version. We try to keep racist Irish accents down to a minimun, but we're only human. Email us at to let us know which post 2015 Steven Seagal movie is your...

Duration: 01:25:38

Ep9: Harvey Weinstein & Neo Yokio

This week, we talk about the controversy surrounding Havery Weinstein (he TOTALLY did it), Martina Big, the transracial lady (haha) from Germany, and then discuss the highs and lows...and subterraineans of Neo Yokio. Toblerones. Thor Ragnarok next week! Email us at to tell us why Neo Yokio is postmodern art. Twitter: @RetconComment Facebook: Tire fire

Duration: 01:39:52

Ep8: Marijuana Legalization & Blade Runner 2049

This week, we discuss the terrorist attack in Edmonton and the shooting in Las Vegas (because we tell jokes on this show). We go into legalizing weed in Canada, and have a spoilerific conversation about Blade Runner 2049. We finish up with a deep dread of watching Neo Yokio this week. Email us at to tell us why we should watch Concussion. Twitter: @RetconComment Facebook: is a replicant that needs to be retired

Duration: 01:48:06

Ep7: Football & Naruto Discussion

This week, we talk about the Professor Marston & The Wonder Women trailer (it's weird), concussions in football (they're bad), kneeling during the anthem (it's fine), and then hash out everything in Naruto from Akatsuki to Zabuza (dattebayo). Email us at to tell us why Might Guy is the best character in the series. Twitter: @RetconComment Facebook: Endless Naruto AMV generator.

Duration: 02:02:15

Ep6: Punisher Trailer & Kingsman Golden Circle

This week, we discuss The Punisher trailer and Tokunbo's love for Metallica, MMA, and Edmonton's municipal election. We then dive into our take on Kingsman: The Golden Circle, and how weird it made us feel. Like, is that the ONLY way to implant a tracking device?? Finishing up with more Naruto talk (I'm sorry), and old seasons of South Park. Because we're really on the pulse on this show. Email us at to tell us your favorite John Denver song. Twitter:...

Duration: 01:29:55

Ep3: Jake Paul & Death Note

This week, we talk about new music, Jake Paul, and the unfortunate Netflix Death Note movie. Email: Twitter: @RetconComment Facebook: TRASH

Duration: 01:50:17

Ep2: Houston & Logan Lucky

This week, we discuss rescuing dogs, the McGregor Mayweather fight, and Magic Mike's funny accent.

Duration: 01:52:25

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