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Retirement talk - Redefining Wealth and Your Money with Laura Stover is a podcast that educates, entertains, and helps prepare our listeners for retirement. It's a show designed for those looking to maximize their financial efficiency and fulfill their lifestyle. It is also geared toward those needing to transition from accumulation to preservation and the necessary shift in how money is managed. Based on Laura’s two decades of experience with financial coaching and consultation to hundreds of individuals across the US, this podcast could make a difference in your retirement income, cutting your taxes, or both! Laura shares thoughts and ideas from today’s premier experts in the field of retirement, as well as the latest in retirement trends to help you make better financial decisions regarding YOUR retirement. In each episode, Laura will share financial news and provide insight and resources on topics such as retirement, retirement income planning, reducing unnecessary taxes, protection from market risk, wealth transfer, estate planning strategies, long-term healthcare, social security and much more. Your host is wealth advisor Laura Stover. Laura is the CEO of LS Wealth Management. She is also the founding partner of LS Tax, a consulting and tax planning firm. Laura is a registered financial consultant and investment advisor. She attended Huntington University, as well as the prestigious Wharton School with a certification in executive leadership, and focus on entrepreneurism. She has been a co-author with Renowned Businessman Steve Forbes as well as a multiple time contributing columnist to many national publications such as the Wall Street journal, CNBC online and USA today. A sought-after speaker and entrepreneur, Laura has close to twenty years of experience as an investment advisor. She has become a well-known financial resource and a go-to advisor for national media outlets and clients across the country. The focus starts with why you plan to retire in the first place, how you will fulfill your dreams and most efficiently organize your assets. You'll plan how to manage the growth necessary to sustain your lifestyle needs throughout your retirement journey. We want to redefine your wealth and money.