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For centuries musicians have defied gender boundaries to create some of the most evocative and provocative art and music. Journalist and culture critic Laura Snapes joins the dots of a fascinating musical history that encompasses musical icons such as Little Richard, Lou Reed, Patti Smith, Wendy Carlos, Genesis P-Orridge, and looks at how today's transgender, genderqueer and non-binary musicians use music and performance to express who they are. In recent years the issue of gender and identity has been a hot topic in the musical landscape and beyond. From niche publications to tabloids and political debate, issues surrounding gender identity and how it influences both personal and social life have been widely publicised. Amid the deeply complex personal world of gender identity and the deeply complex and sometimes ruthlessly myopic world of the music industry are trans artists are finally beginning to see an increased acceptance in the musical mainstream? Rock Transition catches up artists that identify themselves as belonging to different points on the gender spectrum including pop maverick Ezra Furman, rapper and poet Mykki Blanco and musician and author CN Lester to understand how music offers a platform to express and explore multi-layered, shifting identity and why this is not just a recent trend, but a long-standing artistic catalyst that has shaped the music and the icons we know and love.



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