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A podcast about the depths of the unknown realities of which we partake.

A podcast about the depths of the unknown realities of which we partake.
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A podcast about the depths of the unknown realities of which we partake.








EP18: Earthbound

Jaron speaks with Lindsay Cedolin about emotions, self-love, self-worth, child-like wonder and extra-dimensional awesomeness! Find Lindsay Cedolin:

Duration: 01:53:38

EP17: Orchestration Communication

Rokazulu joins Skanky Mojo as we travel down reality tunnels, collective and personal beliefs, and the idea of communication instead of argumentation with other beings in existence! Follow Skanky Mojo: Twitter: Soundcloud: @skanky-mojo

Duration: 01:50:27

Aura Mystica EP16: Make Believe

Rokazulu joins his brother Jake to speak about contentious perspectives, ego structures that block unity, belief systems and the energy behind them, expanded consciousness perspectives, and the objectively subjective realities.

Duration: 02:39:59

Aura Mystica EP15: Colloquy of the Triad

Rokazulu, Touch A.C. and Skanky Mojo gather around their respective luminous digital boxes to experience a trialogue of their innermost thoughts about the way society is ran, creative endeavours, sexual energy, willpower, self impositions, and more. Touch A.C. ------------------- Music: Twitter: Instagram: Skanky Mojo ----------------- Youtube:...

Duration: 02:03:42

Aura Mystica EP14: Abattoirs on the Leylines

Rokazulu joins Eryn Hudnall as we talk about Willpower to transcend our lower desires and sensual pleasures for optimal health and ecstasy in the physical dimension of Earth. Twitter: @Rokazulu7 Website: ---- Eryn is an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, writer and artist. She works with individuals who are interested in guidance in taking their health, happiness and spirituality to the next level. She offers customized programs, classes and workshops for individuals,...

Duration: 01:30:45

Aura Mystica EP13: A Conversation With Myself

Rokazulu has a conversation with himself! I talk to myself about spiritual teachers. I play around with what it means to advertise yourself and make money by being a mystic. The games of the ego and the fears that the ego has about itself. Twitter: @Rokazulu7 Comment on any of the subjects or meta talk in soundcloud!

Duration: 01:17:00

Aura Mystica EP12: Time Ends where Synchronicity Begins

Rokazulu solo cast! How does one express their truth with compassion for other's truths? When you become more of yourself it gets easier, and you find that synchronicity will guide you on the way. The future of humanity will be a society based on synchronicity and everyone's truth, and not on control and someone else's imposition. Twitter: @Rokazulu7 Website:

Duration: 01:15:09

Aura Mystica EP10: My conversation with TReb-Bor-yit-NE

Rokazulu speaks with an Extra-terrestrial by the name of TReb-Bor-yit-NE! Treb reveals to Rokazulu about a past life connection and where an entity was persecuted for expression their truth of psychic phenomena. Also Treb speaks about how his societies version of science works. Rob Gauthier: Youtube: ------ Twitter: @Rokazulu7 Website:

Duration: 01:03:42

Aura Mystica EP9: The Immaculate Hero

Rokazulu joins Skanky Mojo and we talk about the Archetypical Heroes and the transcendent qualities that attracts us to them, and how we can use that in our lives. Skanky opens up about his earlier life and the dark night of the soul and how he is evolving from the experiences. Skanky Mojo: Twitter: @Skankymojo Soundcloud: Skanky Mojo ----- Rokazulu Twitter: @Rokazulu7 Website:

Duration: 01:34:07

Aura Mystica EP8: Dreaming Awake in Hyperspace

Rokazulu joins Quantum Kitty for a discussion about DMT, entities, ego death, channeling and more. We talk about allowance of perspectives even if you don't agree with them, and Quantum Kitty talks about her extraordinary mystical experiences when the veils are lifted from our corporeal existence. Quantum Kitty: Follow me on Twitter: @Rokazulu7 Website:

Duration: 01:19:47

Rokcast EP5: Standing Rock

Rokazulu joins Kelly Daniels who shares her experiences at Standing Rock protests! She talks about the reasons for the pipeline, the various ruthless tactics the police are taking, the spiritual intervention going on and how the indigenous people are taking a peaceful resolution in defying the black snake of prophecy! Follow Kelly Daniels on Facebook! Google Standing Rock to see how you can get involved if you feel the calling! Twitter: @Rokazulu7

Duration: 01:04:20

Rokcast EP4: Dungeons and Shamans

Rokazulu joins hip-hop artist Touch A.C.! We delve into the OCCULT! But, also talk about the reality tunnels of Christianity including the Satanic Panic of Dungeons of Dragons, speaking tongues with the holy ghost, the astral planes that may or may not exist and MORE!

Duration: 01:44:39

Rokcast EP3: Enlightened Robot

Rokazulu joins his brother Jake who is an Artificial Engineer in a startup company in Japan. We delve into the realms of Artificial Intelligence. What is Artificial Intelligence? What would happen if we developed strong AI that was capable of conscious thought? And what is the future of AI technology?

Duration: 01:02:21

Rokcast EP2: Thrice Born

Rokazulu joins Strib as we explore the inner reaches of the universe talking about strange rituals in towns, greater intelligence's that commune with human consciousness and what this mess of a reality is all about!

Duration: 00:47:02

Rokcast EP1: Transcendent Schizo-humanism

Rokazulu talks with Cosm about their shared "schizophrenic" experience. Also we delve into its connections with mysticism, shamanism and start talking about what these states of consciousnesses can do to bring about more connections with people.

Duration: 00:53:27