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Join us as we navigate the battlefield of love with Miss Abi, David and our ever revolving cast of friends. We tackle every question from the mild to the wild about all things sex, dating and relationships. Is anyone really an expert on the opposite sex? We sure as hell aren't, but laugh with us as we give you honest opinion on those situations that come along with dealing with the opposite sex.Want to submit a question to Rules of Attraction Podcast? It's super easy! Simply email us at or contact us on Facebook ( or Twitter (@RofAPodcast)






Rules of Attraction 5

Last time thing got a little out of hand, but we try to keep it together as best we can when Anthony and Noreen join us again. As always we try to help you crazy kids navigate the battlefield of love answering your question and giving you our thoughts. Good luck out there and enjoy!

Duration: 01:28:57

Rules of Attraction 4

It's an all girls episode as we jump into your relationship/sexual questions. Joining us is the editor of La Loca Magazine, Ungelbah Davila, the sexy pin up Candie Cosmos and special guest the nationally known dating/relationship guru Mr. Locario, "The Bad Boy of the Dating Game." Tune in as we explore giving head without drowning, Candie's burner system and get to know Mr. Locario a little more.

Duration: 01:47:33

Rules of Attraction 3

Wow! We got drunk this episode. Our friends Anthony and Noreen helped us takle your relationship and sexual questions this month, including what to do when one person in a relationship says its over, cheating on your boyfriend with your ex, settling for the person that you know is not the one and hooking up with your friend's ex-girlfriend. Things get a little wild as the alcohol begins to flow, but we think you'll enjoy our wild and crazy night.Note: Please excuse the audio for this...

Duration: 00:50:16

Rules of Attraction 2

We have another episode packed with questions from you the listener! This month we have 2 new guests, Sam and Chris, to give ou there thoughts on your burning questions.

Duration: 01:54:01

Rules of Attraction

The first episode of the Rules of Attraction Podcast, where we give you our honest advice on those situations that come along when dealing with the opposite sex. Let us know what you think and if you would like for us to help you with your questions email us at

Duration: 01:26:36