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The comedian, actor and author makes his return to live radio with a show about "joy, unity and togetherness". Get in touch @RadioX!

The comedian, actor and author makes his return to live radio with a show about "joy, unity and togetherness". Get in touch @RadioX!
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The comedian, actor and author makes his return to live radio with a show about "joy, unity and togetherness". Get in touch @RadioX!




EP29: Magic, curses & cults

Russell is keen to dispel the idea that he keeps a foot in all faiths just to be on the safe side. Perhaps Druidry is the answer? Also, Matt's got a calming new item called "Forgotten Knowledge."

Duration: 01:48:07

EP28: Lift up the bloody paw!

Russell, Matt and Gee tackle Egyption myths and mysteries with Graham Hancock, AI and poetry with Oscar Schwartz and the glass panel may or may not finally see it's first incumbents. Talk to us via and hit subscribe if you're listening to this via iTunes so we shoot right up those charts like belly worms being birthed into the world.

Duration: 01:39:13

EP27: Flinchy Flinchy

Do you like board games? Russell most certainly does. This week we heard from Hamish & Andy and found out that Matt might be from the past. Plus a chat with Tom Morgan, the real life "Up" Balloon man!

Duration: 01:42:57

EP26: Luring the denizens of the night

Matt is very worried about the lack of insects these days, so the team spoke to Nick Baker to find out what it all means! Also, Russell had a little accident.

Duration: 02:40:00

EP25: Here Cometh The Yuck Man

Matt got the chance to speak to his crush this week; the man-legend Ed Stafford! Plus, Russell's brand new feature.... "Raising the Cultural Bar".

Duration: 02:35:00

EP24: Flat little snow globe

This week, Russell chatted to Mark Sargent and he reckons the world is flat. Then Russell started talking about an emery board again! Plus, Matt doesn't think Russell would be very good at living on the streets.

Duration: 02:42:00

EP23: Whose DNA is better?

They said it wouldn't happen! One of the ideas from the show has finally been followed up! This week, we found out about Russell & Matt's heritage and it got a little competetive. Simon Amstell was on too, chatting about his (and Russell's) new book!

Duration: 02:47:00

EP22: We wish to buy an island!

This week Russell, Matt & Gee spoke to Neil Harbisson: He's a real life cyborg dontcha know!? He's even got an antenna! After that - author David Collin came on to help Russell further his plan to purchase an island utopia! The Revolution is coming!

Duration: 01:50:21

EP21: The sweet sweet ooze of success

If you're of a sensitive disposition - the lads chatting to Dr Sandra Lee AKA Dr Pimple Popper might leave you a little worse for wear! Dr Rob Drummond was on the phone too and fully explained the Ninky Nonk. Plus, did you know that Gee is in a band now?

Duration: 02:04:29

EP20: Lurking in the bushes

Proving the boys wouldn't survive two minutes in the wild, they spoke to bush craft expert Lisa Fenton. Russell and Matt aided satirical cartoonist Brian Addcock with ideas and there was an argument over who would live in a Lighthouse.

Duration: 02:31:00

EP19: A radioactive cloud of positivity

There's been a nuclear explosion, but should we condition our hair? We get to the bottom of that conundrum, analysis the MMAS meet up, discover that Bear can do origami and a lie about a bird.

Duration: 02:28:00

EP18: A caffeinated wind tunnel

Welcome dear listener. Before the Radio X show this week Russell sat down with former Vice President of the USA, Mr Al Gore. Hear clips of that, Matt's 40th birthday plans, MMA plans and plans about funerals and why you should be thinking about your death.

Duration: 02:30:00

EP17: Emerging from a cocoon, service resumes.

After a momentary absence through choice, not a suspension or sacking, Russell, Matt and Gee hit the airwaves to bring audio delight once more. Tales of Matt's holiday, James Buckley out of off of The Inbetweeners and importantly talking to those at CALM about male mental health.

Duration: 01:44:46

EP15: He’s got the horn, the French horn.

Russell and Matt help a mate get a date (that’s Producer Gareth) aided by the most swiped right’d man on Tinder in the UK, Stefan-Pierre Tomlin. We also encounter the world from an animal’s vantage point with Dog Psychologist Karen Wild. Spread the word, tell a friend and reap the karma of bringing the Russell Brand Show on Radio X into their lives.

Duration: 01:41:38

EP14: Get A Mate A Date

In this week's transmission, we transcend into another dimension by delving into the past and the sub conscious as we're joined by genealogist, Anthony Adolf and Dream Analyst, Ian Wallace. After that we try and hook our mate Producer Gareth up on a date and he's well pleased. Enjoy dear listener and remember to review! For every 5 star review we get, Producer Gareth is one step closer to finding an actual human partner and not the plant he talks to at home...allegedly.

Duration: 01:58:00

EP13: Less is more / More or less.

This week Russell raises the tone finally, Matt relives a photo shoot and we find out who 'cutie boots' is.

Duration: 00:58:48

EP12: Within ice the answers lie.

We got ice cold and cleared our minds with Wim Hof, Producer Gareth met his old boss Andi Peters and Russell became the tip of the spear for a new musical movement called "Grime"'s going to be big.

Duration: 02:16:00

EP11: So THAT'S what the bum bag is for!

That's right dear listener, this week we really do answer one of life's biggest, and greatest conundrums, the humdinger that had a nation gripped - what the hell does Russell keep in that skinny bum bag? Matt and Russell also regale us with tales from their domesticated lives that could give Erin Brockovich a run for her money, and Emma Kenny, TV psychologist comes on and tells the team that the chaos is good! All that content in this wonderful little podcast - get it in your ears and...

Duration: 01:58:50

EP10: A glance at the subs bench

Russell found himself adrift in the sea of solo radio but put out a call to David Baddiel, a psychic who happened to be in the building and Matt found the strength to him 'accept call' to be on the phone.

Duration: 02:26:00

EP9: Can I be you, if you be me?

The studio was almost overcome by nudity as Russell and Matt attempted to exchange identities, Elvis was very much in the building and we're not sure we'll ever find out what Russell's bumbag is for.

Duration: 01:31:38

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