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The best damn videogame podcast, this side of the poverty line! Grab a brew, and laugh at our agony, iiiiit's The SOGOpod!

The best damn videogame podcast, this side of the poverty line! Grab a brew, and laugh at our agony, iiiiit's The SOGOpod!
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LaGrange, GA


The best damn videogame podcast, this side of the poverty line! Grab a brew, and laugh at our agony, iiiiit's The SOGOpod!








SOGOpod Ep. 92 - What do we talk about?

The SOGOpod is BACK! Fresh off a baby, and a vacation, Kinder and Frank try to find literally ANYTHING to talk about!

Duration: 00:54:33

SOGOpod Ep. 92 - E3 2017 Hype Train!

Kinder and Frank are running out of time to get some E3 content out, so they scramble to record something in hopes you won't notice they haven't done any yet!

Duration: 01:24:19

SOGOpod Ep. 91 - Welcome to the Lab! ft: Andres Gomez from Omnic Lab

Andres Gomez from the Omnic Lab, Stategic Overwatch podcast joins Kinder and Frank to talk about Overwatch, the changes through the first year, meta, and the making of Omnic lab! Omnic Lab: Ending music by Solokiso:

Duration: 00:55:52

SOGOpod Audio Podcast Update

WHERE'S MUH SOGOPOD THIS WEEK!?!?! Find out why we're being lazy fucks!

Duration: 00:01:38

SOGOpod Ep. 90 - Lord of the Animes

Kinder and Frank talk NES Classic, SNES classic, the new LOTR game, Middle Earth: Shadow of War, and the great Anime war in EVE: Online! Side note: We are working on improving our sound and experimenting with new equipment, EQ's and effects. Please bear with us as we work to bring you the best audio we possibly can!

Duration: 00:44:18

SOGOpod Ep. 89 - Loudposting Juggalos

Kinder and Frank talk about the Loudposting epidemic, Rule 34, the nicest Juggalo ever, Yookah Laylee's disappointing reviews, Blizzard the immortal dev, and MORE!!!

Duration: 01:10:11

SOGOpod Ep. 88 - Breath of the JonTron: Political Meltdown

Kinder and Frank are BACK, and ready to kill our ratings with too much political discussion! Join us, as Frank gushes over Zelda: BotW, and the guys discuss the JonTron controversy, and identity politics on what we thought was a videogame podcast! Iiiiiiiiiit's the SOGOpod!

Duration: 01:26:55

SOGOpod Ep. 87 - The Skeptical Hipster's Guide to Relatively Current Mainstream Videogames You Shouldn't feel Bad About Enjoying! (Also Doom)

Kinder and Frank lay down a list of underrated (or rather underappreciated) mainstram(-ish) games, and talk about our awesome experiences with DOOM!

Duration: 01:18:24

SOGOpod Ep. 86 - F%&KIN' Overwatch! Ft. RAGTAGG!

Salty as hell YouTuber RAGTAGG joins Kinder and Frank as the SOGOpod returns to talk about Overwatch, kids, and cursing on a Scottsman's level! TRIGGER WARNING: VERY NSFW Visit RagTagg's YouTube page!

Duration: 01:17:02

SOGOpod Ep. 85 - Pushin' Horsepower

Kinder and Frank talk PSVR, Red Dead, Pokemon, Nintnedo Switch, and HORSEPO'ER! Join the fun at home by drinking bleach while you listen! (DISCLAIMER: Don't actually drink bleach)

Duration: 01:19:55

SOGOpod Ep. 84 - 8 Bit Brody!

Kinder and Frank are joined by almost-meme, 8 Bit Brody, to talk vidya, ourselves, and the status quo of videogame related content creation, how much all three suck copious amounts of penis! LIVE! From the future, IT'S THE SOGOPOD! Don't forget to visit and hopefully subscribe to 8 Bit Brody at

Duration: 01:25:12

SOGOpod Ep. 83 - SOGOpod! 4K(*)

*Disclaimer: Resolution may not actually be 4K. If erection lasts longer than 4K hours, see your doctor immediately. Some restrictions apply, results may vary. Ask your parents to go online and visit for tons of podcast fun!!!

Duration: 01:15:00

SOGOpod Ep. 82 - No Man's Sun and Moon

Kinder and le Frenk disagree about No Man's Sky, gush over Pokemon Sun and Moon hype, and discuss the possibilities of Nintendo NX.

Duration: 00:58:08

SOGOpod Episode wherever-the-hell-we-left-off: Mr. Spaghetti

The O.G. SOGO crew uses the Dragonballs, and gets back together, as Kinder, Frank, and back-from-the-dead Karley talk about oddly named dogs, random bs, and play a videogame quiz!! Play along! Impress your fr... oh...right...

Duration: 00:56:43

SOGOpod Dude's Gaming Edition Ep.22- E3 Woody's Recap Round-Up

E3 isn't over but it basically is now that we have an episode about it. come watch fall of Western Civilization as we know it! Also Zelda looks dope.

Duration: 02:23:16

SOGOpod Dude's Gaming Edition: Ep. 21- Overwrought Overwatch and Nintenditis

Frank's back with tales of Nintendo and Kinder has an extended Overwatch recap in this hour long, uninterrupted episode of the SOGOpod!

Duration: 01:17:49

SOGOpod Dude's Gaming Edition Ep. 20: Pokemon Sun and Moon ft. Rocket Grunt Josh

Kinder, Rocket Grunt Josh, and even a couple of fans discuss the Pokemon Sun and Moon starters and region reveal! Do we love them? Do we hate them? FIND OUT NOW!!! Special thanks to Rocket Grunt Josh, and the /vp/ discord for thier fan submissions! Rocket Grunt Josh YouTube Intro Music by Ockeroid

Duration: 00:47:29

SOGOpod Dude's Gaming Edition Ep. 19: OnlyAfro Dank Souls #420PraiseIt Smoke Weed Everyday Extavaganza!

The Dark Souls master of memes, himself OnlyAfro joins The SOGOpod to talk Dark Souls 3!OnlyAfro is a YouTube celeb, singlehandedly responsible for many Dark Souls memes, including Giantdad, "The Basscannon" chaos Zwei build, and partially for popularizing the term"Git Gud"! We discuss his content, Dark Souls meta, YouTube drama, and the life of YouTube celebs!!THE LEGEND NEVER DIES!!!OnlyAfro YouTube Legendary Giantdad...

Duration: 01:12:13

SOGOpod Dude's Gaming Edition Ep. 18: LIT AF with Dammit_Jeff and Marcus of VGF!

Kinder hops on with Twitch streamer Dammit_Jeff, and creator of Video Game Fiends,Marcus Aurelius to talk about Dark Souls and theethics, and progress of emulation! It's bonfire lit AF!

Duration: 00:53:30

SOGOpod Dude's Gaming Edition Ep. 17: MEDIOCRE!!!

The SOGOpod gets a fully functioning soundboard, makes jokes in terribly bad taste, talks about movies, like Creed, a Slenderman movie, Batman VS. Superman, and the Avengers, Nintendo, VR, and MORE!!!

Duration: 01:26:08

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