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Wien, Austria


Live interviews and discussions with national and international experts regarding new conceptual ideas for space and architecture. Many of the interview partners come from the work fields associated with architecture or seemingly different from architecture and therefore new unexpected, architectural “spaces of thoughts” develop through a trans-disciplinary discussion. The extension of the operational field of the architect into outer space appears to be a logical consequence by the recent new upwind of space travel: the last successful missions to Mars and the start of the first commercial SPACESHIP ONE. In human space travel and outer space shelter building we are confronted with extremely technologized spaces. These technologized spaces of a space habitat relate to the new “medial extended space”, which is not only subject of the current theoretical architectural discussion but also tested as experimental set-ups in built and un-built architectural experiments. 2007 this radio broadcast was awarded with a special research fund by the Austrian Chancellery of Arts .KUNST



This show will be available on Tue, Mar 26 at 12:30PM.