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SW1 Radio was established in 2004 as a voluntary, community radio station particularly serving the people of SW1. Run by and operated by volunteers. SW1 Radio specializes in the broadcast of a variety of music styles, alongside local news and events as well as specialized shows in areas such as Employment, Theatre, World Music, Urban, Sports, Chat, Social, Legal Assistance and Health and Wellbeing. Over the years we have accomplished an annual four-week FM broadcast covering a three-mile radius. In addition to this we broadcast a live internet stream all year round!SW1 Radio is proudly residing at Churchill Gardens Hall SW1 and is back launching an array of programs delivered by a strong, diverse team of individuals from the community. You can listen live from Friday August 2nd onwards.SW1 Radio has a success rate of users furthering their career and/ or acquiring employment in the music industry. Some of our participants are employed by BBC Radio 2, 1Xtra, Recording Studios (Sound Bank) and radio stations acros Europe. Some have excelled their goals and have become recognized DJ's, producers, band members, music entepreneurs, MC's and technicians.