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Ed Neumeier

Know for two classic satire SF films like Robocop and Starship Troopers, this talented writer returns to pen Starship Troopers: Traitor Of Mars. We chat about this project and those classic movies plus remembering Miguel Ferrer.

Duration: 00:16:18

Time Capsule Episode 296

Thanks to Amazon Prime Video, there's comments on The Tick from Ben Edlund and Brian Josephson from the New York Priemere Red Carpet. I preview two different Marvel series next starting with Inhumans with director Roel Reiné and Greg Foster,CEO of Imax as the first episode will be on the big screen on September 1st. The next series is in the X-Men universe, sort of, called The Gifted with roundtable interviews with Amy Acker, Stephen Moyer and Coby Bell.

Duration: 00:17:16

Everything Geek Summer 2017 Edition

We chat up A Game Of Thrones, Look back a bit at SDCC 2017, recognize the hard work of stunt people, Rod has a new Zombie film, and Justin previews his yearly sojourn to a Seattle video game trade show.Episode hosted by Tony Tellado, Justin Cavender of Geek Legacy and Rod Faulkner of The Seventh Matrix.

Duration: 00:58:05

Batman And Harley Special

From the roundtables are James Krieg and Bruce W. Timm about this interesting team up to bring down a world wide threat in this new animated series.

Duration: 00:17:36

Time Capsule Episode 295

From Annabelle: Creation we hear from writer Gary Dauberman and director David F. Sanberg courtesy of Warner Bros. Dave Edmundson of Geek Legacy chats with fifth Doctor Who, Peter Davidson at SDCC 2017. At the same con, I sat down with production designer, Gary Korden as he talked about his craft. Lastly from the roundtables at SDCC as well is 12 Monkeys co-executive producer Terry Matalas talking the last season number four as it returns in 2018.

Duration: 00:20:53

Anthony Lemke

Insightful conversation with the Dark Matter star on his roguish character of Three and what is ahead this season including a game changing episode. We cover a lot of ground and have some fun along the way too.

Duration: 00:33:51

Time Capsule Episode 294

This week's episode has Seam Maher talking Teen Titans: The Judas Contract, director Matt Reaves comments on War For The Planet Of The Apes courtesy of 20th Century Fox. There's red carpet comments from Matthew McConaughey and Idris Elba courtesy of Sony Pictures. From SDCC, Josh Holloway talks Colony season three and I sit down with social media star, Splack on his co-hosting the panel, Monsters, Mayhem And Mysteries with Grimm's Bree Turner. I also chat with Anthony Lemke of Dark Matter...

Duration: 00:30:44

Andy Signore

We chatted at San Diego Comic Con about how Honest Trailers and Screen Junkies came to be and their growth. We also discuss what's ahead in this ever changing internet universe. Visit their official site

Duration: 00:13:44

Sense's 8 Tina Desai And Max Riemelt

We chat about this interesting series with its unique world view and its inclusion that totally relates to the cast.

Duration: 00:20:16

Time Capsule Episode 293

Interviews from San Diego Comic Con include Wayne Kennedy of Digital Domain, Lisa Gregorian from Warner Bros TV, Black Panther composer Ludwig Gorransson, Avengers Age Of Ultron composer Brian Tyler, and Matthew Jensen, director of photography for Wonder Woman.

Duration: 00:32:54

Or So The Story Goes

I chat with two of the driving forces behind this award winning web series in Theresa Labreglio who is the co-writer and director and Melissa Malone who is the co-writer, actor and creator. Visit their site at Or So The Story Goes

Duration: 00:30:34

SDCC Time Capsule Special Part Three

This final installment has Tom Kane, the voice of Yoda in Star Wars Clone Wars, Michael C. Hall of Dexter. Eureka's Colin Ferguson, World War Z's Max Brooks, Yael Stone of Childhood's End, and Tina Fey and Will Ferrell on Megamind.

Duration: 00:47:14

Grae Drake Of Rotten Tomatoes

The Senior Editor of Rotten Tomatoes chat about the virtues of Spider-Man Homecoming as well as look at the other Spidey films. We also cover the other summer films like War Of The Planet Of The Apes, Valerian and more. Visit this great site.

Duration: 00:17:36

Kristin Chenoweth On American Gods

Talented actor and singer talks about taking on the role of Easter in American Gods.

Duration: 00:27:08

American Gods - Orlando Jones And Crispin Glover

From New York City, these talented stars chat about playing Mr Nancy and Mr World in the Starz series, American Gods.

Duration: 00:29:47

Sense 8's Naveen Andrews And Terrence Mann

Actors spoke to me before the season season went online. They talk about thier characters, the series unique multi-country shooting style, and the challenges of this series.

Duration: 00:19:25

SDCC Time Capsule Special Part 1

First of a series of podcasts showcasing past SDCCC coverage from roundtables, one-on-ones, and red carpets. This episode has Europa Report director Sebastian Cordero, Looper director Rian Johnson,Norman Reedus, Greg Nicotero, Matt Smith, Gena Coleman, Sam Witwer, Sam Huntington, Geek Legacy's Dave Edmundson, Randy Van Dyke and Justin Cavender., plus Ron Moore, and Billy Burke.

Duration: 00:37:16

Joe Mallozzi

We chat about the third season and what's in store after the climatic cliffhanger and the surprise new big bad.

Duration: 00:24:15

Time Capsule Episode 292

Thanks to Paramount Pictures, we hear from Mark Wahlberg on his role in Transformers The Last Knight. I look forward to great summer entertainment with my red carpet interview with Emmy winner Rami Malek from season one at the Tribeca Film Festival. Corey Stall talks The Strain from season two at SDCC. I'm also looking forward to Battle For The Planet Of Apes as we hear from Rick Jaffa and Amanda Silver who rebooted the series. And lastly the rest of the Wonder Woman press conference with...

Duration: 00:29:57

Everything Geek June 2017

We sing the praises for Wonder Woman, wonder what's wrong with the Dark Universe. Justin talks about the advances from Microsoft and other E3 goodies. We look at American Gods and give several WTF' at the Twin Peaks Revival. We chat at those we lost in Adam West, Miguel Ferrer, Stephen Furst and other losses from Babylon Five. I look forward to San Diego Comic Con 2017, the maddness and bliss of it. Rod talks about a new project from Neil Bloomkamp with Sigourney Weaver.

Duration: 01:01:08

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