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The Scooby Doo Justice Project is dedicated to the belief that most of the "villains" in the original TV series "Scooby Doo, Where Are You?" were actually innocent. We believe that these men weren't just mistakenly accused of their crimes, but were purposely framed. Now we are convinced it's our job to clear their names. Follow along as Ralph Cramp and his criminal consultants conduct an ongoing investigation of the 1969-1970 Saturday morning cartoon. In each episode we examine key elements of the TV show as a whole and offer an alternative analysis of the official crime theory presented in a particular cartoon episode.






Renée Alert - Be On The Lookout For This Woman

We've had to quickly record and upload this alert because of a situation involving a former Scooby-Doo Justice Project team member. We thought this person had moved on. But a recent incident shows that we must all be on our guard. Please listen to this alert all the way through before taking any rash or thoughtless action.

Duration: 00:09:15

Episode 6 (Part 2) - What The Hex Going On

We begin by discussing audience members who believe they are descended from impoverished aristocracy, like the Wetherbys. J.W. Chafe provides the criminal perspective on blue ghosts and suspects tied to armchairs. And Ralph Cramp does a wonderful job of showing the parallels between "What The Hex Going On" and Charles Dickens' "Little Dorrit." The episode concludes with a heartfelt apology and a promise never again to use the word "looneyburg."

Duration: 00:24:15

Update At The Ravine

Recorded on location while clinging to a rickety footbridge spanning a deadly ravine. Ralph explains how he is researching the upcoming "Never Ape An Apeman" episode, and also addresses why his secretly recorded clip of the Friendship Basement Podcast was NOT illegal. Besides, they were talking behind his back.

Duration: 00:06:46

Episode 6 (Part 1) - What The Hex Going On

Season 2 of our podcast begins with the tragic case of the Wetherby family who are at the center of the Scooby-Doo episode "What The Hex Going On." Spokesman Ralph Cramp clears the air about his recent appearance on Those Movie Guys Podcast. Legal consultant Frank Melasma give a free audio preview of his exciting sci-fi novel "Glix Glaxter: Space Jockey." And we look at the legality of ghosts demanding family fortunes and people kidnapping their relatives.

Duration: 00:20:09

Introduction to Season 2 - An Explanation

Producer Marion Migraine and independent investigator Ralph Cramp explain the podcast, preview the second mini-season covering the next five Scooby-Doo episodes, and introduce the new introduction. Ralph also uses the archeological term "in situ."

Duration: 00:06:30

Ralph's Graduation Speech

Our spokesman is invited to give the commencement speech at a local middle school's graduation ceremony. We are posting a generic version so that any school may use it as a back-up in case something unfortunate happens to their commencement speaker.

Duration: 00:14:12

Episode of Theories - The Six Leading Hypotheses

We know WHAT the Scooby-Doo program was doing: framing innocent men. But we don't know WHY. After months of focused analysis, we give the six leading theories for the purpose of the show and announce our favorite. Both criminal researcher J.W. Chafe and legal consultant Frank Melasma are brought in to present the hypotheses.

Duration: 00:27:06

Another Special Bulletin - Two Brief Announcements

Recorded live, on-location near the national forest. Independent Investigator Ralph Cramp makes two brief announcements about memorializing the victims of the Scooby-Doo program and a discovery that has resulted in a change in personnel.

Duration: 00:05:11

Episode 5 (Part 2) - Decoy For A Dognapper

News about the future of the show. Legal consultant Frank Melasma gives his thoughts on the legality of electronic surveillance and ancient pueblos. We posit why the Mystery Machine van changes appearance throughout the first few episodes. Then we reveal what was actually happening behind the scenes of cartoon's fifth episode "Decoy For A Dognapper."

Duration: 00:23:29

Episode 5 (Part 1) - Decoy For A Dognapper

Lead Investigator Ralph Cramp is required to make a difficult announcement. He introduces our new legal consultant who gives his thoughts on various aspects of the Scooby-Doo conspiracy. We report on our background research on Norville "Shaggy" Rogers. Then we give a brief synopsis of the cartoon's fifth episode "Decoy For A Dognapper."

Duration: 00:23:42

Special Bulletin - Brief Announcement

Recorded live, on-location in the desert. Independent Investigator Ralph Cramp makes a brief announcement about the podcast's expanded media presence.

Duration: 00:02:54

Episode 4 (Part 2) - Mine Your Own Business

Why we don't censor the interviews with our researchers. Background data on Old Hank. A theory about the angry California Condor. More parallels with Shakespeare, this time young Henry V. Finally, how German expressionist Fritz Lang's "Metropolis" may hold the key to understanding Scooby-Doo's fourth episode "Mine Your Own Business."

Duration: 00:22:18

Episode 4 (Part 1) - Mine Your Own Business

The podcast begins with a frank discussion of "keeping the eye on the monkey." We report on our background research on Velma Dinkley. J.W. gives a criminal researcher's perspective on mining. Then we give a brief synopsis of the cartoon's fourth episode "Mine Your Own Business."

Duration: 00:22:01

Episode 3 (Part 2) - A Clue For Scooby-Doo

A very fortunate audience member gets his "secure name" question answered. We deliniate the official version of events in "A Clue For Scooby-Doo." J.W. Chafe gives his criminal perspective. Then we launch into an extremely compelling scenario of what actually happened to Captain Cutler.

Duration: 00:18:17

Episode 3 (Part 1) - A Clue For Scooby-Doo

The host answers some allegations by two audience "plants." We report on our background research on Daphne Blake. J.W. gives a criminal researcher's perspective on underwater tactics vis-a-vis the cartoon's third episode "A Clue For Scooby-Doo."

Duration: 00:19:22

Episode 2 (Part 2) - Hassle In The Castle

After a plot summary, we do an analysis of the show's theory of the events in Haunted Castle. We list the 5 biggest holes in that theory. And we present our theory about what really happened in the cartoon's second episode "Hassle In The Castle."

Duration: 00:24:10

Episode 2 (Part 1) - Hassle In The Castle

Some unanticipated audience questions required this episode to be split into two parts. We do a deep investigation into the name and background of Fred Jones. And give a criminal researcher's analysis of the cartoon's second episode "Hassle In The Castle."

Duration: 00:20:31

Episode 1 - What A Night For A Knight

We ask, "How old were you when you knew there was something very wrong with Scooby-Doo?" We reveal several startling facts about the TV show's background. And we give a full analysis of the cartoon's first episode "What A Night For A Knight."

Duration: 00:29:52

Introduction to Season 1 - An Explanation

Producer Marion Migraine and independent investigator Ralph Cramp explain the podcast. She states her views on a few things. He explains why Episode 1 through the Episode of Theories makes up Season 1. Not required listening.

Duration: 00:05:18