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Join host Vilasi Venkatachalam every week to explore myths, mystique, old medicine, and brilliant modern solutions through a dazzling kaleidoscope of cuisines, cultures, and cures. This is the place where tribes gather. Strangers and familiars. To be memory keepers and makers of our evolving, enduring, evergreen (spoken) legacy of wisdom and ingenuity.






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Passover Portraits - Intimate Stories, Secret Cuisines & Sacred Rituals with Jennifer Abadi

Jennifer Abadi, writer, story collector of all things cuisine & culture of the Sephardic Jewish world, gives us a glimpse into her collection of interviews on Passover traditions. 85 people from 18 countries...her passion is to honor and preserve not only the recipes but also the memories, their personal stories behind the food and rituals...with a cultural context.

Duration: 00:57:57

The Passover Story - Food, Rituals, Mystique and more with Tina Wasserman

Tina Wasserman, masterful storyteller, renowned and well respected cooking instructor, authority on Jewish culinary history and cuisine, author of high acclaimed books, Entree to Judaism - A Culinary Exploration of the Jewish Diaspora & Entree to Judaism for Families, talks to us about Passover traditions, Seder plates around the diaspora, the perfect matzo ball soup and more.

Duration: 00:57:56

"Eat Something Sexy" with Aphrodisiac Foods Expert, Amy Reiley

Amy Reiley talks to us about "Eating Something Sexy" this Valentine's Day. Amy Reiley is considered a leading authority on aphrodisiac foods. She’s been interviewed on this scintillating topic by The New York Times, National Geographic, BBC, NPR, Epicurious and The Today Show. She is the creatrix of, rich in aphrodisiacs, recipes, myths, mystique and science.

Duration: 00:58:12

Parsis of India - The Story of Sweetened Milk, Sacred Rituals and "Calls of Jamwa Chaloji" with Perzen Patel, the Bawi Bride & Shernaz Petigera

Illustrious Parsis of India,tiny community, imaginative cuisine, ancient language of prayers, sacred rituals and the jewels of their synthesis with India in hundreds of years with Perzen Patel & Shernaz Petigara of

Duration: 00:57:24

"Purba - Feasts from the East" - Culinary Traditions of Odissa with Laxmi Parida

"Purba - Feasts from the East", the only cookbook in English on Cuisine from Odissi (Orissa),land of ancient sun temples, Sacred pilmgrimage, 56 Delicacies offered to the presiding deity. Written by an avid cook and scientist, Laxmi Parida.

Duration: 00:57:56

"An Anglo-Indian Kitchen" - Flavors & Legacies of Colonial India with Bridget White-Kumar

Bridget White-Kumar, daughter of a prominent Anglo-Indian community in Kolar Gold Fields talks about five generations, cuisine & traditions of Anglo-Indian Commujity. Author of 7 cookbooks that revive forgotten dishes and recipes of Colonial British Raj for future generations, hotels, Restaurants, clubs and foodies of all kinds.

Duration: 00:57:38

"The Bengali Five Spice Chronicles" with Rinku Bhattacharya

We talk Bengali Culinary traditions, Signature flavors, rituals and "Spice Chronicles" with Rinku Bhattacharya, Cookbook writer, blogger and culinary teacher. She is known for nuanced regional Indian cuisine, especially that of her native Bengal, and cooking with the bounties of the seasons and spices in NY.

Duration: 00:56:04

"Cooking with Pedatha" - An Andhra Kitchen with Pratibha Jain & Jigyasa Giri

Pratibha Jain & Jigyasa Giri, award winning authors of books on Andhra Cuisine, Ayurvedic Cooking & Traditional Wisdom, talk to us about signature flavors, stories and memories of their beloved Pedatha, aunt by heart and by marriage, her legacy of hundreds of years of cuisine and love.

Duration: 00:54:41

An Indian Christmas - Flavors & Festivities of Goa & Mangalore

History, Traditions, Family Rituals & Foods you may have never heard of from the Catholic Communities in former Portuguese colony of Goa & Southern Coastal community of Mangalore.

Duration: 00:57:56

A Hannukah Homage - The Last of the Ancient Diaspora - The Rommaiote Jews of Ioannina (pr. Yannena) with Isaak Dostis

Piecing together the shards of history of his ancestors at Ioannina (pr.Yannena, Isaak Dostis talks about the vanishing ancient diaspora of Rommaniote Jews of Ioannina. His work to ensure that they are never lost from our collective memory.

Duration: 00:59:19

The Color of Food - Stories of Race, Resilience & Farming

The COLOR of FOOD : Stories of Race, Resilience and Farming by Natasha Bowens a.k.a Brown.girl.farming Natasha Bowens talks to us about the four years spent gathering stories from Black, Native, Asian and Latina farmers and food activists who are revolutionizing the food system and preserving cultural foodways around the country.

Duration: 00:58:15

Lourdes Tirouvanziam- Louis's "Pondicherry Kitchen" - The Cuisine, Culture & Celebrations in the French-Tamil Cradle of India

We explore the Franco-Tamil Cuisine, Culture & Celebrations of the french speaking people of former french colony in south India in “The Pondicherry Kitchen” with Dr.Lourdes Tirouvanziam-Louis,an educator, writer, sociolinguist from an old Pondicherry family.

Duration: 00:53:31

Healing Holiday Flavors - Traditional Thanksgiving Table

An Invitation to a Healing Table - Science & Medicine of Scents & Flavors our modern thanksgiving, historical influences. Cranberries & Corn, Sage & Thyme, Sweet potaotes, Squashes & Pies. Special Obsession - Savoring and healing with Pumpkin, Pumpkin Spice, Pumpkin Pie.

Duration: 00:57:56

"The Vanishing Kodavas & The Coorg Table" - An Ancient Race & Sacred Practices with Kaveri Ponnapa

"The Vanishing Kodavas & The Coorg Table" - the stories, sacred hunts, foods & traditions of this ancient race in a tiny, lush cradle between the sea and the mountains. Kaveri Ponnapa's homage and unstinting work of 15 years.

Duration: 00:55:37

Healing Traditions of My Ancestors - Cuisine, Culture & Celebrations of Tamil Brahmins of India with Viji Varadarajan

Viji Varadarajan and Vilasi talk healing traditions of their ancestors, Tamil Brahmins of India - Life a 100 years ago, signature ingredients, foods, the Banana leaf meal service, rice, neivedya - food offerings to God, Rites of Passage, Sacred Wedding Rituals and more

Duration: 00:55:00

A Memoir of a Culture - The Traditions, Longings & Untold Wisdom of The Beta Israel of Ethiopia

An intimate history, glimpse into the life, journey, cuisine, rituals, celebrations of the ancient Beta Israel of Ethiopia; their journey to Homeland. Dr. Yarden's mission and remarkable personal history.

Duration: 00:57:46

Ancient & Medieval Forgotten Culinary Traditions, Texts, Treats with Ammini Ramachandran

Ancient & Mediaval South India - Intriguing Stories, Green Leaves to Granite Plates, Ancient Recipes, Palate, Spices and cuisines (Ayurvedic & more) for wellbeing with Ammini Ramanchandran

Duration: 00:57:57

A Feast on a Banana Leaf - "Grains, Greens & Grated Coconuts" with Ammini Ramachandran

Exploring Food, Culinary Culture, Celebrations of Kerala with Food Writer, Author, Culinary Educator & Historian, Ammini Ramachandran. Evocative description of a feast - a sadya on a banana leaf in her lyrical voice and 1000 + history of South Indian Cuisine

Duration: 00:57:58

Seasons, Celebrations & Rhythms of Life - Harvests, Equinoxes, Rituals & Traditions with Lorraine Henrich

​Lorraine Henrich brings us the myths, mystique, magical folklore and moving traditions & tributes - Celtic Shamans, the Greeks, the Vikings... Harvests, Festivals of Mabon - The Autumn Equinox, Sumbel, festivals of Patron Saints and more... Bonus! Ancient (Viking)Thanksgiving -Goal Setting -Manifestation process! Once a way of life, effortlessly woven into seasonal festivals, celebrations & rituals? Check out 5 layer Sumbel of the Vikings... the 3rd and 4th segments of the show

Duration: 00:59:27

Memories & Memory Keepers, Stories & Storytellers - with Amy Evans, Oral Historian

An interesting conversation with Amy C. Evans, oral historian, on Southern Foodways, memory keeping, story gathering and how to be an oral historian. We explore lesser know cradles of culture of the American South. The insulated-isolated fishing communities in Florida, sharing memories, stories, yearnings...and more.

Duration: 00:57:27

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