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Welcome to our serial killer podcast! This is Serial Killer Z To A. In this true crime podcast series we will take a deep dive, into some of the most notorious, despicable, evil serial killers of all time. Each season will follow the case of one serial killer from beginning to end in chronological order, the way the police investigation took place. In this serial killer podcast you will join the detectives as they learn about the victims, investigate the crime and crime scene, look into suspects, look for clues. As you follow the investigation the narrative will take many twists and turns, and venture down many unexpected avenues, The format of the podcast is one narrator delivering the case to you in a story format similar to Casefile Podcast. In this first serial killer podcast series we will focus on what is, perhaps, the greatest unsolved serial killer case and murder mystery of all time: The Zodiac Killer. Join us in our true crime podcast. The setting is Northern California in the late 1960’s, a serial killer targets young couples in lover’s lanes. 5 are dead. He calls the police and victim’s families, sends letters detailing his twisted deeds, along with ciphers which, if solved, promise they will reveal his identity. Witchcraft. Murder mystery. Bomb threats. Varying witness descriptions. Conspiracies. A litany of suspected victims. Events that are more unbelievable than the plot of a Saw screenplay. More suspects than an Agatha Christie novel, and a main suspect who everything seems to point to, apart from handwriting and DNA. For people who appreciate true crime podcasts and serial killer podcast and also for those who like a narrative true crime podcast. This is the story of the Zodiac killer. The first half of our 30 episode serial killer podcast series will be scripted story format episodes. The second half will consist of interviews with well respected researchers and authors who have a deep knowledge of the case and many of the suspects. Season one will focus on the case of The Zodiac Killer. Future Seasons of Serial Killer Z To A will cover a range of different serial killers and will be of interest to those who are looking for an insight into the mind of a serial killer. If you are a true crime aficionado this podcast could be for you. Genres covered: serial killer podcast, true crime podcast, serial killers podcast, true crime, true crimes, serial killer, true crime podcasts, murder mystery, serial killers, serial killer podcasts, serial killers podcasts, zodiac killer, zodiac killer podcast. This is Serial Killer Z To A...



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