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The science podcast that'll eat your brain.

The science podcast that'll eat your brain.
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The science podcast that'll eat your brain.








09.2 - Killing Zombies - Part 2

As the kids continue to test the limits of human exhaustion we discuss the much maligned zombie body. If you’ve ever asked a zombie, “what keeps you going?” you’ve probably gotten a variety of answers that rhyme with the sound you make when phlegmatically exhaling. That’s why we asked doctors and other experts instead! Other things we mention that are totally related: hibernating bears, leprosy, drinking blood, and morse code. By the end of this episode you’ll also know: a) if buying that...

Duration: 00:27:01

09.1 - Killing Zombies - Part 1

The bike ride to Vandenburg continues, the kids think about the past, and we find out what happened to the parents. Also, speaking of remembering the past, thinking about stuff, and other things zombies don’t do, what does it take to get into a zombie state of mind? If you’ve been wondering that since the first episode then you’re finally in luck because in this episode we explore the zombie brain! (Or what’s left of it). And what does all that mushy stuff in your skull have to do with...

Duration: 00:17:34

Bonus 1 - Transportation Networks and Snot paths

If you’ve ever wondered how highways are designed this bonus won’t help that much. But without doing any research or interviewing experts, you’d probably guess that a brain of some sort is involved. You’d be wrong.

Duration: 00:06:34

08.1 - On The Road - Part 1

The journey to Vandenberg begins. As the kids hit the road using two of the oldest forms of locomotion, we look at how we get around. In part 1 we talk about the 19th century again (oh yeah!); you'll learn how to operate a laufmachine, a Model T, and dirt paths. Plus, if you like highways, driving above 30 miles an hour, and the personal freedom of car travel then this episode is crafted especially for you. Still take our modern transportation systems for granted after all that? We also...

Duration: 00:23:39

07 - Starving Time

The kids decide to hit the road in search of food and safety. We find out how crazy our food supply is. The kids have hit the road and are on their way to safety. En route they stop for food, and produce some hormones. In this episode we get a small peak at our crazy food network as we dissect a pizza. We'll also mention artichokes 9 times, talk to a tomato, and find out why we don't put stuff used to preserve dead people in our milk anymore.

Duration: 03:07:07

06 - Drying Out

The kids lose water. We find out why water is the key to survival.

Duration: 01:59:37

05 - Going Dark

The kids are without power. We find out why we need electricity.

Duration: 00:30:42

04 - Getting The Message

The Nox Virus spreads. We find out how much we rely on digital communication.The epidemic has ratcheted up another notch. The kids begin to get a sense of things - thanks to our wonderful digital communication system that we all rely on. In this episode we explore communication, how it can help fight an epidemic, how it can make things worse, and more importantly how we can all be oversharing at the same time. Also, what does this have to do with Paul Revere? Digital! LISTEN ON STITCHER...

Duration: 00:29:55

03 - The Epidemic

The Nox Virus gets released. We find out how an epidemic starts.Now that we've created a zombie pathogen called the Nox virus, it's time we released that sucker into the world. We'll explore some caves in theYukon, jump off the roof of the most luxurious hotel in Philly, and party in the emergency room. Also, does the country have an immune system? Yes, and some of them wear plastic suits. LISTEN ON STITCHER SUBSCRIBE ON ITUNES LISTEN ON SPREAKER EPISODES RSS

Duration: 00:29:02

02 - The Pathogen

If you like having a brain but don't really care about having skin, please listen to this episode. Besides getting to stay home from school, what's happening when we actually get sick? Episode two is all about the things that make us sick, why it sucks to be a carpenter ant, and what's so great about a lymph node (whatever that is). Now let's get our epidemic started! LISTEN ON STITCHER SUBSCRIBE ON ITUNES LISTEN ON SPREAKER EPISODES RSS

Duration: 00:28:09


Shabam! The Podcast explodes March 1st. Check out the teaser now. LISTEN ON STITCHER SUBSCRIBE ON ITUNES LISTEN ON SPREAKER EPISODES RSS

Duration: 00:01:57