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Shadow Politics, July 9, 2017

Test arc story

Duration: 00:56:41

Shadow Politics, May 21, 2017

Maria Sanchez is back with us and we congratulate her for graduating and attending her ceremony yesterday on the bluffs in Malibu, overlooking the Pacific Ocean! We'll hear about that and the rollercoaster ride of torrent revelations regarding Trump and his administration - obstruction of justice; Trump fires Comey; his recent foreign trip - what a tumultuous week! Much talk about impeachment from the Democrats as the Republicans struggle with the recent happenings. Join us - it's never...

Duration: 00:56:03

Shadow Politics, May 14, 2017

Happy Mother's Day everyone! While Maria is celebrating Mother's Day with her family, Valencia Mohammed, a former newspaper journalist, and myself will welcome guest Attorney Brandon L. Wyatt Esq., a decorated army combat solider and disabled veteran, and the National Policy Advisor of the Weed for Warriors Project (WFWP) . Weed For Warriors Project is the largest veteran advocacy group in the world actively trying to raise awareness about cannabis and its potential use as an alternative...

Duration: 00:52:25

Shadow Politics, April 23, 2017

As you know, I've been an advocate for D.C. Statehood for a long time. But what about the idea of achieving Statehood by joining an existing state? Our guest, John J. Forster, the Activities Coordinator for the group 'Committee for the Capital City' wants to reincorporate the District of Columbia back into Maryland (from whence it came) and become its own county call Douglass County Maryland. With this new unique jurisdiction in Maryland, the District would honor one of its most famous...

Duration: 00:55:13

Shadow Politics, April 9, 2017

Emancipation Day is the only official holiday in the District of Columbia to mark the anniversary of the signing of the Compensated Emancipation Act, which president Abraham Lincoln signed on April 16, 1862. It is in commemoration of Lincoln buying all 3,400 slaves in the District in 1862. It is the only compensated emancipation in US history. He did this as a prelude to the Emancipation Proclamation which came 9 months later. A wide range of events are arranged in Washington DC to mark...

Duration: 00:57:18

Shadow Politics, April 2, 2017

Many of you remember my long time good friend and prior fiery co-host Kathleen Gomez! For those who don't know her - Kathleen and I started this radio show at BBS several years ago to advocate for DC Statehood! We are glad to have her back on and learn what she's up to! Currently, she is CEO/Founder of a new project called 'Candidates Platform' which provides a virtual 24/7 political platform that is affordable and easy to use for all candidates and free to the voter. One of the most...

Duration: 00:55:13

Shadow Politics, March 12, 2017

This week our guest will be Medea Benjamin, author and American political activist and co-founder of the women-led peace group CODEPINK and the co-founder of the human rights group Global Exchange. She has been an advocate for social justice for more than 40 years. We'll also discuss this past March 8th's International Women's Day event celebrating the social, economic, cultural and political achievement of women. The theme was #BeBoldForChange. The earliest Women's Day observance was held...

Duration: 00:52:34

Shadow Politics, February 12, 2017

Our guest Takao Yamada, a Seattle-based attorney and entrepreneur, is a co-founder of Yamada, along with a group of volunteer attorneys and software developers, created a new app to help travelers impacted by the Trump Administration’s 'immigration ban'. Airport Lawyer ( connects refugees, immigrants and other travelers who possess valid U.S. visas and green cards from the seven previously banned countries, with teams of volunteer attorneys...

Duration: 00:52:28

Shadow Politics, January 8, 2017

My co-host Maria Sanchez is back and we will be presenting our New Year’s hopes for America as well as our predictions on what we think might happen and what to expect in the near term for 2017, including the inauguration/nominations.

Duration: 00:53:01

Shadow Politics, January 1, 2017

Maria and I will do a 2016 Year in Review - a recap of world events and the people that shaped our world in many ways! Tune in and let’s reflect back together!

Duration: 00:52:20

Shadow Politics, December 4, 2016

Our guest is Stephanie Staie, an environmentalist with a Bachelor of Arts Degree from University of California @Santa Barbara who is taking an active role in the Dakota pipeline controversy. With her lineage to the Lakota Sioux, she is requesting people not to support the major banks that are providing financial capital for the pipeline. So join the conversation on this provocative subject this Sunday.

Duration: 00:55:39

Shadow Politics, November 27, 2016

We'll cover current events such as the death of Fidel Castro and what that means for Cuba and America, Trump’s latest round of appointees and much more!

Duration: 00:56:49

Shadow Politics, September 4, 2016

Today, Sun, September 4 – We welcome back Maria Sanchez to continue talking about the Presidential Election and other current events. Call in number TOLL FREE is 888-627-6008!

Duration: 00:56:55

Shadow Politics, August 28, 2016

This week on 'SHADOW POLITICS' - Kathleen Gomez will be co-hosting with me as we welcome our guest national political columnist and analyst Mark Plotkin! We’ll be discussing latest effort to gain statehood for the District of Columbia.

Duration: 00:54:06

Shadow Politics, August 21, 2016

We welcome back guest Kathleen Gomez to continue talking about the Presidential Election and other current events!

Duration: 00:53:49

Shadow Politics, August 7, 2016

We discuss this past week's campaign events as both Donald Trump & Hillary Clinton continue their race to the White House as well as other current events!

Duration: 00:56:38

Shadow Politics, July 31, 2016

Guest Kathleen Gomez joins us this week on 'SHADOW POLITICS'! Freshly back from the 2016 Democratic National Convention this past week in Philly, Kathleen and I will be giving you an analysis and recap of all that happened as we saw it unfold! Did it give America new hope with the 'Stronger Together' message of Hilary Clinton or was it just campaign rhetoric as usual? What are your thoughts? Call in number TOLL FREE is 888-627-6008!

Duration: 00:59:36

Shadow Politics, July 24, 2016

This week, while Senator Brown is traveling to the Democratic National Convention, Maria Sanchez will have as her guest, Leslie Cornejo - a former Political Correspondent. For the past 5 years, Leslie has served as Chair of the Ventura County Republican party and is co-founder of the California Association of Political Centrists. They will be discussing this past week’s Republican National Convention and Hillary Clinton’s selection of Virginia Senator Tim Kaine as her running mate for Vice...

Duration: 00:57:28

Shadow Politics, July 17, 2016

This Sunday, July 17 on 'Shadow Politics' we'll be discussing Donald Trump’s Vice Presidential selection and the Republican Convention! Our guest for the last half of the show will be Dr. John Horton, a medical doctor practicing general and preventative medicine who will speak to us about Zika and co-author of "The inner Game of Stress" with renowned sports psychology expert Timothy Gallwey.

Duration: 00:55:16

Shadow Politics, July 10, 2016

Join Senator Brown & Maria Sanchez as they discuss the Dallas shootings and other recent events. In the 2nd half hour their guest will be Gary Byrne. Gary Byrne is a retired secret service agent to former President Bill Clinton who will discuss his tell all best seller about his time as a secret service agent and the national media blackout due to the nature of his tell all memoir that is topping the NY Times best seller list 'Crisis of Character'.

Duration: 00:58:13

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