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Shadow Summit Paranormal Research Lab is a podcast that takes listeners behind the scenes of the eponymous research lab in Pennsylvania. Our hosts, Dr. Ciaran Sullivan, a cultural mythology expert from rural Ireland, Dr. Liam Jensen, an Atlanta-born physicist and coder, and Dr. Victoria Rhodes, a quantum mechanics specialist from London, guide the audience through their scientific and philosophical discussions as they explore their latest case. Each episode starts with an in-depth introduction of the case, followed by the analysis from each of our hosts. Sullivan offers interpretations based on cultural mythology, while Jensen uses his physics and coding background to critique and suggest alternatives. Rhodes uses her quantum mechanics expertise to further evaluate the theories. The episodes feature comparison to past cases, detailed examination of call transcripts, and a discussion on potential data collection methodologies, particularly from a technological perspective offered by Jensen. As a comprehensive understanding of the case develops, listeners get a firsthand account of the intellectual journey these researchers undertake.