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Shake Them Ropes is a Professional Wrestling commentary, news, and opinion podcast. Hosted by Rob McCarron and Jeff Hawkins, two life long pro wrestling fans who each have had cups of coffee in "the business." We'll talk WWE, Ring of Honor, TNA sometimes, and more in a fun and engaging hour each week.




230. WWE No Mercy Preview, Bayley Returns, GLOW

Rob and Jeff continue on the road to WrestleMania 34 with a preview of WWE No Mercy. Who will be WWE Universal Champion of Earth when this night is over!? Brock. Braun. Main Event. Collision course.

Duration: 00:49:26

229. MYC, WWE Raw, Smackdown, NXT

Rob and Jeff discuss This Week in WWE TV, plus the best match of the inaugural Mae Young Classic tournament. Also, your NFL score updates.

Duration: 00:58:05

Shake Them Ropes #228: The Purdie Shuffle

Jeff Hawkins and Chris Novembrino (filling in for the suspended Rob) go through an entertaining week of WWE including hitting all four major shows (RAW, Smackdown, NXT and 205 Live), a little bit of the Mae Young Classic, and both agree Steely Dan is awesome.

Duration: 01:26:38

227. This episode is bad

Jeff Hawkins carries the show. Rob is bad. We talk Cena and Reigns.

Duration: 00:47:53

226. NXT Takeover, WWE SummerSlam, Raw, MYC

Rob and Jeff. Shake Them Ropes. Collision course. Let's do this! A thrilling episode this week as we go through SummerSlam weekend and more. Plus, the Mae Young Classic is coming!

Duration: 00:48:00

225. WWE SummerSlam and NXT Takeover Preview

Rob and Jeff discuss this weekend's WWE PPV special events from NXT, Raw and Smackdown. Did you know that this is WWE's 2nd biggest weekend of the year? Does it feel like it!?

Duration: 00:58:30

224. Dean Ambrose, Summerslam & Takeover first look, GLOW

Rob is back with Jeff on STR to discuss the continuation of the Dean Ambrose-Seth Rollins deal, plus our first looks at a near completed Takeover & Summerslam card, and the reveal of the attacker of Breezango's office.

Duration: 00:53:46

223. WWE Raw & Smackdown in depth, GLOW

Jeff Hawkins is joined by Chris Novembrino to talk this week's WWE TV in depth, plus our continuing review of GLOW season 1!

Duration: 01:17:54

222. Battleground Review, WWE TV, GLOW

Rob and Jeff dive into this week's WWE TV, including a review of WWE Battleground. Plus, Dean Ambrose is the most interesting man in WWE history of all time all my life. Oh, and GLOW!

Duration: 00:48:50

221. WWE Battleground Preview, GLOW, Kurt Angle's son

Shake Them Ropes #221: WWE Battleground preview, Jason Jordan revealed as Kurt Angle's son, GLOW Episode 3, and more from Raw and Smackdown on this week's episode!

Duration: 01:03:00

153. NXT Takeover Preview, Lesnar in UFC, Goldberg, TQOTW

The first of two shows this week - Shake Them Ropes previews Wednesday's NXT Takeover: The End. Plus, we'll discuss the news that Brock Lesnar is returning to UFC for UFC 200. Is Goldberg coming back to WWE? Who might Sister Abigail be? Was Rob Van Dam vs Jerry Lynn as good as many remember? All this and more on STR 153 sponsored by (Use code VOW for 20% off today!)

Duration: 01:18:32

151. WWE Brand Split, Live Smackdown, Hogan vs Gawker News

It's a news centric edition of Shake Them Ropes, that totally derails into reckless speculation. FUN! We'll talk Wednesday's breaking news that WWE Smackdown goes live on Tuesdays beginning July 19, and what that could mean for every brand. Finally, David Bixenspan (6:05 Pod; @davidbix) joins Rob to give an update on what's going on with Hulk Hogan's lawsuit against Gawker Media.

Duration: 00:52:09

NJPW BoSJ, Hair Battle, TM61 Debut, Mailbag & more!

It's the debut of the Untitled Rob McCarron Solo Vanity Project. In actuality, it's a bonus show on the Shake Them Ropes & VOW Audio Feeds. I, Rob McCarron, talk NXT TV, the debut of TM61, CM Punk, Best of the Super Juniors, ROH, PWG and much more. Plus, I open the mailbag and take your calls on War Games, Roman Reigns' hair, NXT and a bunch of other great topics. It's a real fun show - I hope you enjoy!

Duration: 01:22:29

149. WWE Extreme Rules Preview, SuperBrawl 2, CWC

Take 2! Well, it finally happened. Rob forget to hit the record button. Luckily, we figured that out early on. Once recording, Rob & Jeff discuss this Sunday's WWE Extreme Rules, plus look back to SuperBrawl 2's opener between Jushin Liger and Brian Pillman. Also - Twitter QOTW, Cruiserweight Classic news, and Balor vs Joe in a cage.

Duration: 01:02:57

148. Creepy Tony Schiavone, WWE Releases, KO Hates You

So we're not the best at weekly segment continuity, so this week we do all of them! Kevin Owens Hates You, Twitter Question of the Week, and Reckless Speculation return + we talk Halloween Havoc 1993 and the creepiest PPV open Rob has ever seen. Visit our sponsor - Mack Weldon - at!

Duration: 00:58:26

147. Rybackonomics, Adam Rose, Match Breaks & more!

Its a very news-centric edition of Shake Them Ropes this week, as Rob & Jeff take on the open letter from the Ryback on the state of professional wrestler pay. Plus, Adam Rose also writes an open letter to his fans to explain his drug test failure. Twitter QOTW, STR Theatre, and the Top 100 Match segments return on STR 147!

Duration: 00:59:24

146. WWE Payback Reaction Show

Rob & Jeff are back with STR Live #146 - WWE Payback is complete, and we'll discuss all the match results, surprises, and more. Plus, the Road to Extreme Rules officially begins as we already have the main event! *There are some, minor, audio issues as we recorded this show live. I apologize for the inconvenience, we did our best to correct in post-production.

Duration: 01:01:33

143. Guns n Gallows debut, WWE Raw, Payback greatness

A big episode of Shake Them Ropes to discuss a big episode of WWE Monday Night Raw! We'll talk the best of the episode, Guns n' Gallows debut on TV, Payback is set up, and Maryse continues to be amazing. Plus, we talk a bit about 1995 ECW and Hostile City Showdown's Guerrero vs Malenko match.

Duration: 00:59:28

142. Jeff in Dallas, NXT, WrestleMania, WWE Raw

Shake Them Ropes is back - Jeff discusses his WrestleMania trip to Dallas, we'll both talk all of the outcomes of NXT Takeover, WrestleMania, and WWE Raw, plus we got an idea of the top matches for WWE Payback in Chicago. A fun discussion on a great weekend this week on Shake Them Ropes!

Duration: 01:19:40

STR / VOW Live: WWE WrestleMania 32 Reaction Podcast

WWE WrestleMania 32 is in the books, and we're live with our reaction show at Voices of Wrestling. Joe Lanza and Rob McCarron discuss the winners, losers, surprises, future plans and much more on a 90 minute special edition of audio fun!

Duration: 01:36:29

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